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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Melbourne – Auctions

HRSA Auctions are held on a regular basis.

  • Mini Auctions: held after most monthly meetings.
  • Regular auctions: three per year.
  • Class Auctions: an auction devoted to higher quality items.

We also have markets where you can bring along excess wares to sell.

Please note you must be a member of the society to participate in the actions.


Download the Auction Sellers Form, complete, scan, and e-mail to the Auction Manager.

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel you can download the free Apache OpenOffice.

Print your electrical safety labels and attach them to the items that operate at mains voltage.

This is mandatory in Victoria under the Electrical Safety Act – 1998.

You will receive confirmation, and lot numbers. On auction day you should arrive at the venue in plenty of time to setup your items for display.
See date of Auction for details of times.

For all other enquiries please complete the form below.

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