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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Contacts of the Historical Radio Society

The Society’s postal address is:

PO Box 356
Dingly Village 
Victoria 356

Elected members of the commitee

Graham Parslow
0432 910 290

Vice President, Publicity
Kevin Poulter
0435 378 678

John Oldham

Manfred Nagel

Valve Bank
Stan Snyders
129 Colby Drive, Belgrave South, VIC 3160
(03) 9754 3551

Committee Members

Alby Thomas.
Peter Schwelger
Red MacKay
Jackie Poulter
James Easson

Appointed officers of the commitee

Editor: Radio Waves
Ian Batty
0402 736 527

Membership Secretary
Jane Greig
(03) 5441 3072

Web Design and Auction compiler
Andrew Renaut

Contact the Society

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