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Historical Radio Society

of Australia


Members have access to a number of specialist parts for radios. This list was current as of May 2020.

HRSA Valve Bank List
HRSA BadgeHRSA Club Lapel Badge$5.00
HRSA Cloth BadgeHRSA Cloth embroidered badge
8.5 cm diameter,
Dark brown cotton
covered power cable
Sold per metre$3.50
10 metres or more, per metre$3.00
Power Cable
Purple Cotton Covered
2 Core Twist.
Can also be used for
speaker or horn cable.
Valve boxesSmall (miniature valves) x 25$6.50
GT (octals) x 25$7.00
Medium ( G & ST bottles) x 25$9.00
Large (807's etc) x 25$10.00
Speaker transformer
replacement coils
ECG87, 5 kohm / 3.7 ohmNo stock
9/16" x 9/16"
EBG96, 7 kohm / 3.7 ohmNo stock
9/16" x 9/16"
HCG87, 5 kohm / 3.5 ohm$16.00
9/16" x 11/16"
HBG96, 7 kohm / 3.5 ohmNo stock
9/16" x 11/16"
KCG81, 5 kohm / 2 ohm$16.00
11/16" x 13/16"
KBG64, 7 kohm / 2 ohm$16.00
11/16" x 13/16"
Potentiometer1 Meg ohm long shaft pot with switch$8.50
500 k ohm long shaft pot with switch$8.50
RheostatsVintage filament rheostats for
early 1920's radios, various
Please contact the Valve Bank Manager for details.
Brown Cotton Covered
Cables, 1.8m long
for battery radios
4 core cable$32.00
5 core cable$35.00
6 core cable$38.00
Pre-made wiring looms for coffins & breadboards
Brown Cotton Covered
Electrodynamic Speaker
4 core cable, red, black, white, green.
Inner cable is also cotton covered as was the original.
Brown Cotton Covered
Cable, from the roll.
5 core cable, red, black, white, green and orange. Inner cable is also cotton covered$5.00/m
8 core cable, as above, inner cable is also cotton covered.$6.00/m
Antenna CoilP-C70-A Aerial Coil for all valve radios.
Broadcast band.
Osc. CoilP-C70-0SC Oscillator Coil for valve radios.
Universal Osc Coil Broadcast band
Ferrite Rod Antenna Coil10" ferrite rod.
MW antenna coil.
10 pin valve socketNew valve socket/base for 6Y9, 6U8's etc.
These are new sockets, excellent quality.
Crystal set detectorsALD110800 MOSFET
Zero voltage drop.
Single Mosfet radioMosfet BFR84 dual gate N-Channel.$4.50
Fet sent by Australia post$6.00
GrommetsOD 12mm, ID 6mm, rubber grommet$0.50
OD 15mm, ID 8mm, rubber grommet$0.50
Mini AM Tx kitMini AM transmitter kit including parts and PCB.
Tx kit featured in Radio Waves as a club project 2009.
FM transmitter ICStereo FM Tx with circuit board BA1404$3.00
Dial Lamp GlobesMiniature Edison Screw dial lamps 6.3 volt, 0.3A$0.50
2.5 volt, 0.3A for 2 volt battery sets$0.50
Miniature Bayonet dial lamps 6.3 volt, 0.15A$0.60
Radio TransfersARTS&P No. 305677$3.00
ARTS&P No. 413622$3.00
ARTS&P No. B110105$3.00
ARTS&P No. C110105$3.00
ARTS&P No. D110105$3.00
ARTS&P No. E110105$3.00
ARTS&P No. F110105$3.00
ARTS&P No. G110105$3.00
Round coloured Mickey Mouse transfer$4.00
ASTOR Logo transfer$3.00
Gold Danger label$3.00
Black FISK badgeBlack AWA Radiola FISK badge, nail holes$6.00
Black AWA Radiola FISK badge, no holes$6.00
Backboards, cardboard.Astor 'Breadloaf' HQ etc, Dark Grey$12.00
STC model A4110, Light Grey$12.00
Astor Mickey QK, white$12.00
AWA RadioletteReplacement dial card, white opalised$10.00
Replacement chrome metal esctcheon$10.00
Replacement escutcheon screw set$4.00
Silver Sonic ceramicCS1$22.00
pick up cartridge & stylusCS3$22.00
for grams & record playersCS6$22.00

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