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Historical Radio Society

of Australia


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Australian radio circuits. Please check the HRSA books first.

IndexSite TitleDescriptionURL
1Kevin Chant
An excellent second source of downloadable circuit's of many different Australian and overseas radios. (See our circuit books first.)
Note: some PDF files can take quite some time to download.
Kevin Chant
Collins radio equipmentIan McLean's Collins amateur radio site.
Many amateur radio links.
Ian McLean
Kurrajong Radio MuseumHas many data pages covering descriptions, circuits and photos, largely of Australian and overseas military radios, though the actual museum covers a much wider field.Kurrajong Radio Museum
Phil Storr's Domestic Radio Equipment and ProjectsNot updated since 2011.Phil Storr
Tube Radio AustraliaSpecialises in WWII Military and Zenith Trans Oceanic radios Tube Radio Australia
The Real Bakelite and Antique Radio PageCarl Tallar's Facebook page.
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Carl also sells capacitors resistors, and other radio parts on eBay.
Carl's Facebook page.
IndexSite TitleDescriptionURL
1Smith Sound StudiosA collection of all things sound, with a focus on phonographs of the early 20th CenturySmith Sound Studios
2ElectroSoundA wide variety of radio restorations by Andrew RenautElectroSound
3The Joy of RadiosA wide variety of radio restorations by Graham ParslowJoy of Radio
4RadschoolAustralian magazine devoted to the Radio Operators of the RAAF.Radschool
5Vintage Radio & TelevisionBasically a discussion forum for Australian radio enthusiasts.

International sites.

IndexSite TitleSite descriptionSite URL
1New Zealand Radio Club
American Sites
2This is an American site that contains databases and images from advertising.
3Childhood RadioThis site is devoted to all things transistor radio, from repair of plastic cases to buying and selling.Childhood Radio
4Radio MuseumThis site lists most of the worlds radios. There is also a smattering of televisions. The valve database is also quite useful. There are schematics for many radios etc.

Other sites.

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