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How your radio works – by Ian Batty

This book aims to explain the common types of circuitry used in radio receivers, and concentrates on valve radios. It’s compiled from ‘speaker to aerial’. While this may seem a ‘backwards’ way of describing radios, it’s the recommended method for most fault-finding. If the set is making no sound at all due to a faulty power supply rectifier, there’s not much point attacking the aerial circuit. Accordingly, Chapter 1 begins with the power supply.


Chapter 1: Power Supplies
Chapter 2: The Audio Stages
Chapter 3: Detectors And Demodulators – 1 (AM)
Chapter 4: Detectors And Demodulators – 2 (FM)
Chapter 5: Radio Frequency Stages
Chapter 6: The Superhet Part 1
Chapter 7: The Superhet Part 2
Chapter 8: Aerials And Earths
Appendix: A Matter Of Bias
Valve Radio Servicing – Quick Reference Guide
References And Notes


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