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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Melbourne Auction 11 September 2021 (14 August 2021 (2 Aug))


27 Rupert Drive, Mulgrave, Vic, 3170

Date of Auction: T.B.A.

Start time: 12.00pm

Auction subject to Victorian Government COVID restrictions. Please check prior to attendence.

Lot NoDescriptionCondState
1Healing Yellow Bakelite RadioVGNW
2Kriesler Beehive Bakelite RadioVGNW
3Aristone Brown Bakelite RadioVGU
4Magic Tone Bottle Radio - USAVGU
5National Multi-Band Transistor RadioVGW
6Philips Fleetwood Grey BakeliteVGNW
7Q Plus Crystal Set in BoxVGU
8Phillips Green Bakelite RadioVGW
9K B (Toaster) Bakelite RadioVGNW
10Hotpoint Bakelite Vibrator RadioVGNW
11Airzone White Bakelite RadioVGNW
12Alba Small Bakelite RadioVGNW
13AWA Radiolette Wood Cabinet RadioVGNW
14Hotpoint Bandmaster Wood Cabinet RadioVGW
15Marc World Globe Transistor RadioVGNW
16Eddystone Model 750 communications receiver with original shipping box and original (used) owners manual, 4 pages.EW
17Philips Radioplayer, Model 1852, 1939, 5 valve, unrestored, excellent console cabinetEU
18AWA mantel, Model 566MA, 5 valve, unrestored, excellent cabinet, grey/creamEU
19Collins Communications Receiver, Model 51J-4, 0.5-30.5MHz, 30 bands, 19 valve, manualEW
20Airzone mantel, 1946, Chasis 408, brown, 4 valve, excellent cabinet, unrestoredVGU
21AWA mantel, Model 527MA, ivory, 5 valve, excellent cabinet, no knobs, unrestoredEU
22Studer Revox reel-reel tape recorder, Model G36, 2 track 2 speed 3 head, upto 10.5in spool, unrestored, manualEU
23HP Oscillator Model 200CD, 5Hz-600kHzVGU
24Leader Signal Generator Model LSG-11, VGU
25Box octal valve sockets, new, qty 24NOSNA
26Box 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 pin valve sockets, used, qty >50GNA
27Pair Pioneer spkrs Model S-707, reference quality, 60W rms, 30Hz-40kHz, 3-way 3 spkr, 35kg each, bass reflexEW
28Box assorted knobs, quantity >50VGNA
29Pair Pioneer speakers Model S-Z92D, 3-way 3 spkr, bass reflex, VGW
30Volksempfaenger German wartime mantel 1938VGNW
31Philips Flying Saucer Speaker 14" (2k ohm)VGW
32Philco 80 Cathederal mantel (110v)VGU
33Brown Baby Horn Speaker - H4 (2k ohm)VGW
34HP 410C Electronic V/A/Ohm Meter c/w ManualVGW
35PHILCO Mantle, M753 Timber cabinet 240V Dual waveGW
36Fada Streamliner (Bullet) Burgandy and Orange catalin U.S.A. 110VGU
37Fada Streamliner Orange and Red catalin U.S.A. 110VGU
38Fada Cream Bakalite U.S.A. 110VGU
39Wooden Airzone peephole cathedralGU
40Eddystone model 990r vhf receiverVGW
41Elecrodyne model 8TA-3D R.D.F receiverVGW
42AWA model 545P white receiver wrong knobGW
43AWA Cruiser 9 car portable + AWA 8 Transistor PortableVGW
44AWA B58 8 Transistor PortableVGW
45Kriesler model 11-99 valve receiver + Model 41-29 transistor receiverVGW
46Ferris model 274 portable car radio with original leather caseVGW
47Roberts Model R-505 solid state multiband receiverVGW
48Kriesler Valve tabletop Record Player, no external cracksGU
49Tandberg stereo tape preamplifier with equalisation switchEU
50AWA Fret and Foot, no cracks, 200-260VDC? Can be made 240vacVGU
511941 Field phone D-MK V with tiny morse key and sparesGU
52Classic Radio ConsoleVGU
53Superheterodyne in 20s cabinet by Maurie Obrien made in 1988VGU
54Vintage Radio Power Pack with variable A, B and C voltages, incl. 45, 90, 135 and 180V by Maurie Obrien VGU
55Yaesu Musen FRG-7 Communications receiver .5 to 29.9MhzVGU
56Blue ARTURUS 124 ValveVGW
57RCA RADIOLA Model 18 - 110VACEW
59HMV Bakelite radio Model 88VGW
60Cathedral radio 240V operation Mystery brandVGW
61STC mantel radio Brown bakelite cabinet model E141VGW
62Healing mantel radio Ivory bakelite cabinet model 401EVGW
63AWA/Radiolette Empire state radio Brown bakelite cabinetVGW
64Healing scales mantel radio cream some very small hairline cracksGW
65Croydon Timber cabinet mantel radio VGW
66Astor Green bakelite football radio model GRVGW
67General Electric mantel radio timber cabinet Circa 1934VGW
68Astor Mickey mantel radio Model BP mickey mouse on dial.VGW
69Monarch mantel radio Model DKL white bakelite cabinetVGW
70STC mantel radio Green bakelite cabinet model 141VGW
71Astor Blue bakelite football radio model GR minor stress mark on dial VGW
72AWA Fisk R63? 4 Valve RadioVGW
73Burndept 292 4 Valve Radio with Mottled Escutcheon 1938VGW
74Malvern Star/Airzone L12A3 4 Valve RadioVGW
75Transoceanic RF Stage 7 Band RadioVGW
76Tasma M1299 RF Stage 5 Valve RadioVGW
77AWA RF Stage 5 Valve RadioVGW
78AWA B15 green. RecappedGW
79STC Brown bakelite mantel. Model A-150VGW

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