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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Melbourne Auction listing for 23 April 2022

Please note you must be a member of the society to participate in the actions.

This auction is being held at: Southern Community Centre, 27 Rupert Drive, Mulgrave. 

We encourage the use of our EFTPOS facilities.

Use the arrows to sort the table, for example by article title, or use the search to find a manufacturer, author, etc..

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Further details can be found on the calendar entry for this event.


All items offered for sale or auction are described by the seller and are without warranty whether implied or not. By purchasing lots offered at a HRSA Auction or Sale you agree to abide by these conditions. Your acceptance of these conditions absolves the Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc., its members and commitee from any liability express or implied.

Condition descriptions are provided by the Sellers.

E – Excellent; VG – Very Good; G – Good; F – Fair; P – Poor;

NOS – New Old Stock; NIB – New in Box; DO – Display Only; W – Working; Not Working; Untested; NA – Not Applicable

Lot NoDescriptionCondState
1Hotpoint M65ME chassis. Needs case. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
2Kriesler 11-4 chassis. Needs case. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
3STC A-141 chassis. Needs case and 6AG6. Otherwise in excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
4AWA 429MA chassis. Needs case and KT61. Otherwise in excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
5AWA 527MA chassis. Needs case. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
6AWA 429MA radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
7AWA 429MA radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
8Hotpoint L64ME radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
9MCP BR2822, 5-digit LCR meter. With charger and manual. Excellent working order.EWNo Image Available
10AWA 528MA radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
11STC A-141 chassis. Needs case, knobs, power cord. Otherwise in excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
12Tecnico Aristocrat 840 chassis. Needs case, knobs, power cord. Otherwise in excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
13AWA 500M radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
14Kriesler 11-20 radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
15Telequipment D83, 2-CH, 50MHz CRO. Dual timebase. Slight brightness loss over five minutes then stabilises. Otherwise in excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
16Labtech 3502, 2-CH, 20MHz CRO. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
17STC A150 Radio. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
18Wavetek 1002 Sweep/Signal generator, 1-500 MHz. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
19Leader LBO-5861A, PAL TV waveform monitor. Professional tool. Excellent working order.VGWNo Image Available
20Unidyne 1A one-valve battery receiver (from kit).GUNo Image Available
21Box assorted knobsGNo Image Available
22Panel meters, qty 5, 110x100mmGUNo Image Available
23Box assorted wire wound potentiometers, some newGUNo Image Available
24Box assorted carbon potentiometers.GUNo Image Available
25Philips filament transformer 230V/4V CTGUNo Image Available
26Box assorted older partsGUNo Image Available
27Box 14 qty permanent magnet speakers, GUNo Image Available
28Box assorted valves, about 100UNo Image Available
29Cambridge 6 channel temperature indicator, wood caseGUNo Image Available
30Cambridge Pyrometer in leather caseGUNo Image Available
31Box assorted carbon potentiometers.GUNo Image Available
32AWA #527MA mantel, ivory, 5 valve, unrestored, no knobsVGUNo Image Available
33Box assorted wafer switchesGUNo Image Available
34Pair JVC SK-33 speaker enclosures, 2-wayGUNo Image Available
35Toshiba stereo tuner/amplifier Model SA 2000LGUNo Image Available
36Operatic 36MA,small timber mantelVGWNo Image Available
37Four valve timber mantel,chassis 15110VGWNo Image Available
38STC 5017,1936,timber table radioVGWNo Image Available
39HMV “Nippergram”, U36B,1952VGWNo Image Available
40Argosy 5 valve battery console,1936VGWNo Image Available
41Unipower 6,battery eliminator for radios from 1920`s onEWNo Image Available
42Philco model 60, 1935,timber cathedral,110 voltGUNo Image Available
43HMV Little Nipper, 62-52, burgundy plastic mantelVGWNo Image Available
44Power Supply for TransmitterGUNo Image Available
45Headphone PartsPNWNo Image Available
46Bag of knobs AGNANo Image Available
47Bag of knobs BGNANo Image Available
48Bag of knobs CGNANo Image Available
49Radiola Transistor 8 portable model B65VGWNo Image Available
50Philips 168 Batt/ Elec portable with tuning eyeVGWNo Image Available
51Wintel DAV600 Digital AV SystemVGU
52Onkyo TX-SR600 AV ReceiverVGW
54Portable Test Telephone set (2 units) as used for microwave link line-upGU
55Powertech Mod MF1084 120V isolating TFMR 500VAGWNo Image Available
56Ferris Cadet 234 Portable Car RadioGWNo Image Available
57Healing 9 transistor radioGWNo Image Available
58AWA Radiola transistor radio Mod B17ZFWNo Image Available
59HMV Tropicana MK2 transistor radioGWNo Image Available
60Kriesler transistor radio 41-42 "playfellow" GWNo Image Available
61Benmar Model 555A Radio Direction FinderFWNo Image Available
622 x military microphonesGUNo Image Available
63Kriesler model 11-7 Brown BakeliteGUNo Image Available
64Philips model 113B Brown BakeliteGUNo Image Available
65AWA 565MA plastic mantel maroonFW
66AWA 573MA plastic mantel greyGNW
67AWA 573MA plastic mantel maroonGNW
68Fleetwood 1003A plastic mantel yellowFNW
69HMV Little Nipper 62-52 plastic mantel greyFW
70Astor Mickey HNQ brown/red bakeliteGW
71HMV 67-55 7-transistor 240V clock radio, yellowGW
72Austral 7-transistor car/portable with mounting cradleGW
73Dual-wave console chassis 1951GW
74Philips Philadelphia transistor timber mantelGW
75Philips PA amplifier 6VDC/240VAC p-p 6V6sFU
76Philips 3009 HT Supply UnitFU
77AWA 4R-7077 Audio generator (BFO)FU
78TMK Condenser Checker (R-C bridge)VGW
79HP 400D AC VTVM with manualVGW
80ASTOR Model NS Radio Broadcast and Shortwave VGW
81MARCONI TF957/1 HF Absorbion WattmeterVGW
82Mantel Clock Radio, wood cabinet - Aust MadeFW
83PHILIPS Model 100 Mantel Radio complete, case repairedFU
841. Vintage Ferris AC/DC Car Picnic RadioFU
85Vintage EMERSON 888 Transistor Radio,Intmit ONOFF SWFW
86NATIONAL PANASONIC Mod. RF-5070BA Radio CassetteFW
87PHILIPS WWII Mod 431W/2 Amenities Rad Multi VoltageGU
88AWA Model B17 Transistor Radio - Green CaseFWNo Image Available
89ZENITH Transoceanic 'ROYAL 3000-1' AM/FM Multi BandGU
90Vintage TELEQUIPMENT Model D52 CRO FWNo Image Available
91GE Radio Model EA7-2887A AM/FM, AC / DCGWNo Image Available
92SHURE 'Prologue' 8L Dynamic Microphone, Lo Z EW
932. Vintage Ferris AC/DC Car Picnic RadioGU
94Vintage ZENITH Transoceanic L600 w/'Wave Magnet'GU
95Astor Mickey Mouse, Wooden case, Model OZ 2648FUNo Image Available
96Mayfair battery powered 3” RtoR tape recorder Mod FT305GUNo Image Available
97Chrome microphoneGUNo Image Available
98RAPAR valve stereo amplifier, 240 VACVGUNo Image Available
99Wooden case 4 valve AM radio, make unknownGUNo Image Available
100Military portable transceiver, Vietnam era (B Coy 5RVR)GUNo Image Available
101Astor Bakelite mantel Radio Model GN, 240 VACFUNo Image Available
102Philips valve radio, Model 172, Grey FUNo Image Available
103Philips valve radio, Model 224, 240 VACFUNo Image Available
104Hotpoint valve radio, Model P64MEX, GUNo Image Available
105Pye Valve radio, Model unknownFUNo Image Available
106Bakelite Morse Practise key with buzzerGUNo Image Available
107Pioneer stereo amplifier, solid state, Model SA5300GUNo Image Available
108Philips Bakelite mantel valve radio, Model unknown, 240 VACGUNo Image Available
109VW car radio, valve, model unknownFUNo Image Available
110Ferris valve car radio, Model 99GUNo Image Available
111Peter Pan 4 valve mantel radio, white BakeliteFUNo Image Available
112Astor valve mantel radio, Model JJFUNo Image Available
113TEAC stereo cassette deck, Model A400GUNo Image Available
114Radiola valve portable radio, Model 4558FUNo Image Available
115GMH Holden Kingswood car radio, transistor, 12vGUNo Image Available
116Box full of high capacity electrolytic capacitorsGUNo Image Available
117Carphone Junior, FM transceiver, ex SECFUNo Image Available
118STC wooden case radio, 6 volt vibrator, Model 204 NOFUNo Image Available
119Breville portable valve radio, Model 657GUNo Image Available
120HMV Bakelite valve mantel radio, Model C23BGUNo Image Available
12114 Specialist and rare valve data booksGNo Image Available
1222 Bakelite Collectors and Bakelite Radio booksVGNo Image Available
1234 Books 1920/30s radios and loudspeakersGNo Image Available
1242 Binders of guitar amplifier & audio specs and dataGNo Image Available
125The Compleat Talking Machine - early phonographsVGNo Image Available
126Books - Linear Electronics design & intro to TechnologyVGNo Image Available
127The Ultimate Tone 3, Fender, Marshall, Vox designENo Image Available
128The Ultimate Tone 5, Specialist guitar amplifier designENo Image Available
129Principles of Power, power amp design & constructionVGNo Image Available
130Book - Rock HardwareGNo Image Available
131PALEC VCT-3 Valve & Circuit TesterVGW
132SENCORE TF151: IN or OUT of circuit Transistor & FET TesterVGW

133ARLUNYA 35A Field Strength Meter 34-450 MHz 3 plug-ins + Dipole VGW

134BIG BOX of cable & hook-up wireNANo Image Available
135BOX of assorted TRANSFORMERSGUNo Image Available
136Eddystone HF/MF Communication receiver, Model 830/7 Manual ScematicsENWNo Image Available
137Eddystone communications receiver, Model 640 manual SchematicsEWNo Image Available
138SONY Tape recorder TC-230 GU
139AWA Modulated Oscillator, with additional modificationsGU
140Electrolytic Capacitors in compartment box (80% New)VGU
141Tecnico Fortress model 1051 2-band. Recapped and restored GW
142Philips 1948 model 109 farm radioVGU
143BGE 1956 green Dapper (made by STC)VGW
144Kriesler 1967 model 11-80 beige. Excellent performer. GW
145Philco 1938 model 851 table radio. Part restored.GNW
146Philips 1951 model 124 RecappedVGW
147Kriesler 1968 model 11-99 Good performer.GW
148AWA 1970 AC mantel transistor B70VGW
149Kriesler 1969 model 11-99 (cracked grille).GW
150AWA Fisk Radiola egg crate. Model R29X 1946.GW
151AWA 1946 Radiolette model 500M VGW
152STC 1950 model 6300 chassis only – same as model 5210.GW
153Aristone 1956 4 valve mantelVGW
154Aristone 1952 4 valve kitchen radioGW
155Thorn 1954 UK model 356AGW
156Relton 1952 4-valve small mantelVGW
157AWA Aust Grey & Cream plastic vintage radio. Small crack on back GW
158HMV Little Nipper Cream bakelite Front crack & punctured. FW
159AWA Radiola Model 467MA Serial 05471 Marone & cream bakelite.FW
160ASTOR 1940s Mickey Brown bakelite with cream dials. Vic & Tas stations.VGU
161ASTOR brown bakelite with cream face. 1940s Art deco. GPM43799. VGW
162AWA Radiola Art deco style. Brown bakelite with cream face with 3 knobs. VGW
163Philips model 167 Cream & red front. Square shape. small chip on grill front. GW
164AWA Radiola Model 445MA Cream plastic with 3 knobs. Good cond with small hairline fracture. FW
165MONARCH EKL 3981 1946 cream bakelite cabinetVGWNo Image Available
No Image Available
166PYE Yellow plastic & gold trim cabinetFW
167ASTOR Brown bakelite. One brown knob to be replaced.GWNo Image Available
168PHILIPS Model 133A Brown bakelite. Med/short wave. VGC original condition. GUNo Image Available
169AWA Radiola Model 449MA Burgundy & cream bakelite. One knob missingGWNo Image Available
170HMV super 5 Little Nipper Model 65-54 Cream & peach front. Small melt mark on top. FWNo Image Available
171AWA Radiola Model B15 X70944 Cream & crimson Small chip on LHS. GWNo Image Available
172AWA Radiola Model B15 Cream & blue grey plastic cabinetFUNo Image Available
173AWA Radiola solid state Radio & Alarm Cream & grey plastic. Missing one push button. GWNo Image Available
174KREISLER Model 11-99 Portable Cream plastic GwNo Image Available
175AWA Radiola Model 528 MA. Cream bakelite cabinet FwNo Image Available
176KRIESLER Model 11-99 Portable. Cream plastic Clean original conditionGwNo Image Available
177BWD 210B Variable HV Power supply (500v-300ma)GUNo Image Available
178Audio Valve PA Amp in wood suitcase (807 outputs)GUNo Image Available
1792 x Weller temp. Controlled ironsFUNo Image Available
1804 x Dick Smith set top boxesGUNo Image Available
181Marconi UHF Specrum Analyser (Test set X Band)GUNo Image Available
182AIL TECH NM-37/57A EMI Field Intensity MeterVGWNo Image Available
1831 Box of Inductors including Roller Coaster typeGNo Image Available
184Kenwood LPA-30 Low Pass FilterNIBWNo Image Available
1851 ARMEC Oscillator Test No.1 CT212 (with 12V Lead in lid)VGWNo Image Available
1861 Box of valvesGUNo Image Available
187Data Display Unit (with Nixi Tubes) GEC/MarconiFUNo Image Available
1882 x 908 developmental CRT's (good display piece)GUNo Image Available
189HMV console 1940FUNo Image Available
190AWA 573MA mantel grey GWNo Image Available
191AWA 573MA mantel cream GWNo Image Available
192Radio and Hobbies Magazine July 1945 - still in wrapper.NIB-No Image Available
193Astor BJP Mantle. Crack in base.FWNo Image Available
194Astor HPM Cream. Case cracked.FUNo Image Available
195Astor Neutrodyne %V 1929 Battery Tin Trunk - less valves.GUNo Image Available
196Astor Tin Trunk AC inbuilt speakerFUNo Image Available
197Atwater Kent Model 20 Missing partsFUNo Image Available
198Atwater Kent Model 475 - case damageFUNo Image Available
199AWA Console 4 valve - 1932?FWNo Image Available
200AWA Radiola B15 AC MantleGWNo Image Available
201AWA Radiola C53 AC TableGWNo Image Available
202Deutschen Kleinempfanger DKE AllstromGUNo Image Available
203Eddystone 990R ReceiverGUNo Image Available
204HMV 65-54 Cream / Blue-GreenFWNo Image Available
205Philips Rectifier type 1016/1017GUNo Image Available
206AWA Radiola 6 valve Mutiband - C.1941FWNo Image Available
207Rola 77 MkIII Tape RecorderGWNo Image Available
208STC A41101 Brown MantleGWNo Image Available
209STC A41101 Cream MantleGWNo Image Available
210Vidor CN429 portableGUNo Image Available
211Philips Mantle 172GWNo Image Available
212AWA MantleVGWNo Image Available

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