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Richard Begbie – Auction

Richard will share his affection for the towering figures who established radio in Australia at the October meeting. Richard is a discriminating collector, but has reached the time when he must offer much of his collection to HRSA members by auction. A catalogue of...

Melbourne Group – Meeting

The HRSA vice President Kevin Poulter is a professional photographer. He will share photography techniques with members attending the September meeting. Kevin will appear through a Zoom web-link and present from his home. A great photo is a complex product of...

Melbourne Group – Market

Next Saturday. Southern Community Centre, 27 Rupert Drive Mulgrave.Setup from 10am. Selling from 11am. Buyers not admitted until 11am.You can request a table or tables for selling up to Friday the 9th. Requests to Snyders will have valve...

Melbourne Auction

There will be an Auction on the 27th of August. Setup 9am. Doors open for viewing 11am. Auction 12pm. No entry prior. Lunch is available. See Melbourne Events above. Member only bidding. EFPOS available.

Melbourne Meeting

On 20/08/22 Jim Easson will give a a talk on Lois Coen founder of Astor. Note the meeting will start an hour earlier. There will be a mini auction following.