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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Melbourne Auction – 27 August 2022

Please note you must be a member of the society to participate in the actions.

This auction is being held at: Southern Community Centre, 27 Rupert Drive, Mulgrave. 

We encourage the use of our EFTPOS facilities.

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Lot NoDescriptionCondStateImage
1Kyoritsu K-109 VSWR MeterVGU
2Hi-Sound B&W TV/AM/FM Receiver. Shows bright-up.VGU
3Harvey Radio 41DWA 2-band. Excellent working order.GW
4HMV 547 radio. Excellent working order.VGW
5STC A-141 radio dial glass. Excellent order.VGNA
6Kriesler 11-29 chassis. Excellent working order. Needs power cable.VGW
7Astor Mickey HQ radio. Excellent working order. Needs power cable.VGW
8Early speaker.PNW
9Astor FP radio. Low RF gain. Needs dial cord and speaker cloth.GW
101959 Philco H-2010 Safari AC/Battery transistor TV. Needs mirror and glass.PU
11Box of knobs.GNA
122 x AVO Meggers. BM80/2 and BM81/T.GU
13Early speaker. Good coil. With original cone. Needs repair.FU
14HMV 6452 radio. Excellent working order.GW
15STC 4 Kohm headphones. Almost new. Excellent working order.VGW
16Pair of 8-ohm HMV speakers. Excellent working order.VGW
17Astor SJ Series 17-inch B&W TV service manuals.VGNA
18Astor radio receiver service manuals.VGNA
19AWA 565 MA radio. Excellent working order.VGW
20Hotpoint P64MEX radio. Excellent working order.VGW
21Healing 425E Console. FU
22Operatic C5 Console. Timber finish poorFU
23Sharnberg Strauss Console 142. Signs of rodents, speaker cone seems OKFU
24Kriesler Mantel 11-71 crack through topPU

25AWA B15 front plastic needs polisingFU
26HMV Rangemaster FU
27Astor BRQ portable. Paint splashes handle poorFU
28HMV Super 5GU
29Ferris dual wave valve portable car radio M104. Scale partly wiped offFU
3017 Military plug in modules (eg for CPRC-26)GU
31Astor GPM dial fadedFU
32Astor GN? Four band Missing nameplateFU
33Crosley Musicone Speaker ?NIB?GU

34Kriesler 11-71FU
36Stromberg Carlson ?5A22? Missing knobs, Small crack case backFU
37Stromberg Carlson ?5A29? Missing 1 knobFU
38AWA 430MA Grill warped, case goodFU
39Kriesler 11-71 case sides unglued at the edgesFU
40STC A5210GU
41Jesen P12SC4701 12 inch speaker in baffle. Light rust on magnetFU
42Philips 115B. Dial glass good.FU
43AWA 656TA. Burn mark on escutchion. Timber needs oilFU
44SABA Meersburg WIII. LW/MV.SW/FM All buttons present possibly recappedFU
45Hotpoint V55ME. Grill slightly warped. One back support brokenGU

46Philips Cosmopolitan Transistor 8 PP3? Leather case paint splattered. No rust in battery compartmentFU

47AWA 573 yellow. Case cracked at back, missing bolts to close caseFU
48Box Knobs
49Kriesler11-7A? 2 band Cabinet Good.GU
50Diason 32/6? 32 volt. One knob needs repairFU
51Superadio PA AMP. PP 6V6FU
52Healing portable radio - player Partygram 502. Missing knobsFU
53Astor radio record player NK?. Auto Changer. Missing Astor badgeFU
54Ferris Sign Masonite 153*30 cmFU
55AWA Sign Polystyrene 76*50 cmFU
56Philips Sign Coreflute? 123*61 cmFU
57Astor car/Portable radioFU
58Box assorted car radiosPU

59Box assorted car radiosPU
60Eddystone 750 Communications Receiver with original packingEW

61Techtron Vintage Audio AttenuatorEW

62Radameta Signal GeneratorEW
63Greyshaw CR50 CR BridgeGU
64General Radio VHF WavemeterFU
65Cobra 19 Plus CB, no handsetFU
66Zenith Trans Oceanic Transistor RadioVGU
67Eddystone ReceiverVGU
68National Ranger Portable TelevisionVGW
69PYE 1950s televisionVGU
70Coffin Radio with clear topVGU
71RCA 1920s SpeakerVGW
72GE Plastic radioVGW
731920s Listner In magazine (16 copies)GNA
74Trakton 1960s television AntennaVGU
75Brown Horn SpeakerGW
76Framed Original Healing AdvertisementVGNA
77Peter Pan Green bakelite RadioGNW
78Box of Early radio booksVGNA
79Vintage telephoneVGU
80Six Radio advertisements - LaminatedVGNA
81BUSH Digital RadioVGW
82HMV wood radioVGU
83AEGIS Bakelite Speaker CabinetFNA
84AIRZONE 8 inch Speaker (Reconed)FU
85MONARCH DKM Speckled Bakelite RadioVGW
86Astor Teledial ChassisFU
87PANASONIC Stereo Radio Cassette & CDVGW
88Box of Bakelite 3 pin plugsGNA
89Two Horn Speaker DriversFNW
90Peter Pan Cream Bakelite radioVGNW
91LUSTRAPHONE microphone in boxVGU
92Two LEMIS coils in boxEU
93Box of early radio crystalsVGNA
94Two Zenith Microphones in BoxVGU
95Framed radiola Dealers PictureVGNA
96PYE Model A9 Companion Transistor MantleGW
97Astor Model M6 Solid State mains mantelVGW
98HMV Model JE-1J Challenge Transistor PortableGW
99Astor Aladdin 1938 mains model CD, 5-valve & telephone tuning.FU
100Amplion metal horn with driverFU
101HMV model 779 tombstone. Mains, 5-valve 2-gang. 1939.GU
102Airzone model 550 tombstone. Mains, 5 valve 2-gang. 1936GU
103Selecto collapsible loop antenna made in N.Y. Circa 1929.GW
104Folder with massive amount of valve data/history etc.G
105Book - 70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves - John StokesVG
106Two books for valve collectors including historyVG
107Three books about British Valve History from early daysVG
108Historic DCA Electron Tube Manual from 1952G
109Photocopies of Valve Tester Manuals AVO/Paton/TaylorG
110GEC Audio Tube Data and other valve data booksG
111Transceiver Kenwood TR7400-A 2 metre FMFW
112Swan Electronics VHF Peak SWR/Watt Meter w/manualVGW
113Dummy Load - 50 ohm with 0-2.5A RF meterGW
114Diamond CR8900 D-Star whip aerial FM 29/50 mNOS
115Collection of various whip aerials inc. 2m J PoleU
116Hotpoint K55 Timber MantleGW
117AWA Player (Valve)VGW
118RCA Tombstone 5TI 240VGW
119Kriesler 11-7 MantleVGW
121Tasma 1331 Two Tone BakeliteFW
122BGE Dapper (STC) RedFW
123Operatic Timber MantleGW
124Essany ? BakeliteGW
125Timber mantle radio, octal (6V6, 5Y3 etc.) valvesVGW
126SONY TR847 3-band 8-transistor radio (batt cover missing)EW
127DYNASCAN 3030 Sweep/Function GeneratorVGW
128SINCLAIR (UK) DM2 1970s DMM + 30A AC panel meters x2VGW
129ARRL 1960 Handbook + four vintage radio booksVGNA
130Vero rack-mount modules x 4NOSNA
131Isolation Transformer ARLEC 240v/115v 100WEW
132Box of bitsGU
133Grundig multi band stereo receiver. Needs workGW
134Tela-Verta multi band receiverGW
135Astor Micky AM receiverGW
136Wheat Stone BridgeFNA
1374 Track Stereo tape recorder (No Make). Needs workGW
138AWA 4R-7077 Beat Frequency OscillatorGU
139Mullard portable MBS-1051AVGU
140240V 2A Variac in case with ammeterVGW
141Hilco VOLTROL 240V 5A variable t/f isolated double-wound GU
1422 x metal 12-drawer parts cabinetsGNA
143DeWalt tradies radio Model DC010DXE, mains & batteryGW
144Sanyo DC-570XN 4 Chan Stereo ChassisGW
145Grundig transistor multiband radio-intermittent buttonsGW
146Vintage Xtal Set with Brandes headphones & plugin coilFU
147Kenwood AM/FM Tuner Model KT-31GW
148National Panasonic M/Band Radio/Cassette RF-5070BAFW
149Sharp Stereo Radio/Cassette Model QT-50Z, with manualGW
150HMV Challenge Transistor RadioGU
151Kyoritsu VTVM Model K-142GW
152Sakura VTVMGW
153Philips Transistor Radio Model L3X7ST/03FNW
154Stromberg Carlson Transistor Portable - *Audio OKGNW*
155Small Kit Radio - 4 ValveFW
156Kriesler Mantel Radio Model 11-81A GW
157Realistic TRC-218 2W 3 Chan Walkie Talkies in orig. boxesGU
161This lot has been withdrawn. GW
162AWA 614T 7 band Mantel radio. Recapped and working some years agoGU
163ASTOR ARQ Portable. Recapped, refurbished with IEC lead.VGW
164Japanese movie prop radio 120VAC. Interesting conversation piece.GW
165Selection of over 30 batteriesNW
166Old speaker, metal caseNW
167Realistic tuner TM152 (in box)U
168Realistic comms receiver PX160VGW
169Halicrafters Skyraider Defiant Comms receiver with manualGW
170Cathode ray testerGU
171Ferris car radioGU
172Speaker Hi-FiGU
173Orpheus transcription table & spare beltVGU
174Astor BPVG U
175Tuner/Amp - home brewGU
176Stromberg Carlson case onlyE
177Phillips 133A - humsENW
178AWA 566MA maroon BC/SWGW
179AWA 425M white - humsENW
180AWA Fridge model maroonE
181HMV 05/54 low volumeGW
182Jaytec digital capacitance meter 20 K µFEW
183Icom ICR20VGW
184Amplifier and Preamp - home brewVG U
185Pye multiband, wooden caseVGW
186University test speaker & meterFW
1871940s Wooden mantle - home madeFW
188Kriesler 11-99 small mantleGW
189Cadet model GEA battery mantleFW
190Collection of Radiola Catalogues/pamphletsVG
191Collection of Everyready batteriesG
192Collection of AWA Catalogues/pamphletsVG
193Collection of Reel to Reel Tapes VG
194Recording wireVG
195Collection of Radio booksG
196Radiola Chassis and escutcheon R180.FU
197AWA 532? No Vibrator unit, rewired for 32V HT? Grill warpedFU

198? Speaker volume control?FU

199Kriesler duplex, 21-4? Missing two knobs, handle, and dial at the backFU
200Healing 700T FU
201Philips PhiladelphiaFU
202Crosley D46. Small crack in grillFU
203Healing 412E Tuning knob brokenFU
204Healing 403B small crack in the topFU
205Philips 115B Glass dial present but some stations wiped outFU
206Kriesler 41-20 triplex. Piece of back broken off, dial goodFU
207Pye Ranchero MR-2. Small heat crack in top. 1 knob missingFU
208Astor APK White/Tan? Heat crack on the backFU
209Healing 412E GU
210Healing 504EFU
211Philips Netherlands B4X47A. GU
212University Supertester TST. Top flap missingFU
213AWA R87. Battery Dual Wave. One knob wrong, missing escutcheonGU
214Mullard 62. GU
215Mullard MAS 1107BGU

216Tasma Coronet 1601.GU
217Philips Radioplayer 101. Crack in case at front. Two holes drilled in top. Mismatch knobs No valvesFU
218Philips 152? FU

219HMV 42-71. Missing knobs, valves, cabinet goodFU
220Technico Aristocrat 851.GU
221HMV 456FU
222Unknown RC BridgeFU
2238 inch Rola speaker in old Celestion CabinetFU

224Amplion A.C.5 SpeakerFU

225BWD 525 Scope 6B, 6B, 6T plugins. With manual and probesGU
226Valve caddy with valvesGU
227Breville ?Acme 730?GU
228Astor JJGU
229Philips Dual wave. Big timber cab. 3 Speakers, PP 6M5FU
230AWA 5 band 614T Marked 40 Hz.FU
231AWA voltohmyst 1A56074. No RF ProbeFU

WARNING (This applies to any item wired for Electrical Mains connection.)


Further details can be found on the calendar entry for this event.


All items offered for sale or auction are described by the seller and are without warranty whether implied or not. By purchasing lots offered at a HRSA Auction or Sale you agree to abide by these conditions. Your acceptance of these conditions absolves the Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc., its members and commitee from any liability express or implied.

Condition descriptions are provided by the Sellers.

E – Excellent; VG – Very Good; G – Good; F – Fair; P – Poor;

NOS – New Old Stock; NIB – New in Box; DO – Display Only; W – Working; Not Working; Untested; NA – Not Applicable

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