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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Auction listing for 27 November 2021

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Lot NoDescriptionCondState
1Volksempfaenger German wartime mantel 1938VGNWNo Image Available
2Philips Flying Saucer Speaker 14" (2k ohm)VGWNo Image Available
3Philco 80 Cathedral mantel (110v)VGUNo Image Available
4Brown Baby Horn Speaker - H4 (2k ohm)VGWNo Image Available
5HP 410C Electronic V/A/Ohm Meter c/w ManualVGWNo Image Available
6Eddystone 659/670 4 Band ReceiverVGWLot 6
7Tektronix 475 2-chan, 200MHz CRO, probes, service manual EWLot 7
8Trimax 240v/240v 1 amp mains isolation transformerVGWNo Image Available
9Philips Radioplayer 109 Receiver, 6 volt battery operationEWNo Image Available
10Pyrox Victor AK1 16mm Sound Projector with ROLA 12U spkrFUNo Image Available
11Eddystone EB36 Five Band transistor Receiver (rare)EWLot 11
12ROLA model 12PX 15 ohm twin cone speakers (pair)EWLot 12
13Realistic Astronaut-6 6-band transistor with manual (1970s)VGWLot 13
14Console radio Peter PanVGWLot 14
15Hewlett-Packard 3312A Function Generator 0.01Hz-13MHz, AM FM SweepVGWLot 15
16Healing Yellow Bakelite RadioVGNWNo Image Available
17Kriesler Beehive Bakelite RadioVGNWNo Image Available
18Aristone Brown Bakelite RadioVGUNo Image Available
19Magic Tone Bottle Radio - USAVGUNo Image Available
20National Multi-Band Transistor RadioVGWNo Image Available
21Philips Fleetwood Grey BakeliteVGNWNo Image Available
22Q Plus Crystal Set in BoxVGUNo Image Available
23Phillips Green Bakelite RadioVGWNo Image Available
24K B (Toaster) Bakelite RadioVGNWNo Image Available
25Hotpoint Bakelite Vibrator RadioVGNWNo Image Available
26Airzone White Bakelite RadioVGNWNo Image Available
27Alba Small Bakelite RadioVGNWNo Image Available
28AWA Radiolette Wood Cabinet RadioVGNWNo Image Available
29Hotpoint Bandmaster Wood Cabinet RadioVGWNo Image Available
30Marc World Globe Transistor RadioVGNWNo Image Available
31Cossor 1955 UK model 523A Melody Master - restored Includes circuit details and restoration notes. Working MW only, FM not working.GWLot 31
32AWA Fisk R63? 4 Valve RadioVGWNo Image Available
33Burndept 292 4 Valve Radio with Mottled Escutcheon 1938VGWNo Image Available
34Malvern Star/Airzone L12A3 4 Valve RadioVGWNo Image Available
35Transoceanic RF Stage 7 Band RadioVGWNo Image Available
36Tasma M1299 RF Stage 5 Valve RadioVGWNo Image Available
37AWA RF Stage 5 Valve RadioVGWNo Image Available
38Philips Radioplayer, Model 1852, 1939, 5 valve, unrestored, excellent console cabinetEULot 38
39AWA mantel, Model 566MA, 5 valve, unrestored, excellent cabinet, grey/creamEULot 39
40Box 8 books, valve relatedVGNANo Image Available
41Collins Communications Receiver, Model 51J-4, 0.5-30.5MHz, 30 bands, 19 valve, manualEWLot41
42Airzone mantel, 1946, Chasis 408, brown, 4 valve, excellent cabinet, unrestoredVGULot42
43HP Oscillator Model 200CD, 5Hz-600kHzVGUNo Image Available
44Leader Signal Generator Model LSG-11, VGUNo Image Available
45Box octal valve sockets, new, qty 24NOSNANo Image Available
46Box 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 pin valve sockets, used, qty >50GNANo Image Available
47Yamaha Cinemastation, AV-1GUNo Image Available
48Box miscellaneous partsGNANo Image Available
49Pair Pioneer speakers Model S-Z92D, 3-way 3 spkr, bass reflex, VGWNo Image Available
50Transformers, 2 qty, 30-0-30V 15A, PF4337GWNo Image Available
51Box instrument case partsGNANo Image Available
52Box 7 books, semiconductor relatedVGNANo Image Available
53Breville cream metal AC portable “pick me up”VGWNo Image Available
54Tecnico AC/DC portable “pacemaker”VGWNo Image Available
55Stromberg Carlson brown bakelite mantel 5A27VGWNo Image Available
56Columbia table radio US,115volts—1933VGUNo Image Available
57Radiola 34E console—1931VGWNo Image Available
58Aster personal portable fitted with electronic batteryFNWNo Image Available
59Kriesler brown bakelite mantel 11-4, “beehive”VGWNo Image Available
60Tasma brown bakelite mantel, model 1001VGWNo Image Available
61Palec VCT valve tester with adapter panelVGWNo Image Available
62AWA B15 green. RecappedGWNo Image Available
63STC Brown bakelite mantel. Model A-150VGWLot63
64ASTOR 17" TV "First model" complete (unique - has mask in front of safety glass)GULot64
65Yaesu Musen 3L transceiverGULot65
66K.W. E-Zee Match (antenna coupler ?)EUNo Image Available
67Yamaha T-1060 Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo TUNER (was working when last used)GWNo Image Available
68Kraco SSB Deluxe CB/ANL - PA/NB (LSB-USB-AM)FULot68
69Magnetic Disc Recorder-Reproducer (dictaphone) by Thermionic Products Ltd London. A very cute Bakelite Item from 1940's - 50's. EULot69
70Grammont model 5717 (Paris, France) 7 valve BC, LW, 2x SW, receiver 1957 AC 110-245v. 6BY7, 6AJ8, 6BA6, 6AV6, 6BQ5, 6V4, EM85. EULot70
71EKCO 'Sound' model VS101 .... Mixer and Sound HeadLot71
72National Panasonic model reel to reel Tape RecorderVGULot72
73National Panasonic R-246HB 2 band 8 transistor portable operates on 110-250 volt Ac or 3 x "D" cells (4.5 volt).GNo Image Available
74Astor model M-6D AC mains, all silicon transistor, mantel, built late 1968 serial H39276. GWLot74
75AWA model B15 complete and working needs a total clean and lubrication.GWLot75
76AWA model461M clock radio ser. J48393EULot76
77Technical Service Data, Box Qty mainly Transistor TV, some Valve; (Kriesler, HMV, Philips, National, Sony, Thorn, etc.)GNA
78AWA model B59 Transistor fully restored and working.VGWLot78
79Gecophone (GEC) BC2600 horn speaker. Repaired horn, driver has continuity on both coils.GWLot79
80Philips 372 HT Power Supply with good 373 half-wave rectifier valve and power cable. Working but not re-capped.VGWLot80
81Late 19th/ early 20th C model toy/demonstration electric motorVGWLot81
82ESI Model 250ED RLC Bridge with user instructionsVGWLot82
83HP Model 200CD Sinewave Generator 5Hz-600kHzVGWLot83
84BWD Model 160A Function Generator 0.02Hz-2MHzEWLot84
85Principles of Radiotelegraphy - Jasik 1st Edition 1919ENALot85
86Radiotron Designers Handbook-Langford-Smith 4th Ed 1953VGNALot86
87Univox TRF Console 1930s, valves 224,224,45,208, REBUILTVGWLot87
88HMV Bakelite radio Model 88VGWLot88
89Cathedral radio 240V operation Mystery brandVGWLot89
90STC mantel radio Brown bakelite cabinet model E141VGWLot90
91Healing mantel radio Ivory bakelite cabinet model 401EGWLot91
92AWA/Radiolette Empire state radio Brown bakelite cabinetVGWLot92
93Healing scales mantel radio cream some very small hairline cracksGWLot93
94Croydon Timber cabinet mantel radio VGWLot94
95Astor Green bakelite football radio model GRVGWLot95
96General Electric mantel radio timber cabinet Circa 1934VGWLot96
97Astor Mickey mantel radio Model BP mickey mouse on dial.VGWLot97
98Monarch mantel radio Model DKL white bakelite cabinetVGLot98
99STC mantel radio Green bakelite cabinet model 141VGWLot99
100Astor Blue bakelite football radio model GR minor stress mark on dial VGWLot100
101PHILCO 753/754 timber table mantelGWLot101
103DSE AM/FM RadioEWNo Image Available
104Stromberg Carlson 1938 AC Mantle No SpeakerVGUNo Image Available
105HMV Rangemaster Transistor Portable model J4 17 Grey/CreamGWNo Image Available
106AWA 46/47 Table Model 607T Refinished and overhauledEWNo Image Available
107Regulated DC power supply 0-15 v adjustableVGWNo Image Available
108Box of rare 1920s parts, most new in original boxesNOSNo Image Available
109Large collection of audiophile books circuits and articlesGNo Image Available
110Guitar amplifier design & construction books & circuitsGNo Image Available
111Lord Muck's Radio Scrapbook Vol 2, 1930-1934VGNo Image Available
112Seven HRSA radio circuit booksVGNo Image Available
113Box of early radio technical booksGNo Image Available
114Radio Waves books from Oct 1999 to Jan 2008 in foldersGNo Image Available
115Box of early amateur radio booksGNo Image Available
116Oliver J Neilson Xstal Set 1920sGUNo Image Available
117HRO Communication RX inc manualFUNo Image Available
118Zenith AM/ FM 110v valve Mantle Model 7H820VGWNo Image Available
119Head Phones 110ohmVGWNo Image Available
120Rayodyne TRF coffin radio C/W valves 1920sVGWNo Image Available
121RCA Radiola III Audio TX +Valves have continuity 1920sVGWNo Image Available
122AGE Hotpoint GE64MEY AC MantleGWNo Image Available
123Sony Transistor 6 TR63GWNo Image Available
124Regency TR1 Transistor RadioGW?No Image Available
125Cone Speaker 1920s Coil measures 18KEUNo Image Available
126Headphones 1920s 4000ohm VGWNo Image Available
127Radiola 16 Coffin no valvesVGUNo Image Available
128Brownie No 2 c/w boxGUNo Image Available
129Blue ARTURUS 124 ValveVGWLot129
130RCA RADIOLA Model 18 - 110VACEWLot130
131Hansen VOHMET JM-45 VTVMEWLot131
132AWA Fret & Foot 33 Black/Marble small crackVGWLot132
133Astor JK Big BowVGWLot133
134Electrosound Metal Model 414-1 (1947) (TBC)VGWLot134
135Beale Console 5L 849 Unrestored Cabinet, Chassis RestoredGWLot135
136Vintage German Grundig Majestic AM/SW/FM Table Radio Broadcast/Shortwave/FM reception plus phono inVGWLot136
137Eddystone model 990r vhf receiverVGWNo Image Available
138Elecrodyne model 8TA-3D R.D.F receiverVGWNo Image Available
139AWA model 545P white receiver, 1 wrong knobGWNo Image Available
140AWA Cruiser 9 car portable + AWA 8 Transistor PortableVGWNo Image Available
141Kriesler model 11-99 valve receiver + Model 41-29 transistor receiverVGWNo Image Available
142Astor model ANP "Camel Driver" 6 valve, 5 band receiver, believed rare with manual & box.FUNo Image Available
143Yamaha P-220 solid state stereo amplifierFWNo Image Available
144Ferris model 274 portable car radio with original leather caseVGWNo Image Available
145Roberts Model R-505 solid state multiband receiverVGWNo Image Available
146Fada Streamliner (Bullet) Burgandy and Orange catalin U.S.A. 110VGULot 146
147Fada Streamliner Orange and Red catalin U.S.A. 110VGULot 146
148Fada Cream Bakalite U.S.A. 110VGULot 148
149Wooden Airzone peephole cathedralGUNo Image Available
150Philips Mantel Radio (Model 114??)VGULot150
151Philips ConsoleVGULot151
152Philips TurntableGULot152
153Leader LSG 11 With leads and manualGWNo Image Available
158Fleetwood model 1003 Mantle Radio, burgundy restoredGWLot158
159Scharnberg Strauss, model Rocket, DC (Vibrator) mantle, restoredGWLot159
160Astor model BPJ Mantle Radio, grey plastic, restoredGWLot160
161Kriesler model 11-81A cream plastic restoredGWLot161
162Superheterodyne in 20s cabinet by Maurie Obrien made in 1988VGUNo Image Available
163Vintage Radio Power Pack with variable A, B and C voltages, incl. 45, 90, 135 and 180V by Maurie Obrien VGUNo Image Available
164Yaesu Musen FRG-7 Communications receiver .5 to 29.9MhzVGUNo Image Available
165Kriesler 11-7 (1947) "Bread box" SW-BC RadioVGWLot165
166Advance E2 Sig Gen 6 Band 100KHz-100MHz Handbook Freq CalGWLot166
167Prototype oscilloscopeVGWNo Image Available
168Home made oscilloscope: needs attentionGW/NW ?No Image Available
169Two electronic countersGWNo Image Available
170Old radio batteriesFUNo Image Available
171URM-26 VHF/UHF signal generatorVGUNo Image Available
172Streamlined Aircraft Loop Antenna in HousingVGUNo Image Available
173"Emicorder" spring-driven tape machineFUNo Image Available
174Two panel meters (50 and 500 microamp) NIBEUNo Image Available
175Old black dial telephoneVGUNo Image Available
176Toshiba battery portable tape recorderGUNo Image Available
1774 by 8 inch speakers + transformers + instrument casesNOSUNo Image Available
1782 by 12 inch speakers + 2 by 8 inch speakers + transformersNOSUNo Image Available
179Transformers (NIB & NOS) + Jiffy Boxes + Dale HS resistors in al. Jackets (all NIB) + Test equip in nice test boxes (USED)NOSUNo Image Available
1803 by 12 inch MSP Speakers + transformersNOSUNo Image Available
181Instrument Boxes + Jiffy boxes (NIB) + Bag of High wattage resistors +some specials!!NOSUNo Image Available
182Speakers 5 by 6 inch + 2 by 8 inch (NIB) + pots (NOS) + line transformersNOSUNo Image Available
183Pots (NOS and used) + Phone jacks (1/4in) (NOS) + bag of High wattage resistors +RF connectors (NOS) + transformers (NIB) + 100 mm fans – 2off + box of miniature relaysNOSUNo Image Available
184Air Tech – Dual CRO indicator, rack mountingGUNo Image Available
185Ex Telecom, Power Supplies 48 v @ 1.5 A + 60VAC, i/p 240VAC 2 offGUNo Image Available
186Pulse testing Set – Model 1260A by Northwest ElectronicsGUNo Image Available
187Transformers (NIB) + box of variable capacitors (valve era )NOS/GUNo Image Available
188STABILAC 240VAC ex Telecom LaboratoriesGUNo Image Available
189Cables 500 metres, 100 metres +sundriesGUNo Image Available
190Box of WW2 military equipment suitable for parts. Power Supplies –rotary transformers are goodG/PUNo Image Available
191Test instruments, modem etc – for bits or instrument casesG/FUNo Image Available

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