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Historical Radio Society

of Australia

Index of Radio Waves from the first issue.

Back issues of many of the issues of Radio Waves are available, particularly after 2004. They are available for $5 each including postage.

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1Jul-823HistoryFultographFultograph – Still pictures by radio Ray Kelly
1Jul-825ValvesDataValve data for UK types in 1927 (ex The Wireless Constructor) John F Ross
1Jul-827Book reviewSouth Australia"A History of Radio in South Australia"
1Jul-827Book reviewAust Pioneers"Australia's Radio Pioneers" (Electronics Australia May-Aug 1974)
1Jul-827Book reviewPhilips"Illustrated History of Philips Valves to 1935" Fin Stewart
1Jul-827Book reviewEarly Wireless"The Early Days of Wireless" (Amateur Radio Action Vol 4 iss 12,13)
1Jul-827RestorationTipsWorkbench tips Ray Kelly
1Jul-828ValvesLiebenFirst High vacuum tube? (Electron Tube History)
1Jul-829History (Australia)PoliceVictorian Police wireless patrol
1Jul-829TheoryHF BeamsSW Radio in 1950: Predictions by Lee De Forest in 1928
2Oct-822TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 1
2Oct-824ProfileWallaceObituary: Miss F V Wallace
2Oct-828HistoryMilestonesHistory Milestones
2Oct-829ValvesCold CathodeCold cathode tubes
2Oct-8213Book reviewValves"70 years of Radio Tubes and Valves" Part 1 J W Stokes
3Jan-833History (Australia)VMZABVMZAB Radio in the Southern Cross
3Jan-835History (military)WWIWireless in Wartime 1916-1918
3Jan-836TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 2
3Jan-8311Stromberg Carlson601Stromberg-Carlson model 601
3Jan-8312HistoryBroadcastingBroadcasting 75 years ago
3Jan-8314MiscellaneousDo you remember?
4Apr-833History19261926 Radio Showroom
4Apr-834History (biography)ErnstAbbe, Ernst
4Apr-835History19351935 Radio Showroom
4Apr-838HistoryMarconiMarconi time signal receiver
4Apr-839TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 3
4Apr-8313Book reviewValves"70 years of Radio Tubes and Valves" Part 2 J W Stokes
5Jul-833ProfileExperiences of a radio collector
5Jul-838History (biography)EdisonEdison, Thomas Alva
5Jul-839History (biography)AepinusAepinus, Franz
5Jul-8310ProjectEliminatorA B-battery eliminator
5Jul-8311HistoryBroadcastingHistory of broadcasting
5Jul-8312AWAGigantaforteAWA Gigantaforte
5Jul-8313History (military)WWIWireless goes to war (WW1)
5Jul-8316History (Australia)FiskFisk Memorial
6Oct-834HistoryLighthouseLighthouse communications
6Oct-836History (Australia)BrisbaneBrisbane's first PA system
6Oct-838AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1925-1932
6Oct-838HistoryEarly wirelessEarly days of wireless
6Oct-8310Browning-DrakeBrowning-Drake receiver
6Oct-8311ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
6Oct-8313ValvesType numbersFaded valve type numbers
7Jan-843MiscellaneousThe slave of the magic lamp
7Jan-845HistoryBroadcastingFirst Empire broadcasts
7Jan-846AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1932-1935
7Jan-848ComponentsLoudspeakerS G Brown Loudspeakers
7Jan-849ManufacturingEmmcoRadio Manufacturing: Emmco
7Jan-849ManufacturingStrombergRadio Manufacturing: Stromberg-Carlson
7Jan-8410ValvesOsramOsram valve data
7Jan-8411ProfileExperiences of a radio collector
7Jan-8412ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
7Jan-8412Crystal SetsDetectorMaking a crystal detector
8Apr-843HistorySOSOrigins of the SOS call
8Apr-844AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1936-1938
8Apr-846History (biography)TraegerTraeger, Alfred
8Apr-848Book reviewDetectors"Early Radio Wave Detectors" V J Phillips
8Apr-848Book reviewBridgewater"T H Bridgewater" A Campbell-Swinton
8Apr-848Book reviewVintage"Vintage radio 1887-1929" McMahon
8Apr-849ValvesMullardMullard valve data
8Apr-8411ComponentsLoudspeakerAmplion loudspeakers
9Jul-843MiscellaneousA bid to join the AC mains
9Jul-844ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
9Jul-845AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1938
9Jul-846ComponentsLoudspeakerSterling speakers
9Jul-847ManufacturingStrombergRadio Manufacturing: Stromberg-Carlson
9Jul-848HistoryBroadcastingAmateur Broadcasting
9Jul-849HistoryName "Radio"Origin of the term 'Radio'
9Jul-8410Philips2510Philips model 2510
9Jul-8411ProjectEliminatorAn A-battery eliminator
10Oct-845Astor1930Astor radios 1930-1933
10Oct-846History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 1
10Oct-8411RestorationValvesReactivation of Bright Emitter Tubes Ric Havyatt
10Oct-8412ProjectLatheMaking and using a simple lathe
10Oct-8415ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
11Jan-853ManufacturingAstorRadio Manufacturing: The Astor Story
11Jan-855Astor1934Astor radios 1934-1936, list of models
11Jan-858History (military)FullerphoneThe Fullerphone (WW1)
11Jan-8516ProjectEliminatorAn A, B & C-battery eliminator
12Apr-853HistoryMarconiBelieve it or not, Marconi
12Apr-854History (Australia)2UERadio 2UE, Historical data S Huckell
12Apr-855History (Australia)2GBRadio 2GB, Historical data S Huckell
12Apr-856History (military)WWIWireless Trench Set (50 Watts) L Meulstee
12Apr-8513MuseumAdelaideTelecommunications Museum Adelaide
12Apr-8514Astor1937Astor radios 1937, list of models
12Apr-8514Crystal setsCircuitsGrading Crystal sets (1926 article, edited Ray Kelly)
13Jul-851HRSAMelbourneHRSA Display at Melbourne
13Jul-853History (biography)FiskPioneers of wireless: Ernest Fisk
13Jul-856MilitaryWS-38British WS38 walkie-talkie
13Jul-8523History (biography)ReberReber, Grote
14Oct-851ValvesPhilipsPhilips AK1 (photo)
14Oct-854ValvesPhilipsPhilips delivers the goods
14Oct-858ProfileMarsdenAmateur looks back R C Marsden
14Oct-8510History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 3
14Oct-8516History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Journals. Pre 1939 - Part 1
14Oct-8523HistoryBroadcastingCanning the broadcast
15Jan-865AWA45EFisk Radiola model 45E
15Jan-867History (military)RadarAustralian AW radar
15Jan-8610ValvesPhilipsThe Philips octode AK1
15Jan-8615History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Journals. Pre 1939 - Part 2
15Jan-8619ProfileRadio serviceman in the bush
15Jan-8622Book reviewAmateur"Sounds of Amateur Radio" (Tape)
16Apr-864AWARadioletteFisk Radiolette: 1934 models
16Apr-866MiscellaneousThe vital spark
16Apr-8610Other radios1-valve5SW (UK) on one valve
16Apr-8611History (military)RadarThe LW/AW radar
16Apr-8623Project1-valveSimple one-valve set
16Apr-8624MiscellaneousRedgum Bill and Wireless (poem)
17Jul-861MiscellaneousRadio cigarette cards
17Jul-864Crystal setsDetectorNeutron crystals
17Jul-865AstorKismetAstor Kismet, 1933 model
17Jul-868HistoryPoulsenThe Poulsen Telegraphone
17Jul-8614HistoryMarconiThe Marconi station at Clifden
18Oct-863ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
18Oct-864HRSAOrangeHRSA display at Orange
18Oct-866AstorKismetAstor Kismet, 1933 model: Correction
18Oct-866Stromberg Carlson53The Stromberg-Carlson model 53
18Oct-869HistoryPoldhuPoldhu Station
18Oct-869MiscellaneousWhat about PA?
18Oct-8610History (biography)MelbaNellie melba and Broadcasting, 1920
18Oct-8611History (Australia)Car radioHistory of the Car radio - Part 1
18Oct-8614ValvesDouble gridDouble-grid valves
18Oct-8616Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 1
18Oct-8617Book reviewCinema"From pastures Green to the Silver Screen" John W Gerard
18Oct-8618History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 4
19Jan-874History (Australia)Car radioHistory of the Car radio - Part 2
19Jan-877ProfileKellyMeet Ray Kelly
19Jan-8710Healing1932Healing 1932 models
19Jan-8713CroydenCar radioCroyden car radio (photo)
19Jan-8719Book reviewGolden age"The Golden Age of Radio in the Home" John W Stokes
19Jan-8719History (military)JapanWireless on a Japanese warship - Part 1
19Jan-8720Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 2
19Jan-8723History (biography)ArmstrongArmstrong, EH: FM Pioneer
19Jan-8725CollectingValuationHow much is it worth?
20Apr-874Crystal setsDetectorThe crystal detector
20Apr-876Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 3
20Apr-878MiscellaneousThe Electronic Window
20Apr-879ProfileDoyleObituary: A Doyle
20Apr-8711History (biography)JohnsonMurray Johnson: A pioneer passes
20Apr-8712History (biography)MelbaNellie Melba's farewell letter
20Apr-8713HRSAAshburtonHRSA display at Ashburton Library
20Apr-8714Other radiosA-K 33The A-K 33 revisited
20Apr-8716Gloria & AstorPortaGloria and Astor Porta receivers
20Apr-8718History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 5
20Apr-8724History (military)JapanWireless on a Japanese warship - Part 2
21Jul-876Breville81/85Breville model 81/85
21Jul-877ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
21Jul-8713ProfileKaschMeet Darryl Kasch
21Jul-8716ManufacturingBrandsBrand names to 1940
21Jul-8721MilitaryManpackBritish manpack radio sets - Part 1
21Jul-8729Book review"Syntony and Spark: The Origins of Radio"
21Jul-8729Book review"The Continuous Wave" Aitken
22Oct-874History (Australia)3UZThe 3UZ story: The Early days
22Oct-875ProfileHullObituary: M Hull
22Oct-875ProfileMcGeeObituary: Prof J D McGee
22Oct-878ProfileMacKinnonMeet Colin MacKinnon
22Oct-8712AWAFisk 1933Fisk Radiola Range 1933 (See revised circuit 120E Apr 1989 issue)
22Oct-8715EmmcoAC3Emmco Troubadour, model AC3
22Oct-8717CollectingPromotionPromoting your collecting hobby
22Oct-8718History (Australia)AWAAWA Picturegram Service 1934
22Oct-8719ProfileJohnsonObituary: J M Johnson
22Oct-8721MilitaryManpackBritish manpack radio sets - Part 2
23Jan-884HRSAMt GambierHRSA display at Mt Gambier
23Jan-885HRSABrisbaneHRSA display at Brisbane
23Jan-885ProfileKaschDarryl Kasch: photo
23Jan-886Stromberg Carlson633, 833Stromberg-Carlson models 633, 833 Ray Kelly
23Jan-8810ManufacturingConley-LeeConley-Lee radios Ted Huckell
23Jan-8811ProfileHillMeet the Collectors: John Hill
23Jan-8813ElectromaticPhonographElectromatic phonograph
23Jan-8814Book reviewLoudspeaker"HRSA Loudspeaker Notebook" Ray Kelly
23Jan-8814Book reviewLoudspeaker"Radio Hornspeaker Encyclopedia" Floyd Paul
23Jan-8818History (military)WWIAircraft Radio Sets – Spark transmitters L Meulstee
23Jan-8820History (Australia)3LO3LO & 2FC Shortwave trials
23Jan-8821History (Australia)TelegraphyFirst Radio-telegraph Service Overseas (Extract – J Murray Johnson)
23Jan-8824VictorGolden ToneVictor advert circa 1932
24Apr-884ManufacturingFerrisAustralian Radio Manufacturers: Ferris Bros W M Ferris
24Apr-886MiscellaneousPictures from the past – news radio car & radios arriving by air
24Apr-887Philips5501, 5502Philips Radioplayer models 5501, 5502 of 1935
24Apr-8811MuseumGeelongGeelong Radio and Electronics Society
24Apr-8812Project1-valveAll wave Tube-crystal set and other 1-valve sets Ray Kelly
24Apr-8816ProfileStewartMeet the Collectors: Fin Stewart
24Apr-8818Book reviewGolden age"Radios, The Golden Age" Collins
24Apr-8819MilitaryWWIIBritish rear link radio, models 5G, 76, R109, 21 - Part 1 L Meulstee
24Apr-8826Museum2LO2LO radio museum (UK)
25Apr-8827ElectromaticPhonographLetter: Electromatic phonograph C Long
25Jul-884TheoryCross-modCross-modulation T Huckell
25Jul-885Croyden583Classic Radios 1: Croyden model 583 Ray Kelly
25Jul-887AstorOXClassic Radios 2: Astor “Cassim” model OX, BOM Ray Kelly
25Jul-889ComponentsLoudspeakerDevelopment of the loudspeaker - Part 1 W Martens
25Jul-8813ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker characteristics, various models
25Jul-8814ValvesTestingTesting antique vacuum tubes
25Jul-8815ProjectValve testerA valve tester ed Ray Kelly
25Jul-8819ValvesWarningsWarnings on valve usage Graeme MacKenzie
25Jul-8820MilitaryRear linkBritish rear link radio, models 5G, 76, R109, 21 - Part 2 L Meulstee
25Jul-8827Majestic59Majestic model 59 of 1933, circuit of Healing 44F Darryl Kasch
26Oct-883ProfileAlbertLou Albert (photo)
26Oct-886History (Australia)3CHExperimental station 3CH, Birchip Ed Ray Kelly
26Oct-887ManufacturingMajesticSome memories of the 'Dinosaurs' John Ratcliffe
26Oct-889Airzone530BClassic Radios 1: Airzone model 530B Graeme MacKenzie
26Oct-8811Airzone303 300Classic Radios 2: Airzone model 303, 300 Graeme MacKenzie
26Oct-8813Audiola492 493Classic Radios 3: 1932 Audiola 492, 493
26Oct-8815HRSAMelbourneHRSA display at Melbourne
26Oct-8817RestorationFaultsTypes of faults in radios
26Oct-8819ProfileIrelandMeet Phil Ireland
26Oct-8820ComponentsLoudspeakerDevelopment of the loudspeaker - Part 2 W Martens
26Oct-8824ProfileKennaObituary: V F Kenna
26Oct-8825Crystal setsCarorundumThe carborundum detector Paul Groom
26Oct-8826HistorySpark txFirst high-power spark transmitter Desmond Thackeray
27Jan-893Philips, Briton1052, 30A Tale of two radios: Philips 1052 and Briton 30 Ray Kelly
27Jan-896ValvesRepairsSimple valve repairs Philip Taylor
27Jan-898Stromberg Carlson732Stromberg-Carlson model 732 Ray Tonks
27Jan-8911ManufacturingRetravisionThe origins of Retravision
27Jan-8912TheoryReflexHow reflex circuits work Ray Kelly
27Jan-8915CollectingMiscellaneousAn enlightening discovery – a find of old valves, radios etc B Lackie
27Jan-8917History (Australia)TelegraphyEarly wireless telegraphy in Bathurst Phil Ireland
27Jan-8919ProjectCabinetMaking a (wooden) wireless cabinet
27Jan-8922Weldon1934Weldon 1934 Standard Ray Kelly
27Jan-8924MuseumBallaratA visit to the Orpheus Museum, Ballarat
28Apr-892AWA120ERadiola 120E circuit (from Oct 1987 issue) see also p19
28Apr-893AWA55ERadiola model 55E of 1932 Ray Kelly
28Apr-895RestorationTransistorLetter: Restoring Transistor radios John Ratcliffe
28Apr-896HistoryBroadcastingBroadcasting 1930 style Bill Rohde
28Apr-897RestorationWirewoundsWire-wound volume controls Ray Kelly
28Apr-898ValvesFaultsValve faults Graeme MacKenzie
28Apr-899AWA, WeldonRadiola 120ECorrections: Radiola 120E and Weldon 1934 Standard
28Apr-899EssanayMEssanay model M circa 1936 etc Ray Kelly
28Apr-8912CollectingMajesticBritish Dinosaur – Majestic 1930 model 103 Bob Warner
28Apr-8913RestorationTuning coilsWinding tuning coils Desmond Thackeray
28Apr-8914RestorationNi platingRestoring nickel-plated parts Bruce Orr
28Apr-8915AstorCF HDAstor 1937 models CF and HD Darryl Kasch
28Apr-8919ProfileDaleObituary: George Dale
28Apr-8920HRSAAstorAn Astor night at HRSA meeting (photos)
29Jul-893History (Australia)2KO2KO Newcastle
29Jul-894AstorECAstor model EC 1936
29Jul-896HistoryBroadcastingList of 1939 radio programmes Dale O'Sullivan
29Jul-897HuckellEurekaHuckell 'Eureka' 1933 Ray Kelly
29Jul-8910ComponentsLoudspeakerAustralian horn speaker, Emmco Kurlykone Ray Kelly
29Jul-8911HistoryTelegraphyWireless telegraphy across the Gobi
29Jul-8913AWACR6A/BAWA CR6A/B Communications receiver 1960 Brian Lackie
29Jul-8916HistoryRadioMy wireless station – a 1913 radio station H Hildersley
29Jul-8924History (Australia)3BA3BA Ballarat: Original transmitter – photos Chris Long
30Oct-891History19261926 Radio showroom (See vol 4)
30Oct-894ProfileRatcliffeObituary: John Ratcliffe
30Oct-895Project1927 radioRoll your own radio – modern homebrew Peter Freestone
30Oct-896CollectingMiscellaneousTrash or Treasure? - lucky auction buying Brian Lackie
30Oct-897ProfileKennedyOur youngest member? - Julius Kennedy aged 14
30Oct-899RelianceYorkReliance York 20-valve console 1937
30Oct-8913MiscellaneousFaradayMichael Faraday and Moses John Ratcliffe
30Oct-8915PilotSuper WaspPilot AC 'Super wasp' Ray Kelly
30Oct-8919History (Australia)Huckell1935 Radio showroom – photo (See vol 4)
31Jan-902Stromberg-Carlson837Stromberg-Carlson model 837 1937
31Jan-906RestorationAlignmentReceiver alignment Graeme MacKenzie
31Jan-908Crystal setsDetectorMolybdenum disulphide crystals Paul Groom
31Jan-909GulbransenA75Gulbransen A75 1935 Ray Kelly
31Jan-9013HRSADisplayIREECom. 89, photos Ray Kelly, Chris Long
31Jan-9016RestorationAudio tfrReplacement audio transformers in 1927 Hartman Compact 6
31Jan-9018Book reviewGolden ageRadio Bygones', 'More Golden Age', 'Radio in Australia'
31Jan-9020BroadcastingHumourHowlers & Handclaps
32Apr-906MiscellaneousWomen as radio technicians E Wilcox
32Apr-909AstorAC 110Astor console model AC or 110
32Apr-9012AstorKQAstor model KQ battery portable
32Apr-9014AstorEJAstor model EJ, crystal set
32Apr-9016MiscellaneousWhatizit? (Lou Albert)
32Apr-9017MilitarySutal 20The Sutal 40, German morse telegraph Louis Meulstee
32Apr-9020ComponentsDetectorCrystal detector that 'shimmies'
33Jul-902ManufacturingPhilips110 Years of Electrical Manufacturing, Philips Industries
33Jul-903RestorationTransistorRestoring Early Transistor Radios John Ratcliffe
33Jul-905ProfileMackenzieFifty years' experience in radio Graeme MacKenzie
33Jul-908EFCODialsEFCO Radio Dials for 1934
33Jul-9010STC500, 520, 620STC Models 500, 520, 620 circuits
33Jul-9013Raycophone54PERaycophone model 54PE 1939
33Jul-9015Philips2516Philips 2516 of 1930
33Jul-9017MilitaryWS-109Wireless Set No. 109 – Australian Terry Poole
34Oct-907Philco609Philco model 609, 1936
34Oct-909Project1927 fiveBuild the 1927 Five
34Oct-9012RestorationBadgesReplica radio name badges Brian Lackie
34Oct-9013ProjectSpark TxSimulated spark transmitter Desmond Thackeray
34Oct-9016Book reviewRadar"154 Radar Truscott 1944-5" by M E Fenton; "Secret Action of 305"
34Oct-9018Book reviewEuropean"Radios von Gestern' by Ernst Erb, European valve radio history
34Oct-9019RestorationValvesLearning the hard way!, problems with valve testers Peter Hughes
34Oct-9021Lekmek701Lekmek model 701, 1934 Ray Kelly
34Oct-9024RestorationTransformersOpen circuit transformers Graeme MacKenzie
35Jan-917History (Australia)BroadcastingBroadcasting: The first fifteen years, talk by Neville Williams
35Jan-9112Airzone900Airzone model 900, 1937
35Jan-9115PhilipsEliminatorPhilips battery eliminators
35Jan-9119AstorSG3Astor SG3, 1931 battery console set
35Jan-9121Tasma180Tasma 180: Typical faults Peter Hughes
35Jan-9125Project1920 radioLetters: Nostalgia in the mailbag; building 1920 radios A Coghlan
35Jan-9127ComponentsKnobsMarquis knobs advertisement
36Apr-918AstorNeutrodyneAstor 5 valve Neutrodyne, 1927
36Apr-9110Book reviewGolden age"More Golden Age of Radios" Stokes
36Apr-9111RestorationTransformers240 to 210 volt stepdown transformer
36Apr-9112AWA140AWA Radiola 140, 1934
36Apr-9115MilitarySCR-578Saved by Radio (ASR Tx, SCR-578 etc) - Part 1 Louis Meulstee
37Jul-914ESM503ESM Aristocrat model 503
37Jul-916ProfileNordenholtWorld's youngest vintage radio fan
37Jul-917HistoryPhonographA short history of disc recording P J Guy
37Jul-9110STC635STC model 635, 1932
37Jul-9112Raycophone66ERaycophone model 66E
37Jul-9114ManufacturingEmmcoRadio Manufacturing: Emmco - A personal flashback Les Munn
37Jul-9115Stromberg Carlson574Stromberg-Carlson 574, 1938
38Oct-917AWAC38AWA Radiola Standard 6,C38, 1927
38Oct-9110ProfileGartlanObituary: L Gartlan
38Oct-9111ManufacturingPhilips1891-1991 Philips centenary
38Oct-9115Airzone801Airzone model 801, battery console 1933
38Oct-9118ManufacturingKrieslerRadio manufacturing: The Kriesler story Fred Lane
38Oct-9121RestorationBakeliteRestoring bakelite cabinets Richard Harrison
38Oct-9122MuseumNSW QLDMuseums worth visiting in Nth NSW & SE QLD Ray Kelly
39Jan-923ProfileSmithObituary: Eric Smith
39Jan-923ProfileThompsonObituary: Murray Thompson
39Jan-923ProfileSmithObituary: Eric Smith
39Jan-924HRSA10th anniversaryTenth anniversary celebrations
39Jan-926AstorBP, CNAstor Mickey Mouse, BP and CN, 1934
39Jan-928RestorationFaultsFault finding in 10 seconds Graeme MacKenzie
39Jan-929VolksempfangerVE301German People's radio, Volksempfanger VE301 - Part 1
39Jan-9212History (Australia)5CKSixty years of broadcasting: 5CK Crystal Brook
39Jan-9213AWA55ETroubles with an AWA 55E Dick Hope
39Jan-9214ComponentsLoudspeakerAmplion driver rubber connectors
39Jan-9215ProfileMackesyThe Collector: Meet John Mackesy VK3XAO
39Jan-9216ValvesMetal sprayMetal sprayed valves, restoration
40Apr-927ProfilePalletObituary: R H (Bob) Pallet
40Apr-927ProfileDavenportObituary: L T Davenport
40Apr-927HRSAMelbourne10th Anniversary celebrations
40Apr-928MilitaryHROThe HRO in the British army Louis Meulstee
40Apr-9212ProjectOscillatorFM on your old wireless Grahame Jeffery
40Apr-9214TheoryAC-DC setsAC-DC radios Graeme MacKenzie
40Apr-9216AWAC38Letters: AWA Radiola C38
40Apr-9217ValvesMetal sprayFeedback: Metal sprayed valve paint
40Apr-9217ValvesMetal sprayMetal sprayed valves
40Apr-9219Book reviewRestoration"Old-Time Radios: Restoration and Repair" Joseph Carr
40Apr-9219Book reviewRadar"Radar Yarns" (Simmonds and Smith)
40Apr-9219Book reviewSignalsAust Corps of Signals "Signals" Theo Barker
40Apr-9221VolksempfangerVE301German People's radio, Volksempfanger VE301 - Part 2
40Apr-9222Airzone625Airzone 625 console Darryl Kasch
40Apr-9224History (Australia)BroadcastingThe AM broadcast band Graeme MacKenzie
41Jul-927Stromberg Carlson837Stromberg-Carlson 837 console 1937 Jim Woodhead
41Jul-929MilitaryModel codesIdentifying US military electronic models John Mackesy
41Jul-9210History (military)HeliographThe heliograph (Louis Meulstee)
41Jul-9216ScottConsole“Great Scott” 12 valve console radio Victor Groves
41Jul-9218VolksempfangerDKE38German People's radio, Volksempfanger DKE 38 - Part 3
41Jul-9219ComponentsLoudspeakerMagnavox (Aust) loudspeakers to1938 Bruce Beaver
41Jul-9220TheoryValvesValves as Amplifiers Graeme MacKenzie
41Jul-9221ValvesMetal sprayMore on metal sprayed valves Warwick Woods
41Jul-9222Book reviewRadio art"Radio Art" – cabinet styles Robert Hawes
41Jul-9223HRSAAuctionHRSA Auction results 28th March 1992
41Jul-9226AirmasterC35The Airmaster model C35 console
42Oct-924ProfileTazewellObituary: Stephen Tazewell
42Oct-925ProfileMannObituary: George Mann
42Oct-928AWARadioletteRestoring AWA Radiolettes; models 28, 37 etc Peter Hughes
42Oct-9214RestorationSolderingSoldering under difficulties Graeme MacKenzie
42Oct-9215TheoryDetectorAnode bend detection
42Oct-9215AstorANKHarry's treasure – an Astor ANK radiogram Ken England
42Oct-9217Stromberg Carlson736Stromberg-Carlson 736 John Starr
42Oct-9218ProfileTazewellReminiscences of an old radio man Stephen Tazewell
42Oct-9220Essanay1935Essanay 4/5 valve 1935 model Ray Kelly
42Oct-9221Kriesler4K70The Kriesler model 4K70 Darryl Kasch
42Oct-9223MilitaryR1545Saved by Radio (ASR Tx, SCR-578 etc) - Part 2 Louis Meulstee
42Oct-9230RestorationSafetyMains safety Tony Zuiderwyk
42Oct-9231HistoryMarineOrigins of long waves – marine Richard Hope
43Jan-934HomebrewLittle GeneralRadio & Hobbies' kitset of 1940 Peter Hughes
43Jan-935HistorySOSOrigins of the SOS call – marine Richard Hope
43Jan-936Seyon2-valveSeyon 2-valve 1930 AC table model Ray Kelly
43Jan-938ProfileHarrisonMeet Richard Harrison
43Jan-9310HMV661Problems with an HMV 661 Darryl Kasch
43Jan-9313ManufacturingMusic MastersThe Music Masters Radio Co- Brisbane 1930 – 1958 Trevor Sherrard
43Jan-9315EclipseAC3Eclipse Reinartz 'Simple AC3' Ray Kelly
43Jan-9319Crystal setsHomebrewHome-made crystal set P J Martin
43Jan-9322Book reviewRAAF"We Were WMMs" – RAAF Wireless mechanics Tony Zuiderwyk
43Jan-9322MiscellaneousMarineHazards of a ship's operator Colin MacKinnon
43Jan-9325ProfileHawkinsObituary: George Hawkins Bill Bond
43Jan-9326Airzone503Airzone chassis 503, 1931 Ray Kelly
44Apr-933ValvesDe ForestA look at De Forest's flame detector Ray Kelly
44Apr-935Beale9WB 754BBealmania…Well, I'll Beale!! Models 9WB & 754B 1937 Darryl Kasch
44Apr-938HotpointBandmaster 5A Hotpoint at the 'tip' – Bandmaster 5 portable Tony Zuiderwyk
44Apr-939ProjectBatterySuper battery to power your old radio Grahame Jeffery
44Apr-9312ProjectConverterDC-DC converter for valve portables John Hunter
44Apr-9313HistoryMobile powerPower for aircraft and military radio John Mackesy
44Apr-9315History (Australia)Sealed setThe sealed set debacle Colin MacKinnon
44Apr-9319ProfileJohnsonMeet the collector - Roger Johnson
44Apr-9321Eclipse2/3-valveEclipse mantel model Ray Kelly
44Apr-9326RestorationFaultsPadder feedback Peter Hughes
44Apr-9327RestorationFaultsCommon faults in vintage radios Russell Portas
45Jul-933ProjectPower supplyA Power Supply for battery radios Ian Long
45Jul-936Healing73BThe big battery superhets of the 1930s Healing 1933 Roger Johnson
45Jul-936Tasma8-valveThe big battery superhets of the 1930s Tasma 8 1934 Roger Johnson
45Jul-939ValvesDe ForestLetter: De Forest's flame detector – comments Tony Zuiderwyk
45Jul-9311ValvesEM34The EM34/6FG6 indicator tube John Mackesy
45Jul-9313TheoryArt DecoThe Art Deco Radio – cabinet styles Ken England
45Jul-9315CollectingRestorationA Nostalgic Society – restoration philosophy Jim Woodhead
45Jul-9316RestorationFaultsCommon Faults in Vintage Radio Russell Portas
45Jul-9317ManufacturingHazeltineHarold Alden and the Hazeltine Company Colin MacKinnon
45Jul-9318PilotWaspThe Pilot AC Super Wasp 1929 – 1931 Rex Wales
45Jul-9320HomebrewRestorationRestoring a vintage homebrew - Part 1 Manfred Nagel
46Oct-933MilitaryLarkspurLarkspur - 1950s military mix and match Louis Meulstee
46Oct-9312BendixARN-6Radio Compass AN/ARN-6 John Mackesy
46Oct-9316HistoryJenvey, HallamEarly Wireless Experiments by Jenvey & Hallam Colin MacKinnon
46Oct-9319HMV653HMV Model 653, 1938 Darryl Kasch
46Oct-9321Airzone537AAirzone 537A (1938) - A quality mantel set Jim Woodhead
46Oct-9323History (Australia)The AliceThe Alice & the Acid (X-rays and the Australian connection)
46Oct-9324HomebrewRestorationRestoring a vintage homebrew - Part 2 Manfred Nagel
46Oct-9327ValvesDe ForestLetter: De Forest's flame detector – comments
47Jan-943PilotWaspThe Pilot AC Super Wasp revisited 1929 – 1931 Ric Havyatt
47Jan-944CollectingResearchUndertaking Historical Research -advice Colin MacKinnon
47Jan-947CollectingReferenceTechnical Topics - Suggested reading Roger Johnson
47Jan-949HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38 receiver 1946 Rex Wales
47Jan-9411MuseumFranceA Journey to Wonderland – France Ray Kelly
47Jan-9412RestorationFaultsCommon faults - questions and answers Roger Johnson
47Jan-9417AstorMickey KM KQAstor Mickey Models KM - QK, 1948 – 1953 Darryl Kasch
47Jan-9420ProjectSpectrum A/sisA broadcast band spectrum analyser C S Ratcliff
47Jan-9426ValvesDe ForestLetter: The Flame Ionisation Detector, a salty tale D Thackeray
47Jan-9427MuseumMilitary UKA Military Collector's Dream, museums in the UK Tony Bell
48Apr-943ProjectDetectorTests with a Flame Detector John Rickard
48Apr-945RestorationCabinetShellac (Cabinet varnish)
48Apr-947History (military)WWIIThe Story of a Secret Radio - Burma 1942-1945 Arch Caswell
48Apr-9412HistoryBreaking Trans-Oceanic Radio Barriers – 1920s Terry Pool
48Apr-9415RestorationFaultsLetter: Common faults Rodney Champness
48Apr-9417PilotWaspLetter: Pilot Super Wasp John Stokes
48Apr-9418AWARadioletteLetter: Restoring AWA Radiolettes Arthur Williams
48Apr-9418ProfileMackenzieRadio Memories of the Thirties Graeme Mackenzie
48Apr-9420TheoryPower supplyPower Supplies 1920-1990 Russell Portas
48Apr-9421ProfileAdamsObituary: Jim Adams 1920-1993 Ray Kelly
48Apr-9421ProfilePatyersonObituary: Lex Paterson Ray Kelly
48Apr-9422Raycophone57EThe Raycophone Model 57E – 1935 Ray Kelly
48Apr-9428ProfileWaltersDarcy Walters (Local paper article)
49Jul-943AWA173AWA (Fisk) Radiola model 173
49Jul-946History (Australia)JournalsAustralian radio publications before 1950 (an extensive review)
49Jul-9412TheoryPotentiometerTapping potentiometers (Pot with tapped connection) W Woods
49Jul-9416Project80 metres80 metre converter & BFO - construction
49Jul-9417History (Australia)32 volt32 volt lighting plants and radios Rodney Champness
49Jul-9418RestorationCabinetFrench polish - another practical hint
49Jul-9419Kriesler11-5Another LESS common Triple Throat Kriesler!!
49Jul-9421ProjectTRFThe TRF revisited (R & H Baby-gram)
49Jul-9422ManufacturingAirzoneThe Airzone story - My part in it Graham MacKenzie
49Jul-9423RestorationCapacitorDoes that capacitor need to be replaced? - Part 1 L Champion
50Oct-943ValvesAV11The AWA AV11 Rectifier Colin MacKinnon
50Oct-944Book review“Beyond the Global Village" – Arthur C Clarke Ken England
50Oct-945HistoryMiscellaneous100th birthday of radio – newspaper article
50Oct-946RestorationCapacitorDoes that capacitor need to be replaced? - Part 2 L Champion
50Oct-948RestorationLoudspeakerSpeaker extension lead Warwick Woods
50Oct-948ComponentsCabinetPlastics in radio manufacture Colin MacKinnon
50Oct-9412RestorationSafetyElectrical safety David Latter
50Oct-9414Other radiosTransistorOh that hum – odd fault Keith Hoffman
50Oct-9414ProfileGilbertLife as a wireman with Radio Corporation H W Gilbert
50Oct-9415Tasma180Restoration of a Tasma 180 "Baby", 1933 Jim Woodhead
50Oct-9417AstorNeutrodyneThe Astor Screened Grid Plus Neutrodyne of 1929 Ray Kelly
50Oct-9417RestorationScreeningOpen circuit screening cans Warwick Woods
50Oct-9419Tasma345-460MFred Thom's Tasma "Tiger" models 345-460M Darryl Kasch
50Oct-9421RestorationRolaReplacing Rola speaker Transformers - Part 1 Rex Wales
50Oct-9427Book reviewMarconi"The early History of Radio: from Faraday to Marconi” - G Garrett
50Oct-9427ProfileHuckellObituary: Edward Dean Wallman Huckell 1897 – 1994 Ric Havyatt
51Jan-953AWA709C R701AWA (Fisk) Radiola, Seven Band Receivers – 1940 Ian Long
51Jan-959ValvesHistoryValves: Part 1 – The valve box Fin Stewart
51Jan-9513Book reviewLevensons"Levensons Radio, Circuit Portfolio" – ed B Smith Ray Kelly
51Jan-9514Book reviewCrystal set"Crystal Sets 'n Such" – R J Young Ray Kelly
51Jan-9514History32 voltLetter: 32 volt and AC-DC sets Rodney Champness
51Jan-9516ManufacturingNorris & SkelleyRadio Manufacturing: Norris & Skelley, Melbourne
51Jan-9518Sprague500Sprague - Model 500 Interference Locator Rodney Champness
51Jan-9520MiscellaneousHumourElectricity!! What is it? anon
51Jan-9521Atwater Kent551929 Atwater Kent model 55 Darryl Kasch
51Jan-9525Book reviewMarconi"In Marconi's Footsteps: Early radio" – P Jensen Tony Zuiderwyk
51Jan-9525RestorationRolaReplacing Rola speaker Transformers - Part 2 Rex Wales
52Apr-953Gulbransen1934A 1934 model Gulbransen Ray Kelly
52Apr-955Atwater Kent55Letter: Atwater Kent 55 – correction Brian Smith
52Apr-955History (Australia)32 voltLetter: History of 32 volts Rodney Champness
52Apr-956History (Australia)5DNThe Big Broadcast - 50 years of 5DN Roger Johnson
52Apr-957Book reviewAstor"The HRSA Astor book" - 1927 - 1937 Ray Kelly
52Apr-958History (biography)MarineWireless reminiscences by an English Marine Operator circa 1910
52Apr-959HistoryUnitsThe Answerman: 1911 terminology Colin MacKinnon
52Apr-9510EKCOCR61The EKCO CR61: A most remarkable car radio Terry Pool
52Apr-9512HistoryAir radioWireless in the 1934 Air Race - Equipment in the Douglas
52Apr-9514ValvesOscilaudionThe Oscilaudion Tube - made by H V Roome USA 1916 C MacKinnon
52Apr-9517RestorationTransformersAWA and Manufacturers Special products transformers - Part 3
52Apr-9518HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim 1-valve – 1938 Roger Johnson
52Apr-9522RCABW7AThe RCA field intensity meter BW7A Mike Eager
52Apr-9525HistorySuperhetWho did invert the superheterodyne? - Part 1 Bruce De Lacy
53Jul-953ManufacturingKingsleyHoward Kingsley Love presentation by the HRSA
53Jul-955AWARadioletteThe Fisk Radiolettes 1934: Models 33, 35, 36, 38, 39 R Kelly
53Jul-9511HistoryUK-AustThat first wireless message from UK to Australia C MacKinnon
53Jul-9516Stromberg CarlsonSC-836Mongrel of the Month (1936 Stromberg Carlson Model 836)
53Jul-9519ValvesDiodesValves Part 2: From lamps to diode valves Fin Stewart
53Jul-9525HistorySuperhetWho did invert the superheterodyne? - Part 2 Bruce De Lacy
53Jul-9528PhilipsMM1The Philips model MM1
53Jul-9532Homebrew1920 TRFA Nasty Experience - with a late 1920s set Ken England
54Oct-954Tasma HMVM1603The Tasma M1603 & the HMV Little Nipper 61-51 Darryl Kasch
54Oct-958CollectingNew collectorsLetter: For the new collector – modern radios Bill Verrall
54Oct-958Stromberg CarlsonModel numbersLetter: Stromberg-Carlson Model numbers Derek Jaques
54Oct-959TheoryLightningThe Oliver Lodge lightning arrester W C Harris
54Oct-9511History (military)RadarThe WW2 radar secret that wasn't a secret Colin MacKinnon
54Oct-9514United1920The United 4 – 1920s coffin Ray Kelly
54Oct-9517TheorySuperhetThe early 1930s Autodyne superhet receiver Rex Wales
54Oct-9519TheoryAVCAutomatic Volume Control – AVC Pat Leggatt
54Oct-9521HistoryAir radioThe VR5 equipment of the 1934 Douglas DC2 Louis Meulstee
54Oct-9523ManufacturingStrombergStromberg-Carlson – the story – model D7 & 781 Darryl Kasch
54Oct-9527ValvesAWAThe History of the AWA expanse 'B' valve Colin MacKinnon
54Oct-9531ValvesDe ForestValves Part 3: Lee De Forest & invention of the Audion Fin Stewart
55Jan-963AWA3BZ C55163The 3BZ coast watchers wireless set & C55163 Colin MacKinnon
55Jan-968Book reviewMilitary"Wireless for the Warrior" – Louis Meulstee
55Jan-968History (military)RadarLetter: WW2 secret radar Peter Hughes
55Jan-968CollectingRarityLetter: Rare valves and radios Jim Davis
55Jan-969Palmavox1934Fools rush in: The Palmavox 3/4 valve mantel of 1934 Ray Kelly
55Jan-9611History (Australia)PhilipsFocus on Philips: 50 years in Australia
55Jan-9612Book reviewPhilips"History of Philips valves" – Fin Stewart Ray Kelly
55Jan-9613TheorySuperhetA simple superheterodyne receiver with AVC/AGC Rex Wales
55Jan-9615ProfileBurtoftA life on the ocean wave, WW2 style Harold Burtoft
55Jan-9616Majestic Highboy71My favourite radio – Majestic 71 Richard Howarth
55Jan-9617Book reviewAstor"The HRSA Astor book" Volume 2 Ray Kelly
55Jan-9617ComponentsCapacitorPaper capacitors: a little mathematics Brian Smith
55Jan-9618Columbus25EThe Kiwi connection: The Columbus 25E Darryl Kasch
55Jan-9621ValvesTestingWhat does that 'Good/Bad' scale really mean Marc F Ellis
55Jan-9623AVOMk 1Mongrel of the month - AVO valve tester Mk 1 R L Hosking
55Jan-9625SovietCH44-1The Soviet SCR-211 frequency meter Louis Meulstee
55Jan-9630RestorationPlasticRestoring plastic radios Bill Verrall
55Jan-9633ValvesGermanyValves Part 4: Valve developments in Germany Fin Stewart
56Apr-963AWA573MAThe AWA Radiola model 573MA Bill Verrall
56Apr-966ProfileHopeObituary: Richard Cotton Hope Rex Wales
56Apr-967MiscellaneousHumourWolf in sheep's clothing took them all for a ride Darcy Walters
56Apr-968NationalHRONational 'HRO' communications receiver Tony Lightfoot
56Apr-9613RestorationFaultsReceiver fault location Rex Wales
56Apr-9617Philips4462Philips model 4462 - The bookies wireless Darryl Kasch
56Apr-9620EmersonDA126My favourite radio Philip Renouf
56Apr-9621CinemaMy Home Cinema Jim Davis
56Apr-9623History (Australia)BroadcastingRadio Australia's fiftieth anniversary Rex Wales
56Apr-9624RestorationDial cordTips on Dial Cord Rodney Champness
56Apr-9625ValvesUK & GermanValves Part 5: Early British and German valves Fin Stewart
32Apr-9625RestorationSafetySafety Rodney Champness
56Apr-9633Philco112The Philco 112, 1931 model Lou Albert
56Apr-9635UniversityUS0University universal speaker & output meter model US0 P Hughes
57Jul-963Thorolamodel 55The Thorola Islodyne, model 55 Mike Eager
57Jul-964TheorySuperhetLetter: Oscillator and AGC circuits – see Issue 56 pg 13 Julian Weaver
57Jul-964ValvesJapanLetter: Japanese valves John Stokes
57Jul-966AWA262AWA's first monster Radiola: Model 262, 1937 Darryl Kasch
57Jul-9610MuseumTamworthThe Tamworth Power Station museum Fin Stewart
57Jul-9612Airmaster1932Restoring an Airmaster 1932 superhet 7-valve console Ray Kelly
57Jul-9615Other radiosGermanThe Tin Toy radio – German 1930 3-valve Lou Albert
57Jul-9616RestorationPlasticRestoring plastic cases Bill Verrall
57Jul-9619TheoryRadio designVintage radio design – from 1930 Rodney Champness
57Jul-9624Kriesler11-4Kriesler Beehive, model 11-4 Peter Hughes
57Jul-9627MarconiAD7029DMy most unfavourite radio - Marconi Aircraft Direct/finder J Mackesy
57Jul-9628RestorationSmall partsRestoring and replating small metal parts - Part 1 Peter Fleury
57Jul-9629Other radiosTransistorThe ugliest radio – like Easter Island effigy Colin MacKinnon
57Jul-9636ValvesWestern ElValves Part 6: Western Electric valves Fin Stewart
57Jul-9630Book reviewAstor 1936The HRSA Astor Book, Vol 2' - 1935-6 Tony Lightfoot
58Oct-964AWA805GInstrument of rare distinction - Radiola model 805G radiogram I Long
58Oct-9612TheorySuperhetLetter: More oscillator and AGC circuits Warwick Woods
58Oct-9613RestorationCapacitorTuning capacitor repair Ken England
58Oct-9614HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38E Rex Wales
58Oct-9618Tektronix180AAn unusual device - Oscilloscope Time mark Generator John Mackesy
58Oct-9620PyeMR-1The Pye Model MR-1 – late 1950s Bill Verrall
58Oct-9625MilitaryHMCS HaidaHMCS Haida and her vintage – military - radios Gerry Proc
58Oct-9630ProjectMeggerA 500-volt megohm meter Dave Martin
58Oct-9632RestorationSmall partsRestoring and replating small metal parts - Part 2 Peter Fleury
58Oct-9633ValvesGECValves Part 7: Development of radio valves by GEC Fin Stewart
59Jan-973ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project – Part 1 Tony Lightfoot
59Jan-976ScottAll-wave 15The Scott All-wave 15 Dick Howarth
59Jan-9710History (Australia)3AKSome history of Radio Station 3AK Rex Wales
59Jan-9711ProfileBisbyObituary: Doug Bisby Cyril Casey
59Jan-9712ManufacturingBuzzaProducts of the Buzza Company – morse keys Colin Mackinnon
59Jan-9713RestorationLoudspeakerHow to repair Speaker Cones with Silicone sealant Graham Bowie
59Jan-9714AWA461MAAWA Radiola 461MA clock radio Bill Verrall
59Jan-9721HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38 Rex Wales
59Jan-9725ValvesFranceValves Part 8: French Valves Fin Stewart
59Jan-9731HomebrewUS 1950sSomething completely different - US kit Darryl Kasch
59Jan-9732Other radiosTransistorThe ultimate in old radios - the Noah's Ark novelty set Lou Albert
59Jan-9733Airzone5057AThe best seat in the house – Airzone chassis 537 Richard Begbie
60Apr-973HRSAHistoryHow the HRSA began Ray Kelly
60Apr-975AWARadioletteRestoring AWA Radiolettes Peter Hughes
60Apr-9710MilitaryWWIIThe radios of a brigade signals section in World War II Doug Margetts
60Apr-9716ManufacturingBuzzaThe Buzza Company Max Crago
60Apr-9717ValvesHexodesLetter: Hexodes Desmond Thackeray
60Apr-9718ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project – Part 2 Tony Lightfoot
60Apr-9721HistoryDetectorThe Magnetic Detector Rex Wales
60Apr-9722Hypresco4-valveThe Hypresco 4 Derek Jacques
60Apr-9724History (biography)MingayOswald Francis Mingay Colin MacKinnon
60Apr-9727Kriesler11-99The Kriesler Model 11-99 Bill Verrall
60Apr-9729History (Australia)EducationWhen I look back: The 'Tech' – Melbourne Technical College R Wales
60Apr-9731ValvesAmericanValves Part 9 - Early American valve makers Fin Stewart
60Apr-9736AstorHMQ QN MQThe wind powered 32volt Astors – HMQ, QN, MQ
60Apr-9740AWACabinetRadio replica – wooden cabinets for Radiolette 33 Darryl Kasch
61Jul-974Breville20The set that doesn't exist: Breville model 20 1934 Darryl Kasch
61Jul-975ComponentsLoudspeakerDeep-throated disturbance – horn speaker 1922 Dave Bird
61Jul-976ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project – Part 3 cabinet Tony Lightfoot
61Jul-978RestorationCoilsRewinding superhet oscillator coils Grahame Jeffery
61Jul-9710Airzone555, 535Airzone models 555 & 535, chassis type 500P Ray Kelly
61Jul-9711Book reviewSth AustraliaAdelaide's Early Radios' – Neville Ellison Peter Hughes
61Jul-9712Restoration1940 kitsetRestoring a 1940s kitset radio Tony Lightfoot
61Jul-9715Philips148The Philips model 148 AC-DC portable Bill Verrall
61Jul-9720Kriesler11-99Discussion: The Kriesler 11-99 Rowe, Woods, Champness, Eager
61Jul-9724ValvesAmericanValves Part 10: More early American valve makers Fin Stewart
61Jul-9728ProjectComputerBuilding your own computer Derek Jacques
61Jul-9733AWA461MAAWA 461MA operation Rodney Champness
61Jul-9733Astor5-valveNeutrodyne nasties – Astor 5-valve, 1928 Arthur Courtney
61Jul-9735RestorationFaultsAn elusive short circuit – 1930s mantel Peter Hughes
62Oct-973KingsleyAR7The Kingsley K/CR/11 – AR7 Warwick Woods
62Oct-979History (biography)TaylorG A Taylor: Radio and Aviation Pioneer - Part 1 Peter Fleury
62Oct-9712Philips6501The Philips Model 6501 Bill Verrall
62Oct-9719TelefunkenT10The T10 'Standard-Volks-Apparat' - Telefunken 1927 C MacKinnon
62Oct-9720TheoryAmplitude ModHow does Amplitude Modulation work? Derek Jacques
62Oct-9722ProjectLittle GeneralDownsizing the 'Little General' Julian Weaver
62Oct-9722TheoryTV ValvesTelevision valves in radios Radney Champness
62Oct-9725AWA566MAAWA Radiola 566MA John Manns
62Oct-9729ValvesArcturusValves Part 11: 201A and Arcturus valves Fin Stewart
62Oct-9734Book reviewStokes70 Years of Radio Tubes & Valves - 2nd ed – Stokes Ray Kelly
62Oct-9735HMVTV 904HMV Model 904 Marconiphone 705 – UK TV 1938 Darryl Kasch
63Jan-984Hypresco4-valveThe Hypresco 4 revisited Derek Jacques
63Jan-987History (Australia)PlasticsPioneers of the Australian plastics industry Colin MacKinnon
63Jan-9812ComponentsTransistorTransistor graphical symbols Tony Zuiderwyk
63Jan-9813EclipseUnivoxThe Eclipse Univox 5-valve TRF of 1930? Ray Kelly
63Jan-9816History (biography)TaylorG A Taylor: Radio and Aviation Pioneer - Part 2 Peter Fleury
63Jan-9818ProjectRegulatorAn HT voltage regulator for less than $10 Rodney Champness
63Jan-9819LeaderLSG11LSG11 Signal generator replacement dial Athol Manning
63Jan-9820HMV65-34The HMV Little Nipper model 65-34 Bill Verrall
63Jan-9822ValvesBritishValves Part 12: Early British valves Fin Stewart
63Jan-9827History (Australia)TelevisionPreserving early Australian TV sets Rex Wales
63Jan-9828Other radios1-valveDiscussion: One-valve radios Young, Kandiliotis
63Jan-9829HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim, 1997 Rex Wales
63Jan-9831History (Australia)VIMMelbourne radio – VIM
63Jan-9833HRSAAuthoringSo you want to write an article for Radio Waves? Derek Jacques
64Apr-983Eddystone730/4The Eddystone 730/4 General Coverage Receiver Ben Nock
64Apr-988History (Australia)TasmaniaThe early history of wireless in Tasmania - Part 1 A P Andrews
64Apr-9810EssanayPThe Essanay Model P, 1934 Ray Kelly
64Apr-9811Book reviewRadiolettes"AWA Radiolettes 1932-1949" Peter Hughes
64Apr-9812History (Australia)7HTA brief history of 7HT Hobart Norm Stone
64Apr-9815RestorationTVs & RFDLetter: Restoring B&W TVs and RFD Radios Rodney Champness
64Apr-9815ProjectRegulatorLetter: More on the High-Tension Regulator Warwick Woods
64Apr-9816AstorCQMThe Astor Model CQM Bill Verrall
64Apr-9819History1938 conventionThe 1938 World Radio Convention - 60th Anniversary Fin Stewart
64Apr-9820Stromberg CarlsonTransistor 7The Stromberg-Carlson Transistor Seven Portable Rex Wales
64Apr-9823ValvesBritishValves Part 13: More British Valve Makers Fin Stewart
64Apr-9827Healing412-EThe Healing Model 412-E, 1956-7 Darryl Kasch
64Apr-9830Other radiosRailwayTrain Broadcast receivers Jack Ross
65Jul-984ProjectGraymavoxBuilding the Graymavox Superhet - Part 1 R Havyatt, G Jeffery
65Jul-989History (Australia)TasmaniaThe early history of wireless in Tasmania - Part 2 A P Andrews
65Jul-9811HomebrewRegen setA Home-built Regenerative Set Derek Jacques, Ray Kelly
65Jul-9814History (Australia)TelevisionAirborne TV Relay, 1963 neil Wain
65Jul-9816ProfileDraperObituary: Norm Draper Phil Ireland
65Jul-9817HRSAAuthoringLetter: Writing for Radio Waves Roger Johnson
65Jul-9817Other radiosRailwayLetter: Train Broadcast receivers Bill Douglass
65Jul-9818History (Australia)TasmaniaLetter: Early Wireless in Tasmania Athol Manning
65Jul-9820Other radiosAirlineThe Airline Special, an early 1-valve, c1925 Lou Albert
65Jul-9822History (Australia)Early radioEarly radio in Australia, c1900 Rex Wales
65Jul-9823ProfileStewartFin Stewart
65Jul-9824ValvesEuropeanValves Part 14: European Valve Makers Fin Stewart
65Jul-9828Philips172The Philips Model 172, 1950s, Bill Verrall
65Jul-9831AirplayerModel 3A 1937 Airplayer Bakelite radio Tony Lightfoot
65Jul-9833MilitarySCR578"Gibson Girl" SCR-578 emergency radio Adrian Heinrich
65Jul-9834BushTR82CThe Bush TR82C, 1963 transistor Warwick Woods
65Jul-9839HistorySolid stateHalf a century of solid state Warwick Woods
66Oct-985AstorJNThe Astor JN, widow's peak, 1940s Warwick Woods
66Oct-988PalecVCTPalec VCT, VCT-V (Paton meter) adapter modules Ray Hosking
66Oct-989ValvesAC typesValves Part 15: The development of AC valves Fin Stewart
66Oct-9813Philips2510The Philips Model 2510 revisited Ray Kelly
66Oct-9814History (Australia)BroadcastingMilestones in radio broadcasting technology – by date Jack Ross
66Oct-9819Crystal SetsLetterLetter: Crystal Sets Leonard Jannese
66Oct-9819ProfileBirdVale: Des Bird, 1931-1998 Carl Schlink
66Oct-9820ProjectGraymavoxBuilding the Graymavox Superhet - Part 2 Ric Havyatt
66Oct-9823TheoryWind & 32 voltOff on a windy tangent - wind generators & 32v radios Greg Lamey
66Oct-9825HealingS552AHealing Model S552A - Circuit and component list
66Oct-9826Book reviewWWIISecret Radio in World War II' - Darryl Kasch Tony Zuiderwyk
66Oct-9827ProjectW 2/4A radio building project W 2/4 Superhet
66Oct-9829MuseumNationalWaves of pleasure at the National Film & Sound Archive R Begbie
66Oct-9832Other radios3-valveLittle Aussie Battler – 3-valve radios, 1920s Lou Albert
66Oct-9835ZenithRoyal 500The Zenith Royal 500 Transistor 'Hand-wired', 1955 Chris Rogers
67Jan-994NationalNC-2-40DThe National NC-2-40D Warwick Woods
67Jan-999MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
67Jan-9910ProjectGraymavoxRadio Building Competition: The Winners
67Jan-9911ProjectW 2/4More on the W 2/4 Superhet Warwick Woods
67Jan-9912History (Australia)TasmaniaCommercial Broadcasting in 'Ye Olde Apple Isle' Norm Stone
67Jan-9915TheoryReflexReflex action: A beginners guide to Reflex radios Derek Jacques
67Jan-9919Museum2BHThe world's largest radio? - 2BH building Broken Hill Warwick Woods
67Jan-9920AWARadiolette 92AWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920 DK
67Jan-9920HotpointB64ME C64MEAWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920DK
67Jan-9920Westinghouse920AWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920DK
67Jan-9921History (biography)ReinartzLetter: Reinartz and regeneration Athol Manning
67Jan-9922ValvesRectifiersValves Part 16: Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators & Barretters F Stewart
67Jan-9928ComponentsPerm tunerThe Permability Tuner Bill Verrall
67Jan-9929CollectingAre you a collector? Philsophy T Lightfoot, J Mackesy
67Jan-9931SchaubMantelResurrection of a German mantel set, 1950s Paul Kerkin
67Jan-9933MuseumMurwillumbahA Museum worth a family visit Ray Kelly
67Jan-9934HomebrewTelevisionA seven-valve TV set Bob Young
67Jan-9936ProjectW 2/4The two-valve superhet Rodney Champness
67Jan-9938Other radiosRepeaterWhat have we here? - remote area BC repeater w/turntable Ray Kelly
67Jan-9940RestorationDynamotorRestoring dynamotor shock mounts in Command receivers P Williams
68Apr-994Homebrew1-valveA Little Home-brew, 1-valve c1920s Peter Lankshear
68Apr-997ProfileWalesObituary: John Rex Wales: An appreciation Ray Kelly
68Apr-998History (Australia)32 voltLetter: Thirty-two volts Keith Lang
68Apr-999AWA92Letter: The AWA Radiolette 92 Tony Lightfoot
68Apr-999History (biography)ReinartzLetter: Who was Reinartz )Jim Lowe
68Apr-999LetterTelevisionLetter: Small Television sets Julian Weaver
68Apr-9910History (Australia)BroadcastingMelbourne Broadcasting Rex Wales
68Apr-9912HomebrewTRFA long weekend project, homebrew 4-valve TRF Phil Ireland
68Apr-9914CollectingValuesValues, Variety and Hope for new collectors Richard Begbie
68Apr-9918CalstanSuperhetA commercial two-valve superhet radiogram, Calstan John Wolff
68Apr-9919History (Australia)MarineThe Coastal Radio Service Ric Havyatt
68Apr-9920HomebrewAM TunerA wide band AM tuner Bill Verrall
68Apr-9924ValvesAustralianValves Part 17: Australian valves, valve collecting & repair F Stewart
68Apr-9930Book reviewGEC/Osram"History of GEC and the Marconi Osram valve" – Fin Stewart
68Apr-9930Book reviewAustralian radio"The Best Years of Australian Radio" –Rod Smith A Smith-Goode
68Apr-9931Book reviewAORSM etc"AORSM" on CD; "1920s Music" on CDs
68Apr-9931Book reviewRiders"Riders Manual of American radio circuits" on CD
68Apr-9932Raycophone2-20The Raycophone Model 2-20 Ray Kelly
68Apr-9934AWA520-MYAWA Radiola model 520-MY: Circuit details
68Apr-9935MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
68Apr-9936Homebrew1-valveA simple one-valve regenerative set Tony Lightfoot
68Apr-9938Silver-Marshall1929The Silver Marshall – 1929 Lou Albert
69Jul-994ProfileRichA 'Bower Bird' replies )John Rich
69Jul-997MilitaryB-24D bomberRadio Equipment in the Liberator B-24D Bomber Peter Williams
69Jul-9914AstorBPJThe Astor Model BPJ, 1948 Bill Verrall
69Jul-9916MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
69Jul-9917ProfileJacquesObituary: Derek Jacques 1936-1999 Bill Smith
69Jul-9918HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 1 Jeremy Bissicks
69Jul-9923RestorationYes or NoTo restore of not to restore? - a personal question Fraser Donachie
69Jul-9924RestorationBakelitePreparing & Polishing Bakelite cases K Holmes, K Hoffman
69Jul-9926MilitaryAR8The AR8 Receiver - a notable Australian Mike Eager
69Jul-9929TheoryReflexReflexed radio receivers, history, development & use R Hosking
69Jul-9933HomebrewTiny TimTiny Tim II Derek Jacques
69Jul-9934RadiolaStraight 6Resurrection of a Radiola Straight Six, 1920s H Geale, D Moloney
69Jul-9936AWAR7077Beat Frequency (Audio) Oscillator R7707 Ray Robinson
69Jul-9939Book reviewSTC Manual"STC Radio Sales Manual, 1938" Bill Smith
70Oct-994MurphyB40The Murphy B40 (Naval) Receiver Ray Robinson
70Oct-9910RestorationYes or NoTo restore or not to restore (readers views)
70Oct-9913MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
70Oct-9914Other radios1920sRevamping a custom built – 1920s console Lou Albert
70Oct-9917ProjectBrowning-DrakeOur major construction project for next year (Warwick Woods)
70Oct-9918Udisco928Letters - Wide band tuners & the 3 valve Udisco 928
70Oct-9920History (Australia)USA 1924First 2-way radio communication from Australia to the USA J Howden
70Oct-9922Operatic30TOperatic Model 30T Keith Hoffmann
70Oct-9924History (biography)ReinartzWho was Reinartz? Part 1 Jim Lowe
70Oct-9927HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 2 Jeremy Bissicks
70Oct-9929ComponentsLoudspeakerDiaphragms for Horn Speakers and Headphones Mike Eager
70Oct-9930Stromberg Carlson5A26, 5A36Stromberg-Carlson Models 5A26, 5A36 Darryl Kasch
70Oct-9932CollectingCatalogingListing your collection Manfred Nagel
70Oct-9934WeldonBGIs it original? - Weldon 1930s sets Ray Kelly
70Oct-9936AstorMickey GrandCircuit of Astor Mickey Grand/OZ 1935 (Photo front cover)
70Oct-9936ManufacturingSth AustraliaList of South Australian radio makers in 1939
71Jan-004RestorationVintageResurrecting a Very Old Radio Matthew Weatherley
71Jan-006ProfileKettleObituary: Ralph Kettle
71Jan-007HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 3 Jeremy Bissicks
71Jan-009HomebrewSmallestThe smallest valve radio – homemade Bob Young
71Jan-0010ComponentsLoudspeakerA guide to the Twenties loudspeakers Derek Jacques
71Jan-0016ProjectBrowning-DrakeBuilding the Browning-Drake – Cabinet Doug Ellis
71Jan-0019MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
71Jan-0020SterlingAutodyneThe Sterling Autodyne 3/4 valve mantel Keith Lang
71Jan-0022ProjectRestorationRestoration Project –Victoria HRSA winners R Hosking
71Jan-0024ComponentsLoudspeakerDiaphragms for Horn Speakers Grahame Jeffery
71Jan-0025History (biography)ReinartzWho was Reinartz? Part 2 Terry Pool
71Jan-0029Healing403EHealing Model 403E – Scales Bill Verrall
71Jan-0033ProfileRichHome on the Range – 1960 UK Radar John Rich
71Jan-0040HMV326His Master's Voice Model 326: Circuit (Photo front cover)
72Apr-000ComponentsSmithBrian Smith's Wireless Workshop Catalogue (insert)
72Apr-000Ferris74Picture front cover
72Apr-004Ferris74 ,184, 274The Story of Ferris Radio – Model 74 and others John Emanuel
72Apr-009MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
72Apr-0010AWAR7077Using the R7077 Beat Frequency Oscillator Ray Robinson
72Apr-0012Healing, Breville26 27Letters: Healing Model 403E; Breville Model 26, 27 Circuit
72Apr-0014ComponentsHandphoneLetter: Early Hand-phones
72Apr-0016AstorGP/GPPThe Powers of an Astor portable radio Ian Dodd
72Apr-0018RestorationCapacitorReplacing old electrolytics: A capacity to deceive Mike Krochmal
72Apr-0020ProjectBrowning-DrakeThe Browning-Drake: Cabinet and Coils Doug Ellis
72Apr-0023ProjectVibratorPower Supply for Vibrator Sets Warwick Woods
72Apr-0025BrevillePalRestoring a 1937 Breville 'Pal' Ian Gray
72Apr-0027RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 1 Graeme Dennes
72Apr-0032RestorationVintageMore on the resurrection of a very old radio – see prev issue P Kerkin
72Apr-0034Philips147A Radio Restoration Tony Lightfoot
72Apr-0037ManufacturingVictoriaEarly Radio Makers - 1939 List of Victorian Manufacturers
72Apr-0038Kriesler11-86Kriesler Model 11-86 portable stereogram Bill Verrall
73Jul-004Crystal setsHomebrewA Crystal Set revival – 2 home made sets described
73Jul-007Crystal sets1932The Mystery Crystal Set – 1932 design rebuilt Ray Creighton
73Jul-0010MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
73Jul-0012Tecnico859The Tecnico Aristocrat Five-valve battery radio Steven Kandiliotis
73Jul-0014MilitaryCal No 10Restoring a Crystal Calibrator No 10 A J Wedgwood
73Jul-0019ProjectBrowning-DrakeLetter: Donation of 52 Browning-Drake receiver articles
73Jul-0020ProjectBrowning-DrakeFinishing the Browning-Drake – Cabinet work Doug Ellis
73Jul-0021ProjectBrowning-DrakeElectronics – Final Construction Warwick Woods
73Jul-0023ProjectBrowning-DrakeBrowning-Drake Receiver Reference Collection (see letter this issue)
73Jul-0026RestorationToolsEver taken your radio to the dentist? - use of dental tools R Begbie
73Jul-0027RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 2 Graeme Dennes
73Jul-0032Radiola9-40The Radiola 9-40 (Rex Newsome)
73Jul-0035PhilipsEE20Philips EE20 Electronic Kit: Not just a toy Paul Kerkin
73Jul-0037CollectingNew ZealandThe New Zealand Vintage Radio Society's Easter event Ray Kelly
73Jul-0038Peter PanGKLPoor reception on a Peter Pan GKL B DeLacy
73Jul-0038Book reviewAstor“Astor Radio Service” ed Ray Kelly Bill Smith
73Jul-0039ManufacturingNSWEarly Radio Makers - 1939 List of NSW Manufacturers
73Jul-0040Crystal setsEarlySome early crystal sets – photo back cover
74Oct-004AstorMickey DHThe Astor DH Mickey Grand Warwick Woods
74Oct-007ProfileMacKenzieObituary: Graeme MacKenzie
74Oct-008History (biography)Langford-SmithFritz Langford-Smith (1904 – 1966) - inc amp circuits John McIlwaine
74Oct-0011CollectingDisposalWill Making and Radio Collections Ray Gillett
74Oct-0011AWAEmpire StateThe Empire State clock Mike Cooper
74Oct-0012MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
74Oct-0013Book reviewGermany"Radio Katalog", “Radios von Gesten” Fin Stewart
74Oct-0014STCA5162STC Model A5162 Bill Verrall
74Oct-0015Philips100Winner of Mystery Radio Comp (on cover prev issue)
74Oct-0016RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 3 Graeme Dennes
74Oct-0022CollectingHumourWhat Species of Collector are you? Richard Begbie
74Oct-0025Crystal setsAerialsAerials & Earths for Crystal Sets Matthew Weatherley
74Oct-0028ProjectEliminatorA Universal battery eliminator Peter Lankshear
74Oct-0033CollectingInternetWWW Vintage Radio Resources – useful web sites )Tony Zuiderwyk
74Oct-0034RaycophonePee-WeeRaycophone 'Pee-Wee' 1933 Keith Lang
74Oct-0037HRSAIndexIndex to HRSA Newsletters 1 - 43 (July 1982 - January 1993)
75Jan-014Stromberg Carlson506A 1936 Stromberg-Carlson Model 506 Receiver Matthew Weatherley
75Jan-017TheorySymbolsRadio Circuit Symbols
75Jan-018ProfileThomObituary: Fred Thom: Radio Pioneer (1904 – 2000) (ex SMH)
75Jan-019RestorationFlock finishTechnical Advice Service - Flock Finish Bruce de Lacy
75Jan-0110Batyphone1925An Early Batyphone John Tuppen
75Jan-0111AWAEmpire StateEmpire State' radios still top value – auction sales Tony Zuiderwyk
75Jan-0112History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army - Part 1 Neil Wain
75Jan-0118Crystal setsPerformanceCrystal Sets and their Performance Part 1 R Newsome, P Hadcraft
75Jan-0120ProjectBrowning-DrakeBrowning-Drake: the Winners
75Jan-0122ProjectBrowning-DrakeHow I built my Browning-Drake Receiver Jim Lowe
75Jan-0126CollectingHumourSo you are a collector – sequel to 'Are you a collector' John Mackesy
75Jan-0130HickokOBQ-1The Hickok OBQ-1 VTVM Warwick Woods
75Jan-0132CollectingUSAAdventures in America Fin Stewart
75Jan-0136Book reviewInternet"From Wireless to the Web" by Peter Jensen Allan Smith-Goode
75Jan-0138Philips135Not another Philips! The Model 135 Darryl Kasch
76Apr-014Peter PanGKLThe Fifty-cent Bedlamp – Peter Pan GKL Tony Lightfoot
76Apr-017History (Australia)1925The Marvellous Radio (1925 article for farmers)
76Apr-018History (Australia)UK-Aust linkExperiment at Koo-Wee-Rup (first UK-Aust communication)
76Apr-0112ProjectAll wave 7Double-Conversion Superhet - ex EA 1967 Warwick Woods
76Apr-0116ProfileBissicksConfession of a Mistuned YouthJeremy Bissicks
76Apr-0118PalecSG1Palec Signal Generator Model SG1 Keith Hoffmann
76Apr-0122ComponentsCarborundumLetter: Carborundum in Radio Lou Albert
76Apr-0123History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 2 Neil Wain
76Apr-0127MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
76Apr-0129Crystal setsPerformanceCrystal Sets and their Performance Part 2 R Newsome, P Hadcraft
76Apr-0132MulgaphoneWA Beginnings: A Mulgaphone returns to life John Tuppen
76Apr-0135ProjectB batteryA Self-contained 'B' battery for portables - Part 1 Tony Maher
77Jul-014EssanayBantamThe Essanay Bantam Neil Wain
77Jul-017History (Australia)High ParkThe History of the High Park HF Radio Receiving Station Ian McLean
77Jul-0115ValvesTestingValve testing Jim Lowe
77Jul-0118Airzone1933The Airzonette 'Luggage' Radio – 1933 C S Ratcliff
77Jul-0123TheoryDigital radioDigital Radio Bruce Moyle
77Jul-0124Project1-valveSE Queensland: One-valve Radio Competition - results
77Jul-0130ProfileUtberObituary: Leonard Harvey Utber 1917-2001 Bob Young
77Jul-0131History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 2B Neil Wain
77Jul-0136MuseumLake BogaThe Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum Warwick Woods
77Jul-0137ProjectElectrolyticsA Re-former for Electrolytics Tony Lightfoot
78Oct-014ProfileJanesA Canberra Collection - Les Janes Richard Begbie
78Oct-017RestorationTipsThe Radio Doctor's Tips & Tricks Ray Hosking
78Oct-018MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
78Oct-019TheorySuperhetLetter: Double-change Superhet etcRodney Champness
78Oct-0110Diason32/6The Diason Story Bill Smith
78Oct-0113TheoryDigital radioDigital radio Richard Longman
78Oct-0115ComponentsAerialsAerials & Earths (anon)
78Oct-0116ProjectB batteryA Self-contained 'B' battery for portables - Part 2 Tony Maher
78Oct-0119AWAPanelThe panel radio John McIlwaine
78Oct-0122ComponentsLoudspeakerRola Loudspeaker Transformers Mike Osborne
78Oct-0127ComponentsCoilsCoils and Condensers (Matthew Weatherley)
78Oct-0129MilitaryFS-6 WS11Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 3 Neil Wain
78Oct-0133History (Australia)Flying DoctorEarly Flying Doctor Radio - Part 1 Rodney Champness
78Oct-0135ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator - Part 1 Warwick Woods
78Oct-0137RestorationID PlatesBrass Identification Discs for Service Equipment Malcolm Haskard
78Oct-0138MilitaryOS-4BThe Boat Anchor – Oscilloscope John Mackesy
79Jan-024Tasma1001Tasma Model 1001 Bill Verrall
79Jan-026HRSA20th AnnivPlans for Celebration of HRSA 20th Anniversary Laurie Harris
79Jan-027ProfileNewsomeAn Intriguing Brisbane Collector – Rex Newsome Richard Begbie
79Jan-029MiscellaneousLetters: Crystal Thief, Flying Doctor, Canberra meeting
79Jan-0210AWAATR 4AThe Coastwatchers Portable set - The ATR 4A Malcolm Haskard
79Jan-0214ProfileBissicksThe Radio Game - Part 1 Jeremy Bissicks
79Jan-0215HistoryCentenaryOne Hundred Years of Wireless Ray Kelly
79Jan-0218MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
79Jan-0220AWA690MAThe AWA Pressmatic Model 690MA Mantel Radio Brian Lackie
79Jan-0223History (Australia)Flying DoctorEarly Flying Doctor Radio - Part 2 Rodney Champness
79Jan-0226HRSACanberraA Successful Canberra Radio & Phono Fest Richard Begbie
79Jan-0228History (biography)MarconiMarconi's contribution to radio Rex Newsome
79Jan-0229MilitaryWS108 WS208Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 4 Neil Wain
79Jan-0237ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator - Part 2 Warwick Woods
79Jan-0238ComponentsVibratorVibrator specifications – Ferrocart, Oak etc Warwick Woods
80Apr-020ProfileKellyFront cover – Ray Kelly
80Apr-024ProfileKellyA 20th Anniversary Special with Ray Kelly Richard Begbie
80Apr-028AegisMetropolisThe Aegis Metropolis Four Kit-set Radio B Verrall, T Lightfoot
80Apr-0212HistoryInventorRadio Waves: Who invented their use? Part 1 Rex Newsome
80Apr-0214ComponentsTransformersAudio Transformers Jim Lowe
80Apr-0217MilitaryNo1 WS133Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 5 Neil Wain
80Apr-0222ProjectRestorationSE Queensland Restoration Project Matthew Weatherley
80Apr-0223RestorationFretclothFitting fretcloth to mantels and consoles Ray Hosking
80Apr-0224Paling271-MIt isn't what it seems Darryl Kasch
80Apr-0225BealePanchromaticIt isn't what it seems Les Janes
80Apr-0228ProjectAll wave twoThe All-Wave Two - construction project
80Apr-0230ComponentsCase cracksAll they are cracked up to be – humour Joe Kerr aka Lou Albert
80Apr-0232ProfileFranklinNotes from the North - collection activities in the NT Fred Franklin
80Apr-0233Stromberg Carlson55AStromberg Carlson Model 55A Neil Wain
80Apr-0237ComponentsTransformersA&R Voltage Doubler Type Power Transformers
80Apr-0238Philips2650Philips 'Radioplayer' Model 2650 Matthew Weatherley
80Apr-0241Book reviewProfile"A Quirk of Fate" by George Barlin Richard Begbie
80Apr-0241Other radiosBoskennaLetter: Boskenna Wireless Ken Preiss
80Apr-0242AstorHNQThe Case of the Muddy Mickey – 1952 Warwick Woods
80Apr-0244Other radiosVariousBack cover photos Astor GR KM, STC 5017, Monarch DKL, Adm 5AK
81Jul-020Encore57EFront cover – see page 23
81Jul-024AstorDLA Mickey with a Difference Ian Long
81Jul-027HistoryInventorRadio Waves: Who invented their use? Part 2 Don Black
81Jul-028Book reviewAustralian radio"More Australian Radio" – Rod Smith Allan Smith-Goode
81Jul-029ProfileLeyshanThis is Heyfield calling - Fraser Leyshan Richard Begbie
81Jul-0212MilitaryWS19Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 6 Neil Wain
81Jul-0220HRSA20th AnnivPhoto gallery of the HRSA 20th Anniversary
81Jul-0223Other radiosFrenchThree French Radios – A24A, Amplix, 57E Jim Lowe
81Jul-0230Codan6924Codan: The Era after Traeger - Part 1 Malcolm Haskard
81Jul-0237MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
81Jul-0238MuseumPlanningPlanning a Wireless Museum Brian Lackie
81Jul-0240CollectingHumourVintage Radio Collecting Classic Disorder Syndrome
82Oct-025MullardMAS 1151Mullard Model MAS 1151 Bill Verrall
82Oct-029ProfileMcIlwaineJohn McIlwaine & the AWA Connection Richard Begbie
82Oct-0212TheoryZener diodeThe Zener Diode Ian Batty
82Oct-0214HomebrewLittle GeneralA little Colonel - Perhaps Harold Norrie
82Oct-0215History (Australia)CodanCodan: The Era after Traeger - Part 2 (Malcolm Haskard)
82Oct-0224ProfileBissicksThe Radio Game - Part 2 Jeremy Bissicks
82Oct-0225ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator – Part 3 Warwick Woods
82Oct-0230ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: Its History and Construction - Part 1 Don Hosking
82Oct-0233Barlow WadleyXCR-30The Barlow-Wadley XCR-30 Tony Lightfoot
82Oct-0237ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment Jim Lowe
82Oct-0239MuseumYokohamaThey're not making them any more - Jap Military Radios Ian Batty
83Jan-034AWAC38The AWA Standard Six Model C38 Lou Albert
83Jan-037History (Australia)Oral historyThe Radio Industry: An Oral History Project John Rich
83Jan-039MilitaryAT5 AR8Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 7 Neil Wain
83Jan-0314Philips65171938 Battery Operated Philips Radioplayer 6517 Matthew Weatherley
83Jan-0317ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: The Filings Coherer - Part 2 Don Hosking
83Jan-0321MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
83Jan-0325HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim - Another Version – 1956 Peter J Martin
83Jan-0327ProfileAlbertFrom Salonola to Sealed Set - Lou Albert's Story Richard Begbie
83Jan-0330ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment – Correction to circuit
83Jan-0331RestorationAsbestosAsbestos Exposure and Radio Collecting Joseph G Jackson
83Jan-0333Stromberg Carlson5V15Stromberg Carlson 5V15 Amenities Receiver Ray Robinson
83Jan-0335Homebrew2-valveLeith wins competition with radio – also on front cover Leith Tebbit
83Jan-0336TelefunkenT9Tales of a Telefunken – 1927 Model T9 John Tuppen
83Jan-0338Book reviewStanleyThe Pye Man – “Rise & Fall of C O Stanley” Allan Smith-Goode
83Jan-0339MuseumTokyoMuseums of Tokyo: The Sony Museum Ian Batty
84Apr-034ProfileBellOne of Vintage Radio's best kept secrets – Elwin Bell R Begbie
84Apr-038AWA500MYThe AWA Radiolette Model 500MY Bill Verrall
84Apr-038AWA500MYThe AWA Radiolette Model 500MY – Photo front cover
84Apr-0310MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
84Apr-0311ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment – another correction to circuit
84Apr-0311MullardMAS 1151Mullard Model MAS 1151 – correction to Oct 02 article
84Apr-0312ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: Lodge-Muirhead Wheel Coherer - Part 3 Don Hosking
84Apr-0315AWAC38Letter: The AWA C38 – further comments Lou Albert
84Apr-0315ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A 1950s style mantel radio - Part 1 Woods, Ellis
84Apr-0316BraunBSK239DThe Braun BSK 239 D Warwick Woods
84Apr-0318ProfileHallObituary: Ian Charles Hall (1950-2003)
84Apr-0318ProfileReberObituary: Grote Reber (1911-2003)
84Apr-0319ProfileDe LacyObituary: Bruce De Lacy (1926-2003)
84Apr-0319AWA500MYTuning Drive Cord Replacement
84Apr-0321WillsoniaS53The Super 5 Willsonia – S53 Don Maisch
84Apr-0326ValvesAWAAWA in WWII – Part 1 Valve Production John McIlwaine
84Apr-0328CollectingPhotographyRadio Photography Kevin Poulter
84Apr-0330RestorationCordsFinishing off a Power cord Ray Hosking
84Apr-0331HRSAInternetThe HRSA Web Site Bruce Moyle
84Apr-0334Book reviewAustralian radio"Early Radios in Australia" by Rex Newsome Richard Begbie
84Apr-0335Conlon1946A 1946 Conlon Radio Matthew Weatherley
85Jul-034Farmers1937Do you know this radio? - 1937 8ED Jim Lowe
85Jul-037ProfileLackieFifty years on, the passion remains - Brian Lackie Richard Begbie
85Jul-0310RestorationLoudspeakerOld speaker repair on a 1930 model Astor Brian Rowe
85Jul-0311History (Australia)AWAAWA in WWII – Part 2 (John McIlwaine)
85Jul-0314AWAC17020Australian Army amenities receiver Type C17020 John McIlwaine
85Jul-0318ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A 1950s style mantel radio - Part 2 Woods, Ellis
85Jul-0318ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6 - Photo front cover
85Jul-0326ManufacturingStrombergMemories of the Stromberg-Carlson production line Ron Freestone
85Jul-0327MagazinesSilicon ChipLetter: The value of 'Silicon Chip' Tony Maher
85Jul-0328AstorEH/77An Astor EH/77 Tony Lightfoot
85Jul-0331MuseumPlanningRunning a Radio Exhibition - a personal view (Richard Begbie)
85Jul-0334ProjectAll wave 7"The All-Wave Seven Plus" – construction project report – see Apr 01
85Jul-0336MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
85Jul-0337BraunBSK239DThe Braun BSK 239 D – photos
85Jul-0337RestorationValvesGluing valves to their bases
85Jul-0338RestorationToolsBuilding a chassis support Jim Lowe
85Jul-0340History (Australia)RiverinaRiverina radio - an archaeological dig Chris Morgan
85Jul-0343ProfileWentworthObituary: Allan Wentworth
85Jul-0344Farmers1937Back cover: Photos for Farmers article page 4
86Oct-034BushEBS-64A Strange Bush Jim Lowe
86Oct-037MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
86Oct-0310Farmers1937Letters: The Farmers Radio (3)
86Oct-0310ProjectAll wave 7Letter: The 'All-Wave Seven Plus'
86Oct-0312MilitaryMN26MN26 Compass Receiver Conversion Keith Hoffmann
86Oct-0312MilitaryMN26MN26 Compass Receiver – Photo front cover
86Oct-0315Book reviewAustralian radio"Australian Radio History" by Kevin Apps Richard Begbie
86Oct-0316ProjectCapacitorA Capacitor Leakage Tester Bruce Moyle
86Oct-0321HistoryInventorA 19thC Speculation on the Possibilities of Radio Rex Newsome
86Oct-0322ProfileHavyattA Link with Aussie Radio History - Ric Havyatt Richard Begbie
86Oct-0325ProfileRogersObituary: Colin Rogers (1913-2003)
86Oct-0326RestorationG64MEHow far does one go? - Hotpoint G64ME Lou Albert
86Oct-0327History (Australia)Bush Church AidThe Bush Church Aid Society Radio Network Malcolm Haskard
86Oct-0333AstorGRThe Astor 'Football' – Model GR Bill Verrall
86Oct-0335MilitaryWS22Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army – Part 8 Neil Wain
87Jan-044RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration - Part 1 Graeme Dennes
87Jan-047ProjectPower SupplyBench Power Supply for Transistor Radios - Pt 1 Warwick Woods
87Jan-048RestorationResistorRepairing a Wire-wound Resistor Brian Rowe
87Jan-0410IgranicIgranicThe Immortal Igranic Lou Albert
87Jan-0412Book reviewBaird"John Logie Baird - A Life" Richard Begbie
87Jan-0413Movie review"O Brother where art Thou" Kevin Poulter
87Jan-0414MilitaryT1154Building a low power replica of the T1154 J Tom Clayton
87Jan-0418ProfileSteinwedelObituary: Trevor Steinwedel
87Jan-0420ProfileHarrisRadio Men and their Sheds Tony Maher
87Jan-0421MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
87Jan-0422AWA520Restringing an AWA 520 'Fridge' Radio Ray Hosking
87Jan-0423ValvesRepairsPainted Valve Restoration Allan Smith-Goode
87Jan-0424HRSACanberraThe Canberra Corroboree Richard Begbie
87Jan-0426KingsleyAR7My Search for a Decent Communications Receiver Peter Laughton
87Jan-0428PatonVCTRepairing the Paton-VCT-V Valve & Circuit Tester Aub Topp
87Jan-0431MiscellaneousAn Exhibition for Commercial Radio Australia Richard Begbie
87Jan-0432Kriesler11-81Kriesler Model 11-81 Bill Verrall
87Jan-0434RestorationCapacitorNew, Old-style Capacitors Tim McEgan
87Jan-0435History (Australia)RadarWartime Activities of AWA - Radar John McIlwaine
87Jan-0436ProjectTransformersDo-It-Yourself Power Transformers Paul Kerkin
87Jan-0438AstorSportsterAttack on a Leatherette Manfred Nagel
87Jan-0439RestorationWireMaking Shielded Wire with Woven Cotton Inner Ray Robinson
88Apr-044History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 1 Ian McLean
88Apr-049HMVRangemasterThe HMV Rangemaster - two views Bill Verrall & Tony Lightfoot
88Apr-0413Univox1934 modelCan you Help? - The 1934 Univox Warwick Woods
88Apr-0414CollectingDisposalOn the Disposal of a Collection George Newlands
88Apr-0417MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
88Apr-0418AstorMantel 1930Restoration of an Astor mantel c1930 Brian Rowe
88Apr-0422ProjectPower SupplyBench Power Supply for Transistor Radios - Pt 2 Warwick Woods
88Apr-0425MuseumTasmaniaA Model for all Collections (S.P.A.T.) Richard Begbie
88Apr-0428RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration - Part 2 Graeme Dennes
88Apr-0431Farmers1937Farmer's Radio - Epilogue Jim Lowe
88Apr-0432Other radiosPortablesThe Great Valve Portable Competition Bruce Moyle
88Apr-0433HRSAMelbourneA Day at the Farm Tony Maher
88Apr-0434RCARadiola 60Assembling & Restoring an RCA Radiola 60 - Part 1 Paul Kerkin
88Apr-0437RestorationShield basesMaking Valve Shield Bases Ray Robinson
88Apr-0438ProfileLoweRadio Men and their Sheds - Jim Lowe Tony Maher
89Jul-044AWARadiophoneThe AWA Radiophone of 1924 Lou Albert
89Jul-045RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration (Letters)
89Jul-046AstorMantel 1930Restoration of an Astor mantel c1930 (Letter)
89Jul-046Book reviewBaird"John Logie Baird - A Life" (Letter)
89Jul-047History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless (Letter)
89Jul-047Other radiosPortablesThe Great Valve Portable Competition (Letter)
89Jul-048History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 2 Ian McLean
89Jul-0414MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
89Jul-0415USAAC/DC TRFTwo US 110 volt, AC/DC, TRF Receivers Jim Lowe
89Jul-0419HistoryTelevisionLets Look at Television or "Pictures by Radio" Rex Newsome
89Jul-0422MiscellaneousInternetVintage Radio on the Internet Tony Maher
89Jul-0423MilitaryWS-22The Wireless Set No 22 (Aust) Yellow Band ZAA4811 Neil Wain
89Jul-0428RCARadiola 60Assembling & Restoring an RCA Radiola 60 - Part 2 Paul Kerkin
89Jul-0433Airzone610Can you Help? - Member's unidentified sets (Airzone 610 - ed)
89Jul-0434RestorationYes or NoThe Great Restoration Debate - Time to Lighten Up? Richard Begbie
89Jul-0438ProfileCabenaObituary: Brian Eccleston Cabena (1922-2004)
89Jul-0438ProfileManningObituary: Athol Manning (1916-2004)
89Jul-0438ProfileLankshearRadio Men and their Sheds - Peter Lankshear Tony Maher
89Jul-0439ComponentsResistorResistor Colour Codes
89Jul-0439Peter PanBKJPeter pan Model BKJ (1946-7) Circuit
89Jul-0440AstorMickeyWireless Weekly Advertisement December 15th 1933
90Oct-044Other radiosTransistorThe First & Early Transistor Radios Warwick Woods
90Oct-049RestorationYes or NoLetter: Radio Restoration & Preservation Graeme Dennes
90Oct-049HistoryBroadcastingCan you help: Broadcasting stations & Clandestine Communications
90Oct-0411AWAB17, B18, B29AWA Radiola Transistor Portables B17, B18 & B29 Bill Verrall
90Oct-0415ProjectBattery currentTwo Battery Current Sniffers Jim Lowe
90Oct-0418HistoryBroadcastingMore about Radio Australia, 1955-9 Ray Kelly
90Oct-0419ProfileVerrallRadio Men and their Sheds Tony Maher
90Oct-0420MilitaryARBThe ARB Receiver - CRV-46151 - Part 1 Ray Robinson
90Oct-0424AWAVariousAWA Mark of Excellence in Radio (Advert reprint 1960s)
90Oct-0425ProfileStewartKen Stewart & Collecting Transistors {title revised} Richard Begbie
90Oct-0428History (Australia)Flying DoctorDevelopment of Radios in the FDS - Part 2 Rodney Champness
90Oct-0432ProfileJohnsonObituary: Roger Johnson (1950-2004)
90Oct-0432ProfileBurtoftObituary: Harold Burtoft (1920-2004)
90Oct-0432ProfileSnashallObituary: Ron Snashall (1924-2004)
90Oct-0434RegencyTR-1The Regency TR-1 All-Transistor Radio Ross Smith
90Oct-0436Philips115Philips Model 115 Tony Lightfoot
90Oct-0438MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
90Oct-0439ProfileSmithNew HRSA Life Member: Bill Smith
90Oct-0439ProfileMcIlwaineNew HRSA Life Member: John McIlwaine
91Jan-055ProfileEldridgeThe Ten-Pound Pom with get-up-and-go Richard Begbie
91Jan-058History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 3 Ian McLean
91Jan-0511Gulbransen70Big Mama: Queen of the Cathedrals Lou Albert
91Jan-0512MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
91Jan-0513History (Australia)Flying DoctorDevelopment of Radios in the FDS - Part 3 Rodney Champness
91Jan-0517ComponentsMicrophoneReisz Microphones Ric Havyatt
91Jan-0519ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A Parade of Elwoods - photos of sets built
91Jan-0520MilitaryARBThe ARB Receiver - CRV-46151 - Part 2 Ray Robinson
91Jan-0522Book reviewOutback radio"Radio in Outback Australia" by R D Champness Malcolm Haskard
91Jan-0523Van RuytenConsole1936 Van Ruyten DC (32v or 6v)? Vibrator Console Greg Lamey
91Jan-0526ProfileLameyRadio Men and their Sheds Tony Maher
91Jan-0527Miscellaneous240v wiringAustralia's 240v Wiring Standards Graeme Dennes
91Jan-0529MagazinesRadio & HobbiesThe Quisling, the pipe and how R & H won the war Richard Begbie
91Jan-0532MilitaryWS-22The Wireless Set No 22 (Aust) ZAA4854 Neil Wain
91Jan-0537ProfileBurtoftEulogy: Vale Harold Burtoft
91Jan-0538ProfileMacKinnonObituary: Colin MacKinnon (1941-2004)
91Jan-0539Other radiosConsoleCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets - console cabinet
91Jan-0539Airzone610Can you Help? - response to July 2004 query
91Jan-0540Peter PanVariousCopy of advertisement from REW August 26th 1949 with 3 sets
92Apr-056Raycophone41ECathedral reborn Barry Poor
92Apr-058Granger175Granger Assoc - The Company and its Products Malcolm Haskard
92Apr-0514RestorationCompetitionNat. Restoration Competition 2004 Doug Ellis & Mike Osborne
92Apr-0517ComponentsMeterMeter Problems - Measure Resistance & FSD Ian Batty
92Apr-0520MiscellaneousLetters: The Radio Pipe Lou Albert
92Apr-0520ComponentsMicrophoneLetters: Reisz & other Microphones Jim Davies
92Apr-0521CossorMelodymakerThe Cossor Melodymaker Bill Verrall
92Apr-0525MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
92Apr-0526ProfileLangObituary: Keith Jack Lang (1924-2004)
92Apr-0526ProfileBaillieObituary: James Edward (Jim) Baillie (1951-2004)
92Apr-0527StarliteFivestarStarlight - Starbright, Joe Kerr Lou Albert
92Apr-0529Book review"When Radio was the Cat's Whiskers" - Bernard Harte R Begbie
92Apr-0530ProfileBegbieThe Glories of 1920s Radio 80 Years on Richard Begbie
92Apr-0535Other radiosConsoleCan you Help? - Member's Unidentified Console
92Apr-0536ComponentsTransformersSpecifications of Ferguson Power Transformers Mike Osborne
92Apr-0538ProfileRogersRadio Men and their Sheds – Chris Rogers Tony Maher
92Apr-0539AstorJPPCircuit & Advert for 1955 Astor Concert-master Kevin Poulter
93Jul-055History (Australia)AWAAn Unexpected Encounter with Ernest Fisk Richard Begbie
93Jul-0510AWAR51 R81A Tale of Two Radiolas - R51 & R81 Warwick Woods
93Jul-0513History (Australia)AWAFisk & (Billy) Hughes Jock Given
93Jul-0518AWA1548-MAThe AWA Radio Model 1548-MA Bill Smith
93Jul-0521History (Australia)AWAThe End of an Era: Sir Lionel Hooke - 1895 - 1974 Phillip Geeves
93Jul-0522AWAFisk RadiogramThe Ernest Fisk Model HMV Radiogram Ray Kelly
93Jul-0523ProfileSheardRadio Men and their Sheds - John Sheard Tony Maher
93Jul-0524MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
93Jul-0525Breville730Breville Model 730 Tony Lightfoot
93Jul-0531ProjectRegulatorAn Electronic Choke Replacement Jim Lowe
93Jul-0534RestorationSafetyLetters: Radio Warning - Fire Hazard Ted Baker
93Jul-0534RestorationBatteryLetters: The Standard Cell - A curious repair )Kevin Leydon
93Jul-0535RestorationPanelsFront Panels, Labels & Dials - Design & Restore Kevin Poulter
93Jul-0538RestorationAlignmentA Superhet Receiver IF Alignment Question Graeme Dennes
93Jul-0539History (Australia)AWATrue Story: The First Bakelite Radiolette Moulding John McIlwaine
93Jul-0540AWAReceiversPictures of Five Models - 520M, 517MZ, 516M, 512M & R84
94Oct-055ValvesDe ForestThe Flame Detector: A Working Model? Don Hosking
94Oct-0511ProfileHoskingIn The Bakelite Doctor's Surgery Richard Begbie
94Oct-0514History (military)WWIICodes Used by the Coastwatchers, Pt 1Malcolm Haskard
94Oct-0519ProjectBattery 2vA (replacement) 2-volt 'A Battery' for Farm Radios Tony Maher
94Oct-0524CossorMelodymakerThe Cossor Melodymaker - circuit correction (See Apr 05 issue)
94Oct-0524ProfileSmithRadio men and their Sheds - Bill Smith Tony Maher
94Oct-0525Other radiosConsoleHelp needed - Member's Unidentified Console Manfred Nagel
94Oct-0525Crystal setsHelpHelp needed - Member's Unusual Crystal Set Richard Wood
94Oct-0525History (Australia)AWAHelp needed - Copying AWA Archive material Malcolm Haskard
94Oct-0525History (Australia)BroadcastingHelp needed - Early Broadcasting Station Information Bruce Carty
94Oct-0527ProfileMannsObituary: John Manns (1931-2005)
94Oct-0527ProfileThompsonObituary: William Thompson (1922-2005)
94Oct-0527ProfileKilbyObituary: Jack Kilby, Inventor of the Integrated Circuit (1924-2005)
94Oct-0528HRSAMelbourneHRSA Display at Melbourne Museum in May 2005
94Oct-0529ProjectLittle GeneralReflexing the Little General Jim Lowe
94Oct-0533MilitaryT1154/R1155Memories of the T1154 Transmitter & R1155 Receiver (Fred Lane)
94Oct-0534ComponentsTransformers1948 Product List of "Red Line" Equipment Pty Ltd
94Oct-0535AWA1548MALetters: The AWA 1548 Radio John McIlwaine
94Oct-0536MilitaryCommand RxDesign Appreciation - WWII Command Receivers Jack Whittaker
94Oct-0538MonarchMinstrelMonarch Minstrel CKP Max Johnson
94Oct-0540EclipsePeter Pan1949 Advertisement for Peter Pan portable radio
95Jan-065ProfileKellyObituary: Tributes to Ray Kelly (1921-2005) from members
95Jan-067ProfileWoodsLife Membership for Warwick Woods
95Jan-068TheoryRadioStarting off in Radio (Reprint of 1948 Radio World article)
95Jan-0613MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
95Jan-0615HRSACanberraThird Radio & Phonofest at Canberra report Richard Begbie
95Jan-0618HRSAMelbourneLetters: Bouquet for our Auctioneers Laurie Harris
95Jan-0618ValvesDe ForestLetters: Flame Detector Re-visited John Rickard & Tony Maher
95Jan-0618MiscellaneousRadioLetters: Digital Radio Richard Begbie
95Jan-0619ProfileCarsonRadio Men and their Sheds - Dave Carson Tony Maher
95Jan-0620ProjectHomebrewHRSA National Construction Project (members homebrew items)
95Jan-0622History (military)WWIICodes Used by the Coastwatchers, Pt 2 Malcolm Haskard
95Jan-0628HRSAMelbourneVictorian Group Swaparama Tony Maher
95Jan-0629Kriesler11-7Radio that Wouldn't Shut up - fixing an 11-7 Matthew Weatherley
95Jan-0632MilitaryWS-122The Wireless Sets No 122 (Aust) & WS-122 MK2 Neil Wain
95Jan-0639ProfileRidouttObituary: Phil Ridoutt (1944-2005)
95Jan-0639ProfileFreedmanObituary: Frank Freedman (1924-2005)
95Jan-0640Crystal setsHelpHelp needed - Member's Unusual Crystal Set Ric Havyatt
95Jan-0640EILHCR-62Brief spec & pic of the EIL Communications Receiver Model HCR-62
96Apr-065Project1-transistorBuild a One-transistor Super-Radio (HRSA 2006 Construction Project)
96Apr-0611ProfileRenoufCollecting memories along with mantels (Phil's collection)
96Apr-0615MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
96Apr-0616Other radiosDual-ToneThe Dual-Tone Mantel Tony Lightfoot
96Apr-0619ProfileLeyshanObituary: Fraser Leyshan (1926-2005)
96Apr-0619ProfileGrimsdaleObituary: Dick Grimsdale (1929-2005)
96Apr-0620MilitaryCommand RxLetters: Command Receivers John Mackie
96Apr-0620ValvesDe ForestLetters: Flame Detectors Don Hosking
96Apr-0622ValvesCathode RayAbout the Cathode ray Tube – A Brief History Ian Batty
96Apr-0626ProfileEllisRadio Men and their Sheds – Doug Ellis Tony Maher
96Apr-0627ProfileKellyObituary: Vale Ray Kelly: More Tributes
96Apr-0628Granger174Granger Associates – Follow up – Model 174 Malcolm Haskard
96Apr-0630Other radiosCoffinCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets – Coffin Radios
96Apr-0631AdvanceDMM2The Advance DMM2 Digital Multimeter John Mackesy
96Apr-0633ProjectVTVMHow to make a portable VTVM – Valve Voltmeter Jim Lowe
96Apr-0640Other radiosMantelsPictures of some radios in the next Melbourne auction
97Jul-066ProfileWilliamsAnd now for the HTSA – Greg Williams collection Richard Begbie
97Jul-0611History (Australia)Television1956 TV sales advertisement showing Ron Snashall
97Jul-0612Granger174Letters: Update on previous issue article Malcolm Haskard
97Jul-0612Other radiosDual-ToneLetters: Correction for Dual-Tone circuit Tony Lightfoot
97Jul-0612Project1-transistorLetters: Comments on Super-Radio Project Bill Smith
97Jul-0612Other radiosColmovoxCan you Help? - Response to request – Coffin Radios
97Jul-0613MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
97Jul-0614History (Australia)TelevisionTelevision for Australia – How it happened John McIlwaine
97Jul-0616AWATV setsSpecs and circuit for AWA Radiola Models 201, 202, 203
97Jul-0620Crystal setsTester“On Air Crystal Set Tester” Project Matthew Weatherley
97Jul-0622Project1-transistorBuild a One-transistor Super-Radio (HRSA 2006 Construction Project)
97Jul-0623History (Australia)TelevisionThe 50th Anniversary of Melbourne TV – HSV7 John Williamson
97Jul-0627ProfileO'TooleRadio Men and their Sheds – Ian O'Toole Tony Maher
97Jul-0628Other radiosConsoleRestoration of a Cottage Battery Three c1930 James McLachlan
97Jul-0630TheoryDetector“About that second diode” – double diode triodes Keith Kunde K8KK
97Jul-0633Book reviewAstor"The Astor Story" by Rod Smith Allan Smith-Goode
97Jul-0635HistoryDetector“The Magnetic Detector” - History & Demo Unit Don Hosking
97Jul-0641TelequipmentS31Test Equipment Repairs: Telequipment S31 Ian Batty
98Oct-060History (Australia)TelevisionCover - Early Television Equipment Photos
98Oct-065History (Australia)TelevisionEarly Television in Australia - Kevin Poulter
98Oct-0612History (Australia)TelevisionChanges to Television Transmission Sites John Williamson
98Oct-0614AstorSJ TelevisionMy SJ Astor Television Wayne Davis
98Oct-0615Project1-transistorJim Lowe's One Transistor Super Radio
98Oct-0618ComponentsPolyvariconsUsing Polyvaricons in Simple Receivers Matthew Weatherley
98Oct-0619History (Australia)CentenaryRadio Transmission Centenary Laurie Maher
98Oct-0620History (biography)MaclurcanThe Clever, Quirky Mr Maclurcan Richard Begbie
98Oct-0624ProfileOsborneRadio Men and their Sheds – Mike Osborne Tony Maher
98Oct-0625MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
98Oct-0626HistoryTelevisionA History of TV Camera Tubes Ian Batty
98Oct-0631MuseumKurrajongIan O'Toole's Radio Museum John Rich
98Oct-0633HealingA449EHey presto – The Healing A449E Lou Albert
98Oct-0635History (Australia)Noise StationThe Atmospheric Noise Measuring Station Malcolm Haskard
99Jan-075MullardMBS1112Restoring a Battery Powered Mullard MBS112 Lauren Capel
99Jan-078ComponentsCapacitorUnderstanding Polyester Capacitor Codes Mike Osborne
99Jan-079HistoryHertz WavesHertzian Wave Generation & Detection Don Hosking
99Jan-0714ProfileMorrisRadio Men and their Sheds – Bill Morris Tony Maher
99Jan-0715Stromberg Carlson4A17The Stromberg-Carlson Model 4A17 Matthew Weatherley
99Jan-0720HRSAMelbournePlans for the HRSA's 25th Birthday Tony Maher
99Jan-0721History (Australia)ARTS&PThe Australian Radio Technical Services & Patents Co Ian Batty
99Jan-0723Other radiosWerringCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets – a Werring Radio set
99Jan-0724ProfileO'TooleBoatanchors, Biscuit Tins & Broadcast – Ian O'Toole Richard Begbie
99Jan-0728AstorSJLetters: The SJ Assor revisited John Williamson
99Jan-0729CollinsVHF-101Collins VHF-101: 1960s Air Comms & Nav System John Mackesy
99Jan-0732History (Australia)2CAMore History for the HRSA – 2CA Canberra Richard Begbie
99Jan-0733Book reviewBroadcasting"Hits 'n' Memories of Australian radio" by Wayne Mac A Smith-Goode
99Jan-0735History (Australia)BuzzaBuzza Products Ltd – Morse keys Ric Havyatt
99Jan-0738MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
99Jan-0739AWATeleradioCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets – Teleradio model info
99Jan-0740Project1-transistorBack cover with photos of member's sets
100Apr-070HRSAIssue 1Insert – reproduction of Issue No 1 of the journal in July 1982
100Apr-075Gecophone8 valveAn eight valve superheterodyne Gecophone David Bond
100Apr-077ProfileOsborneThe earliest collector – Mike Osborne new HRSA President R Begbie
100Apr-0712HRSAWarragulHRSA radio display at Old Engines expo 21/10/06 anon
100Apr-0713Other radiosDual-ToneLetter: The Dual-Tone Mantel – final correction Ted Baker
100Apr-0713Other radiosWerringLetter: Werring Radio Lindsay Allen
100Apr-0714History (Australia)WoomeraHF Transceivers for Woomera Rocket Range Malcolm Haskard
100Apr-0726HRSAJaycarHRSA members to get discount at Jaycar stores Richard Begbie
100Apr-0730MiscellaneousRadio mastNZ Radio mast collapse – five frantic days Peter Lankshear
100Apr-0732AWAC87The AWA Radiolette Model C87 – photo on front cover Kevin Poulter
100Apr-0733ProfileWaltersObituary: Darcy Walters – 1930-2006 Barbara Walters
100Apr-0733ProfileMcEganRadio Men and their Sheds – Tim McEgan Tony Maher
100Apr-0734MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
100Apr-0735HMV64-52HMV Model 64-52 – an unusual fault Matthew Weatherley
100Apr-0737History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 1Colin McKinnon
100Apr-0740Other radiosAustralian radioBack cover – Photos of selection of Australian Radios Kevin Poulter
101Jul-075Mullard51The Mullard Model 51 AC/DC Radio also front coverTony Lightfoot
101Jul-0710Other radiosAC/DC setsThose Dangerous AC/DC Radios Graham Donaldson
101Jul-0712HallicraftersS38Restoring a Hallicrafters Model S-38 Receiver Aub Topp
101Jul-0715History (Australia)ElectricityElectricity Supplies in Australia in 1938 Jim Lowe
101Jul-0717AWA526MThe AWA Radiola 526M AC/DC Radio Bill Smith
101Jul-0720ProfileLightfootRadio Men and their Sheds – Tony Lightfoot Tony Maher
101Jul-0721ValvesBase diagramsPage 16 Supplement – some common valve base diagrams
101Jul-0721HRSAMelbourne25 years of the HRSA – and a party to match Richard Begbie
101Jul-0728RestorationWheatstone BdgThe Life Story of a Wheatstone Bridge Malcolm Haskard
101Jul-0729HRSAMelbourneLetters: A Wonderful Event Brian Lackie & Lou Albert
101Jul-0730ProfileLanghansMicrophones Galore and the Pefect Alibi Richard Begbie
101Jul-0733MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
101Jul-0734History (Australia)TelevisionEarly Days of TV in Central Gippsland Laurie Daniel
101Jul-0735History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 2 Colin McKinnon
101Jul-0740HRSAMelbourneBack cover – Photos of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations K Poulter
102Oct-075National42GTThe 1941 National 42GT Richard Wood
102Oct-078HistoryConelradThe US Emergency Broadcast Procedure from the 1950s
102Oct-079HistoryTelephoneWho did invent the Telephone? Malcolm Haskard
102Oct-0710Fleetwood1052COverhauling a Fleetwood 1052C Portable Radio Tony Lightfoot
102Oct-0713ProfileSnydersRadio Men and their Sheds – Stan Snyders Tony Maher
102Oct-0714HRSASE Queensland10th Anniversary for SE Queensland Radio Group Richard Begbie
102Oct-0717ProjectB BatteryA 90V 'B' Battery for Valve Portable Radios Tony Maher
102Oct-0724ProfileLankshearIt all began with a song – Peter Lankshear Richard Begbie
102Oct-0728MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
102Oct-0729Other radiosJubileeRadio & Hobbies Jubilee Portable Bill Smith
102Oct-0733ComponentsTransformersFinding the Impedance of Output Transformers Jim Lowe
102Oct-0737AWA450PZAWA's 450PZ Personal Portable Radio Tony Lightfoot
102Oct-0742History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 3 Colin McKinnon
102Oct-0744AstorPortaBack cover –1927 Advert by Louis Coen for Astor Porta portable radio
103Jan-085History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio – Part 1 M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson
103Jan-0810ValvesRepairsRepairing Paint-Shielded Valves David Aberdeen
103Jan-0811Pye39J/HPye Model 39J – an 11 band Radio T Lightfoot & J Mackesy
103Jan-0816Crystal setsHelpInfo wanted on illustrated set Matthew Weatherley
103Jan-0817Hewlett Packard524B88 valves and Counting – HP Frequency counter Morris Odell
103Jan-0820ProfileFranklinRadio Men and their Sheds – Fred Franklin Tony Maher
103Jan-0821MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
103Jan-0822HRSAPortablesA Portable Picnic Day – various models compared Bruce Moyle
103Jan-0825Mullard68The Top Portable – Mullard 68 Tony Maher
103Jan-0826ComponentsCapacitorsReading and Converting Capacitor Values
103Jan-0826History (Australia)ABCABC Radio – How it began Ken Simpson-Bull
103Jan-0827EddystoneEC10 Mk IIThe Eddystone EC10 Mk II Ian Batty
103Jan-0832HistoryTelephoneLetter: Inventing the Telephone Rex Newsome
103Jan-0832ComponentsTransformersLetter: Problem Transformers John Horan
103Jan-0833ProfileSheeranA Quiet Contibutor from Way-back – Howard Sheeran Richard Begbie
103Jan-0838ProjectHikersRevisiting the Hikers – Part 1 – Hikers One Laurie Harris
103Jan-0839ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General – 1961: NSW North Coast Group Project David Small
103Jan-0841AstorKMAstor Model KM Mickey
103Jan-0844AWAC87Back cover –1932 Advert by AWA for the Fisk AWA Radiolette C87Tony Lightfoot
104Apr-085Eddystone770U MkI/IIThe Eddystone 770U MkI/II Ian Batty
104Apr-0811ProfileCashionBetween two monarchs – Graeme Cashion Richard Begbie
104Apr-0814ProfileJustinRadio Men and their Sheds – Michael Justin Tony Maher
104Apr-0815History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio – Part 2 3BZ M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson
104Apr-0820ComponentsTransformersLetter: Output transformers Ted Baker
104Apr-0821RestorationLeatheretteLetter: Leatherette Restoration Ted Linn
104Apr-0821Crystal SetsFM bandLetter: A Crystal Set for FM? Ian Herbert
104Apr-0822AWA525MLetter: AWA Radiola 526M Tuning Range Tony Lightfoot
104Apr-0822HRSARulesLetter: HRSA Rule Changes B Lackie, J McIlwaine, R Begbie
104Apr-0823ComponentsResistorThe Humble Resistor Gerry O'Hara
104Apr-0826TheoryOhms LawOhm's Law and Resistance Cooke & Marcus 1945
104Apr-0827ProjectHikersRevisiting the Hikers – Part 2 – Portable Superhikers Laurie Harris
104Apr-0831ValvesDouble gridThe Double-Grid Valve Terry Pool
104Apr-0835MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
104Apr-0836MagazinesAWA RadiogramAn Unexpected AWA Radiogram
104Apr-0838RussianVolna-KVolna-K – Russian Navy HF Receiver Ray Robinson
104Apr-0843ProfileFerrisObituary: William M Ferris – 1914-2007 John Emanuel
104Apr-0843ProfileBeaverObituary: Bruce Beaver – 2007 Brian Lackie
104Apr-0844ValvesConversionValve Conversion Factors Jim Lowe
104Apr-0846MiscellaneousHumourThe Ground Wave Dr J O Kehr Ph D
104Apr-0847History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 4 Colin McKinnon
104Apr-0848ComponentsResistorBack Cover - Resistor Colour Code
105Jul-086Philips112EPhilips Model 112E Tony Lightfoot
105Jul-0810History (Australia)MaclurcanMr MacLurcan in the News – 85 years on Richard Begbie
105Jul-0812ProfileRenoufRadio Men and their Sheds – Phil Renouf Tony Maher
105Jul-0813History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio – Part 3 M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson
105Jul-0822Scott-TaggartST-100John Scott-Taggart ST-100 receiver Matthew Weatherley
105Jul-0824KingsleyK525 cadetWho made the 1950/60s Kingsley Radios John Williamson
105Jul-0825ComponentsTransformersOutput transformer replacements Bob Yorston
105Jul-0826ProfileMcPhillipsDentists start with Crystal sets – Dr Bill McPhillips Richard Begbie
105Jul-0829MagazinesAWA RadiogramLetter: AWA Radiogram - Journal John McIlwaine
105Jul-0830HRSARulesUpdate of the Rules of the HRSA Mike Osborne
105Jul-0831MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
105Jul-0833ProjectReceiversThe Need for an Antenna – tuner/preamp as antenna Jack Whittaker
105Jul-0834ProjectHikersSuperhikers Construction – Sequel Laurie Harris
105Jul-0836PalmavoxMini 1940Three Babies – small sets David Bond
105Jul-0836ArvinRE-79Three Babies – small sets – inc circuit David Bond
105Jul-0836FerrisAM TunerThree Babies – small sets David Bond
105Jul-0837AWA607TRestoration, circuit and photo Tony Maher, Doug Ellis, Bill Smith
105Jul-0838RestorationChassisRadio Chassis Restoration David Oliver
105Jul-0840Weldonette1930s MantelWeldonette, Australia's rarest radio? Graham Donaldson
105Jul-0843History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 5 Colin McKinnon
105Jul-0845ValvesDouble gridThe Double-Grid Valve – more information Terry Pool
105Jul-0847Reliance50-BPhotos of a restored Reliance Model 50-B Ted Gill
105Jul-0848Atwater KentAdvertisementAtwater Kent colour advertisement, 1920s on back cover
106Oct-080AWATransistor 7Cover: Pictures and Circuit Kevin Poulter
106Oct-087History (Australia)WallaceThe Marvellous Mrs Mac – alias F V Wallace – Pt 1 Richard Begbie
106Oct-0811Other radiosLink TrainerElectronic Devices ED4/57 Link Trainer Ian Batty
106Oct-0814ProfileBegbieRadio Men and their Sheds – Richard Begbie Tony Maher
106Oct-0816RestorationFault FindingRadio Serviceman's Trouble Finder Chart
106Oct-0818TheoryAntennasAntenna Tuners and Wave Traps Jim Lowe
106Oct-0822MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
106Oct-0823History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio – Part 4 M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson
106Oct-0828ProfilePoorEducation of Young Barry – Barry Poor Richard Begbie
106Oct-0831History (Australia)BroadcastingLetter: Requesting Information Bruce Carty
106Oct-0831Other radiosFarmersLetter: The Farmers Radio Jim Lowe
106Oct-0832RestorationDecalsDecals (Waterslide Wet Transfers Ray Robinson
106Oct-0833HistoryScott-TaggartJohn Scott-Taggart FIP, MIRE – 1897-1979 Matthew Weatherley
106Oct-0835MiscellaneousInterferenceOvercoming ADSL Interference Peter Lankshear
106Oct-0836Book reviewBakelite Radios"Australian Bakelite Radios", P Sheridan & R Singer Kevin Poulter
106Oct-0837History (Australia)Radio AustraliaRadio Australia, Shepparton Rodney Champness
106Oct-0843Healing401AA Mystery Healing Golden Voice Console
106Oct-0846History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 6 Colin McKinnon
106Oct-0848AstorAdvertisementAstor 1948 advertisement on back cover
107Jan-097HomebrewLittle GeneralMy Favourite Radio: Little General Jim Lowe
107Jan-0910ProfileFraserRadio Men and their Sheds – John Fraser Tony Maher
107Jan-0910Kriesler11-99Kriesler 11-99 circuit – Picture front cover
107Jan-0911History (Australia)AWA TeleradioBeyond the Teleradio – other AWA types Malcolm Haskard
107Jan-0915ProfileMaherA battery starved childhood & a radio rich life Richard Begbie
107Jan-0920Aristone4-valve reflexAristone 4-valve Reflex Receiver John Wolff
107Jan-0922History (Australia)South AustraliaEarly Wireless Telegraphy in South Australia M J Gooley
107Jan-0925History (Australia)WallaceLetter: Aunty Vi Lyle Carpenter
107Jan-0926ProjectFM-2The FM-2 Tuner – 2 valve FM receiver Ian Batty
107Jan-0933History (Australia)WallaceThe Metamorphosis of Miss Wallace – Pt 2 Richard Begbie
107Jan-0936Crystal SetsHomebrewA Simple Radio to Build for the Grandchildren Tony Maher
107Jan-0938HRSACanberraRadio Fest Reflections Ian Batty
107Jan-0941HomebrewHikersMantel Hikers? Ian Malcolm
107Jan-0942MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
107Jan-0943Kriesler11-251950 Kriesler 78rpm Table Radiogram 11-25 Matthew Weatherley
107Jan-0945History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 7 Colin McKinnon
107Jan-0946ProjectHikersThe Spirit of Hikers – Display Day - and back cover Laurie Harris
108Apr-097MilitaryWS-122My Favourite Radio: WS-122 Rodney Champness
108Apr-099Tasma810The Millar's Tasma Alistair Craill
108Apr-0912History (Australia)BroadcastingMV Kanimbla: Australian Radio Ship David Bond
108Apr-0913ProfileWilliamsonRadio Men and their Sheds – John Williamson Tony Maher
108Apr-0914Mullard651 651AA Tale of Two Mullards – Models 651 & 651A Tony Lightfoot
108Apr-0919ProjectHT controlEasy Starting for Old Radios Jim Lowe
108Apr-0922HeathkitAmateur gearLetter: Request for Information Malcolm Haskard
108Apr-0922ProjectFM-2Letter: The FM-2 Tuner – Comments John Hunter, Ian Batty
108Apr-0923AstorHNQCircuit diagram
108Apr-0924History (Australia)Barlin 2CAExhilarating Ride of a True Pioneer – George Barlin Richard Begbie
108Apr-0929Healing501ECircuit diagram of this 1946 model, photos on front & rear cover
108Apr-0930ProfileBakerObituary: Ted Baker 1922 – 2009 (family member)
108Apr-0931ProjectFM-2 TunerUpdated details of prototype FM 2 with circuit Ian Batty
108Apr-0932ProjectAntennaLoop Aerial for the Concrete Jungle Bruce Leary
108Apr-0933MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
108Apr-0934SanwaHCR-62The HCR-62 Communications Receiver Malcolm Haskard
108Apr-0937AirvoyceConsoleHelp Requested (Richard Wood)
108Apr-0938ProfileColmanOur Most Venerable Member – George Colman Richard Begbie
108Apr-0940RestorationSocketThe Right Connection – power socket for RA1-B Brian Holcombe
108Apr-0941STC528Amazing Rescue of an STC 528 Richard Wood
108Apr-0943History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 8 Colin McKinnon
108Apr-0945AstorQN1935 32volt DC Astor Model QN Matthew Weatherley
108Apr-0947AstorTransistorColour advertisements for Astor transistor radios
109Jul-095AWA45ERestoring a 45-E console, one of AWA's finest sets Ray Hosking
109Jul-098ProfileFolwellRadio Men and their Sheds – Graham Folwell Tony Maher
109Jul-099History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio – Part 1 Ray Robinson
109Jul-0911ProfileO'BrienThe Untold Story of Member No 5 – Morris O'Brien Richard Begbie
109Jul-0914HRSABendigoEaster in Bendigo Ian Batty
109Jul-0915Eilco6104The “Lunch Box” transceiver for Outback Australia Malcolm Haskard
109Jul-0919AWAModel 24Circuit of AWA Radiolette Model 24 – picture inside cover.
109Jul-0920ProfileColmanLetter:Update on last month's article Richard Begbie
109Jul-0920HRSAN CoastLetter: 20th Anniversary details Brian Lackie
109Jul-0920ProfileBakerLetter: A Personal Note Harold Norrie
109Jul-0920History (Australia)3LOLetter: What can replace AM? John Blackman
109Jul-0921RestorationStoryGonna Fix it for Dad Rex Newsome
109Jul-0922HRSAMember listYellow section, member list Pt 1 – Post codes 0812-2999
109Jul-0924MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
109Jul-0925ProfileCraillTrue Tales from a Radio Tragic Alistair Craill
109Jul-0926Kriesler11-20Kriesler Model 11-20 Matthew Weatherley
109Jul-0928HistoryStoryEarly Radio – You'll find it everywhere Richard Begbie
109Jul-0929Project2-TransistorTwo-Transistor Triumph Tony Lightfoot
109Jul-0930RestorationPortablesPeter Pan & National Radios restored Fred Franklin
109Jul-0932Gulbransen726The Gulbransen Model 726 David Bond
109Jul-0933ProjectVibratorA Simple Mosfet Vibrator for Farm & Car Radios Pt 1 Tony Maher
109Jul-0938WilesWonderfulMy Favourite Radio and Why – Wiles Wonderful Wireless Lou Albert
109Jul-0940HRSATransistorThe Great Transistor Picnic – Competition results
109Jul-0941HotpointBandmaster DWThe Radio Mystery John Fleming
109Jul-0942MiscellaneousDigital radioWhat will Digital do to AM Richard Begbie
109Jul-0943History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 9 Colin McKinnon
109Jul-0944HumourTelephone Networks Brian Lackie
109Jul-0945AWARadiolaInside back cover –1963 Advert by AWA for Portables and Mantels
109Jul-0946AWA45ECovers – AWA 45E console front and rear views
110Oct-095AWAB58 & B65AWA B58 & B65 Transistor Portables Ian Malcolm
110Oct-098AWA45EUnder chassis layout (see previous issue)
110Oct-099ProfileNorriePillar of HP and now HRSA – Harold Norrie Richard Begbie
110Oct-0913Master ToneVariousMaster Tone Products – Burnells David Littlely
110Oct-0914TelefunkenD779 WKA Telefunken Restoration Jim Lowe
110Oct-0918Book reviewItalian booksSette Libri Fini – 7 fine Italian radio books – Ian Batty
110Oct-0920LeaderLSG-11A Leader LSG-11 makeover John Williamson
110Oct-0921RestorationWrinkle paintLetter: Black Crinkle Paint John Fleming
110Oct-0921CollectingPricesLetter: Prices then and now John Rich
110Oct-0921MagazinesRadio WavesLetter: Radio Waves in colour Rodney Champness
110Oct-0922HistoryWWIIMemories of Morse – usage Vera Mummery
110Oct-0922HRSAMember listYellow section, member list Pt 2 – Post codes 3000-7330
110Oct-0923ProjectFM-2Solid-State Tuning for the FM-TWO Ian Batty
110Oct-0925ComponentsMicrophoneBrief History of the Microphone Pt 1 Ron Langhans, Richard Begbie
110Oct-0928Collins618TMy Favourite Radio – Collins 618-T John Mackesy
110Oct-0930Tasma585Circuit and connections diagrams – pictured front and back covers
110Oct-0931AWA55EAWA's classic Radiola 55E Duoforte radiogram Barry Poor
110Oct-0936ProjectVibratorA Simple Mosfet Vibrator for Farm & Car Radios Pt 2 Tony Maher
110Oct-0940CollectingBakerTed Baker auction report Richard Begbie
110Oct-0941History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio – Part 2 Ray Robinson
110Oct-0945ComponentsMicrophoneHistorical illustrations inside back cover
111Jan-105ProfileAlbert BegbieLou Albert & Richard Begbie become life members
111Jan-106HMVC21ANow this is a Farmers Radio Paul Ament
111Jan-108AWA/AGE657MEMy Favourite Radio – Bandmaster 657ME Ric Havyatt
111Jan-109Other radios1950 AC miniDoctors Casebook – Cute but Sad Mystery Radio Ray Hosking
111Jan-1011ProfileOostLife of High Adventure at Sea and on Air – Joe Oost Richard Begbie
111Jan-1015AstorCPNThe Astor CPN transistor radio Ian Malcolm
111Jan-1018HomebrewTransporta 7Letter: The R&H Transporta 7 Ric Havyatt
111Jan-1018AWA45ELetter: 45E restoration and the Newcolian Lou Albert
111Jan-1019ProfileAlbertRadio Men and their Sheds – Lou Albert Tony Maher
111Jan-1020Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset – Part 1 Peter Jensen
111Jan-1023ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter – Part 1 Mike Osborne
111Jan-1026History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio – Part 3 Ray Robinson
111Jan-1029HumourHelen's Radio Story Alistair Craill
111Jan-1030ZenithH724Zenith Model H724 AM-FM Radio Tony Lightfoot
111Jan-1033HRSANSW North CstNSW North Coast 20th Anniversary
111Jan-1034ComponentsMicrophoneBrief History of the Microphone Pt 2 Ron Langhans, Richard Begbie
111Jan-1037ProfileFiskObituary: Dr Ernest Kevin Fisk Richard Begbie
111Jan-1038AWA586MARestoration of a painted AWA Radiola 586MA Alistair Craill
111Jan-1040Diason32/6, 50/6, 110/6Diason DC radios presentation to D Leason (see rear cover)
111Jan-1042MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
111Jan-1043History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 10 Colin McKinnon
111Jan-1045ComponentsMicrophoneHistorical illustrations on front & inside back cover
112Apr-105HomebrewLittle General70th Anniversary – The R&H Little general (Kevin Poulter), Front cover
112Apr-108HomebrewLittle GeneralThe 1957 Little General Alistair Craill
112Apr-1010RestorationCapacitorReproduction Collins Plug-in Caps John Mackesy
112Apr-1011ProfileGeorgeThe Enthusiast who never stands still – L George Richard Begbie
112Apr-1014ProfileLackieRadio Men and their Sheds – Brian Lackie Tony Maher
112Apr-1015Healing601T, 700TThe Healing 601T & 700T Transistor Radios Ian Malcolm
112Apr-1017HistoryTransistorTransistor Industry in Australia Mark Burgess
112Apr-1020ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter – Part 2Mike Osborne
112Apr-1021TheoryPower supplyHow your Radio works – power supply – Part 1 Ian Batty
112Apr-1024AWA55ELetter: The Mystery of the Radiola 55E DuoforteIan Jeffrey
112Apr-1024Diason32VLetter: Diason again Hugh Paton
112Apr-1025History (Australia)BroadcastingThe Great Broadcast Stoush of 1923 - Part 1 Richard Begbie
112Apr-1028Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset – Part 2 Peter Jensen
112Apr-1033AWAR52Radio Doctors Casebook – Its never the Valve Ray Hosking
112Apr-1035Homebrew5-valveMy Favourite Radio – Homebrew 5-valve John Nicholson
112Apr-1036RestorationDialsNew Dials for OldPeter Lankshear
112Apr-1037AstorFPAstor Model FP RadioTony Lightfoot
112Apr-1040ComponentsBakelite/CatalinChemical Composition of Bakelite/CatalinBruce Wilkie
112Apr-1042MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
112Apr-1043History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 11 Colin McKinnon
112Apr-1044ProfileColmanObituary: George Colman 1914-2010 Richard Begbie
112Apr-1045Sparton1166Details of Auction Sale of Sparton Nocturne, $38,400, Rear cover
113Jul-100AWA611TRadiola 611-T – photos front cover
113Jul-100AstorJPPAstor radiogram model JPP - photos inside cover
113Jul-105RestorationWorkshopPlanning the Radio Workshop – Part 1 Graeme Dennes
113Jul-108ProfileDonaldsonGraham Donaldson, a quiet achiever John Murt
113Jul-1011Ferris77, 73Ferris Model 77/73, the dodgey car radio Owen Kemp
113Jul-1015ProfileChampnessRadio Men and their Sheds – Rodney Champness Tony Maher
113Jul-1016Kriesler41-41Kriesler 41-41 'Minimantel' and some of its relatives Ian Malcolm
113Jul-1018History (Australia)BroadcastingThe Great Broadcast Stoush of 1923 - Part 2 Richard Begbie
113Jul-1022TheoryPower supplyHow your Radio works – power supply – Part 2 Ian Batty
113Jul-1025WagnerTransceiversWagner HF Transceivers Malcolm Haskard
113Jul-1029AWA611TMy Favourite Radio – AWA 611T Bill Smith
113Jul-1030Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset – Part 3 Peter Jensen
113Jul-1034HRSACar radioA Day on the Farm – HRSA (Vic) car radio event Laurie Harris
113Jul-1035RestorationLoudspeakerVintage Speaker Repair Lloyd Hatfield
113Jul-1036ProjectFM-2My FM-TWO radio Rod Williams
113Jul-1038AstorJPPThe Recalcitrant Radiogram Ray Hosking
113Jul-1041History (Australia)FM BroadcastingLetter: Early FM Broadcasts and Receivers Peter Harrop
113Jul-1043ProjectFM-2FM-TWO Competition Ian Batty
113Jul-1044ProjectFM-2FM-TWO Rear cover photos
114Oct-100Lekmek805Lekmek 1937 console 805 – photo on front cover
114Oct-100ProfileEagerHRSA member Mike Eager - photos inside cover
114Oct-106AWA267My Favourite Radio – AWA Fisk Radiola 267 Laurie Harris
114Oct-108ValvesTestingValve testing Keith Stenhouse
114Oct-1011ManufacturingSherwoodSherwood radio: 1934-1948 Dr Bronte Somerset
114Oct-1013MilitaryWWII aircraftWireless Sets Employed in Allied WWII Aircraft Malcolm R Haskard
114Oct-1018Lekmek805Lekmek 1937 console 805 – circuit
114Oct-1019ProfileEagerIn Honour of One of our best – Mike Eager Richard Begbie
114Oct-1022TheoryAudio StagesHow your Radio works – Audio Stages – Part 3 Ian Batty
114Oct-1025AstorHPN GPNThe Astor Models HPN/GPN Transistor Radios Ian Malcolm
114Oct-1027RestorationWorkshopPlanning the Radio Workshop – Part 2 Graeme Dennes
114Oct-1030StabilacRegulatorThe Stabilac AC – A Vintage Voltage (Mains) regulator Morris Odell
114Oct-1032TheoryExtra ValvesAdding an Extra Valve to a Radio Peter Lankshear
114Oct-1035RestorationRectifier5Y3 to 80 vlave adaptor Ron Sharp
114Oct-1040MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
114Oct-1041History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 12 Colin McKinnon
114Oct-1044TheoryCircuitCan you solve this circuit puzzle? Rex Newsome
114Oct-1045HRSARadioFestRear Cover inside – photos of the Canberra RadioFest
114Oct-1046ManufacturingDiamondRear Cover – Advertisement for Diamond Aand B Batteries
115Jan-110HomebrewRF OscillatorFront Cover – R&H Cover – Service Oscillator April 1947
115Jan-110PyeRomanyInside front cover – Advertisement for Pye Transistor set
115Jan-115Crystal SetsRestorationCrystal Sets Geoff Trengove
115Jan-116ProfileRossObituary: Neil Ross 1933-2010 Ray Tampion
115Jan-117HomebrewVibra-FiveMy Favourite Radio – 1947 R&H Vibra-Five kitset Greg Lamey
115Jan-119ProjectVoltmeterDesign for a 1000 ohms/volt analogue DC voltmeter Graeme Dennes
115Jan-1113HealthProstateHealth Advice Kevin Poulter
115Jan-1113ProfileGillRadio Men and their Sheds – Ted GillTony Maher
115Jan-1114ComponentsMotorLetter: Electric Motors John Rich
115Jan-1114Valves12AX7Letter: 12AX7 Use: Mystery of Receiver Bob Yourston
115Jan-1114HRSARadioFestLetter: The 2010 Canberra RadioFest Brian Lackie
115Jan-1115UnknownTesterLetter: What is it – test equipment Dave Small
115Jan-1115ManufacturingByerLetter: Sherwood Radio Ross Stell
115Jan-1115ScopeSparesLetter: Scope Iron Spares Ian Davies
115Jan-1115TheoryCircuitLetter: A puzzle – Oct 10 p44 John Churchill
115Jan-1116STCTransistorTwo Early STC Transistor radios John Wolff
115Jan-1118ProfileEagerMike Eager – a postscript Mike Osborne
115Jan-1119ComponentsStabilytAn Unusual Electronic Component – The Stabilyt Morris Odell
115Jan-1120TheoryDetectorsHow your Radio works –Detectors & Demodulators 1 – Part 4 Ian Batty
115Jan-1125Kriesler11-7Helen's 11-7 Alistair Craill
115Jan-1128HRSARadioFestNational Radio & PhonoFest – a first for the HRSA Richard Begbie
115Jan-1132CroydenConsoleA Croyden (or Saxon) Reborn Ray Hosking
115Jan-1134KingsleyK/S9The Kingsley K/S9 – pre-selector Ray Robinson
115Jan-1136HomebrewClockWhat is this? Clock or Radio? Jim Lowe
115Jan-1137ManufacturingAWVThe Introduction of AWV Semiconductors to Australia Guy Burgess
115Jan-1140StabilacRegulatorLetter: The Stabilac John Williamson
115Jan-1141MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
115Jan-1142History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 13 Colin McKinnon
115Jan-1144ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter – Club Project Mike Osborne
115Jan-1146MullardSouvenirRear Cover – Advertisement for Mullard Souvenir model1954
116Apr-110AWAMantelsFront Cover – selection of photos of post-war Radiola mantels
116Apr-115RestorationGeneralRepair-Restore-Renovate – discussion Ian Batty
116Apr-1111EddystoneAll World 2Conservation, Testing & Operating an All World Two O'Hara, McQueen
116Apr-1118Aristone307Restoration of an Aristone 307 Geoff Holland
116Apr-1121TheoryDetectorsHow your Radio works –Detectors & Demodulators 2 – Part 4 Ian Batty
116Apr-1125ProfilePoulterRadio Men and their Sheds – Kevin Poulter Tony Maher
116Apr-1125HealthAdviceProstate Cancer & High Blood Pressure Kevin Poulter
116Apr-1126PyeModel 750My Favourite Radio – Pye Model 750 Fin Stewart
116Apr-1128ProfileSWL in WWIILetter: Teenage Shortwave Listening in WWII Laurie Daniel
116Apr-1128ProjectVoltmeterLetter: 1000 ohm/volt meter – correction Graeme Diennes
116Apr-1128ProjectVoltmeterLetter: Comments on 1000 ohm/volt meter Harold Norrie
116Apr-1129UnknownTesterLetter: What is it – test equipment - explanation
116Apr-1129ComponentsStabilytLetter: The Stabilyt – comments Tor van der Lende
116Apr-1130UnknownNavigatorLetter: Mystery DF Radio – Australian D/F set Bob Yorston
116Apr-1130AWA40Hz setsLetter: AWA Radios for 40Hz mains John McIlwaine
116Apr-1130Kriesler11-7Letter: Minimum Volume EffectRodney Champness
116Apr-1130PhilipsPP1 & PP2The Philips PP1 & PP2 Transistor Radios Ian Malcolm
116Apr-1133ProfileSmithThe Philosopher of Radio Waves – Bill Smith Richard Begbie
116Apr-1137Philips2652The Fate of a Philips 2652 Daniel Flakelaar
116Apr-1139HRSALaTrobe ValleyNew HRSA group formed – photo Rod Foster
116Apr-1141History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting – NSW – Part 1 Bruce Carty
116Apr-1144MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
116Apr-1145AWAMantelsRear Cover – more photos of post-war Radiola mantels
116Apr-1146AstorMantelAdvertisement for Astor radios in January 1947
117Jul-110AWATV RadiolaFront Cover – AWA 1958 TV
117Jul-110RCARadiola 60, 62Front Cover inside – 1929 RCA Radiolas Models 60 & 62
117Jul-115TelevisionBritishTwo Early British TV Sets Robert Larobena
117Jul-118CollectingTrendsTrends, Values & Pitfalls in Australian Radio Collecting Ralph Folds
117Jul-1110HRSACompetitionBest Farm Radio, competition picnic Laurie Harris, Ron Soutter
117Jul-1112Philips930APhilips 930A Ray Robinson
117Jul-1114BroadcastingTransmitterInstalling an AM Broadcast Transmitter – Part 1 Walter Lindenbach
117Jul-1117ProfileWilkleRadio Men and their Sheds –Bruce Wilkie Tony Maher
117Jul-1117HealthAdviceBeware of Interactions Kevin Poulter
117Jul-1118HallicraftersS27The Hallicrafters S27 – FM from a Boatanchor Morris Odell
117Jul-1121TheoryRF StagesHow your Radio works –Radio Frequency Stages – Part 5 Ian Batty
117Jul-1126ProfileCarrThe Car Radio Family – John Carr Richard Begbie
117Jul-1129Crystal SetsCircuitsVarious Crystal set circuits
117Jul-1130AstorRSThe Astor Model RS Transistor Radio Ian Malcolm
117Jul-1132Kreisler11-81My Favourite Radio – The Kreisler 11-81 Bob Yorston
117Jul-1134FenderAmplifierFender Little Champ Guitar Practice Amplifier Fred Franklin
117Jul-1135ProfileJamiesonObituary:Henry Jamieson Warwick Woods
117Jul-1136AWAForest PhoneReminiscences of Wireless Communication – Part 1 W R Philpot
117Jul-1138MilitaryWWII aircraftWireless Sets Employed in Allied WWII Aircraft Malcolm R Haskard
117Jul-1140TheoryRF ImagesLetter: RF Images Ian Malcolm, Ron Soutter
117Jul-1140TheoryExtra ValvesLetter: Adding an Extra Valve to a Radio David Palfreyman
117Jul-1141PhilipsTransistorsLetter: Early Philips Transistors John Crawford
117Jul-1142History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting - NSW – Part 2 Bruce Carty
117Jul-1145HMVTropicanaRear Cover inside – Photo HMV Tropicana Mk 2
117Jul-1146AWATV 221CRear Cover – AWA Radiola TV 21in console Model 221C
118Oct-110STCBantamFront Cover –STC Bantam mantel radio advertisement, 1954
118Oct-110AWA429MAFront Cover – AWA Radiola Model 429MA, 1950
118Oct-115STCBantamReflections on a red 1957 STC Bantam Graham Parlslow
118Oct-119ProjectAntennaBuild a simple, strong, outdoor lightweight aerial John Nicholson
118Oct-1111PhilipsPM2505Measurement Tip – analogue meter Graeme Dennes
118Oct-1112MilitaryAvionicsRAAF Caribou Avionics lives again Ian Johnston
118Oct-1116AstorCFRestoration of a 5-valve Astor Aladdin Model CF Ray Hosking
118Oct-1119RestorationRust removalRust removal Bruce Wilkie
118Oct-1121HistoryForecastSome interesting speculations Rex Newsome
118Oct-1122BroadcastingTransmitterInstalling an AM Broadcast Transmitter – Part 2 Walter Lindenbach
118Oct-1124MagazinesOverseas magazines received contents
118Oct-1126HMVConsortThe HMV Consort Transistor radio Ian Malcolm
118Oct-1128AWAForest PhoneReminiscences of Wireless Communication – Part 2 W R Philpot
118Oct-1132HomebrewLittle JimMy Favourite Radio – 1938 Little Jim Matthew Weatherley
118Oct-1135RestorationIF transformersRepairing IF Transformers Ray Robinson
118Oct-1136Healing551AA Restoration for the Picnic: Healing 551A Alistair Craill
118Oct-1140General Radio Co1201-CGeneral Radio Co Regulated Power supply type 1201-C Fred Franklin
118Oct-1141ProfileWainObituary: Neil Leonard Wain Jim Gordon
118Oct-1142BushDAC90ALetter: Restoring the Bush DAC90A Radio Fred Franklin
118Oct-1143History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting – Part 3 Bruce Carty
118Oct-1145AWATransistor 7Rear Cover inside – Photo AWA B series Radiola 7, circa 1962
118Oct-1146PYE39JRear Cover – PYE 39J (UK) Sept 1950 advertisement
119Jan-120HallicraftersSX-28Front Cover – Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver
119Jan-120Crystal SetsHomebrewFront Cover – Competition winners sets
119Jan-125HallicraftersSX-28Out of Egypt – A Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver – Part 1 John Mackesy
119Jan-128CollectingRadiosCollecting & Restoring Radios – A Balanced View Peter Sheridan AM
119Jan-1212CollectingRadiosNovice Collector's Buying Guide Buck Wiser
119Jan-1215ComponentsCabinetA Boost to Bakelite Polishing Manfred Nagel
119Jan-1216Other radiosTransistorCould you fix a Spark Plug novelty radio )Ian Malcolm
119Jan-1218ProfileLoweJim Lowe – A Life lived to the Full Richard Begbie
119Jan-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works – The Superhet – Part 6-1 Ian Batty
119Jan-1228BushDAC90ALetter: The Bush Restoration Challenge Ian Batty
119Jan-1228ComponentsLoudspeakerLetter: Centre Tapped &c Speakers Brian Holcombe
119Jan-1228ComponentsBatteryLetter: A Note of Appreciation – Battery Collecting Laurie Harris
119Jan-1229Other radiosAmerican-5Letter: Let there be Light – AC/DC set Dial Lamps Lou Albert
119Jan-1230TransmitterHomebrewA Low Power AM Valve Transmitter Morris Odell
119Jan-1233BushDAC90My Favourite Radio – The Bush DAC90 Bruce Wilkie
119Jan-1237ComcoVHF ReceiverA Comco Receiver Aub Topp
119Jan-1238ProfileO'BrienObituary: Morris O'Brien 1923-2011 Doug Dowe
119Jan-1239AWA703the 7-Band AWA Radiola Model 703 Ray Gillet
119Jan-1242BroadcastingTransmitterPut together an AM Broadcast Transmitter – Part 3 Walter Lindenbach
119Jan-1244MagazinesMagazines received – contents
119Jan-1245HealingMinorRear cover inside – Advert: The Amazing Healing Golden Voice Minor
119Jan-1246HallicraftersSX-28Rear Cover – Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver internal views
120Apr-120AWARadiolaFront Cover – AWA “Big brother” Radiola circa 1938
120Apr-120AstorOtherFront Cover – Advertisement for Astor's 1938 range
120Apr-125Other radiosMawsonBuilding a replica of Mawson's antarctic radio – Part 1 John Gillies
120Apr-1210ProfileHavyattObituary: Alaric (Ric) Havyatt 1917-2011 Richard Begbie
120Apr-1212MilitaryAmenities V5Restoring a Model V5 Amenities Receiver Ray Robinson
120Apr-1217AdvanceSignal GeneratorA Tale of Three Signal Generators Fred Franklin
120Apr-1219Peal1052AMy Favourite Radio – 1938 Peal 1052A, STC 257 Alistair Craill
120Apr-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works – Converters & Faults – Part 6-2 Ian Batty
120Apr-1226AstorP3BThe Astor P3B Transistor Ian Malcolm
120Apr-1228ValvesElectradLetter: Electrad Diode Norman Leal
120Apr-1228ProfileVariousLetter: Jim Lowe, Ric Havyatt and Morris O'Brien Lou Albert
120Apr-1229CollectingCollectingLetter: Collecting Old TVs Rodney Champness
120Apr-1229HistoryBroadcastingLetter: Old Radio Plays Jeff Kilgour
120Apr-1229CollectingRadiosLetter: Collecting Radios Alan Ford
120Apr-1229ComcoVHF ReceiverLetter: Wrong Direction Aub Topp
120Apr-1230HistoryMingayMingay – The Mover & Shaker of Australian Radio Richard Begbie
120Apr-1234CroydonConsoleHelp Needed Rob Wasley
120Apr-1235HallicraftersSX-28Hallicrafters SX-28 Restoration – Part 2 Brian Goldsmith
120Apr-1241MagazinesMagazines received – contents
120Apr-1242ProfileBardenObituary: Tony Barden 1943-2012 Richard Begbie
120Apr-1242Other radiosUnknownRadio Identification Brian Thompson
120Apr-1243CollectingValuesRadio Collecting and Values Ian Dodd
120Apr-1245HRSARadiofestRear cover inside – Advert: For the 2012 HRSA Melbourne Radio Fest
120Apr-1246Malvern StarMantelRear Cover – Advert: Malvern Star 1946 mantel radios
121Jul-120AWA552GAFront Cover – AWA Radiolagram 552GA
121Jul-120HotpointW55MG5Front Cover – Advertisement for Hotpoint radiograms
121Jul-125Scharnburg StraussRadiogramScharnburg Strauss radiogram restoration Alistair Craill
121Jul-1210Other radiosMawsonBuilding a replica of Mawson's 1911 radio – Part 2 John Gillies
121Jul-1214ToshibaBowl radiosThree of my favourite radios Bruce Wilkie
121Jul-1219Other radiosRadiogramSome favourite radiograms Glenn Amer
121Jul-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works – Antennas – Part 6-3 Ian Batty
121Jul-1225Crystal setsHomebrewThe Five Circuit Crystal Set Bert Pitt
121Jul-1228Crystal setsHomebrewHigh Sensitivity, Portable Crystal Set Ron Soutter
121Jul-1231ProjectCrystal Set2011 Club Project – Build the Best Possible Crystal Set Mike Osborne
121Jul-1232MilitaryLorenz WWIIGerman WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft Radio Lorenz E10aK Michael Kane
121Jul-1236HallicraftersSX-28Hallicrafters SX-28 Restoration – Part 3 Oscillator Brian Goldsmith
121Jul-1237Book reviewBroadcasting"Australian Radio History” by Bruce Carty Ian Batty
121Jul-1238EmmcoConsoleLetter: Radio Identification Bert Pitt
121Jul-1238Crystal setsHomebrewSarah's Crystal set
121Jul-1244MagazinesMagazines received – contents
121Jul-1245AWARadiolaRear cover inside – Advert: For 1952 Radiola models
121Jul-1246Music MasterType 400Rear Cover – Advert: 1925 Music Master type 400 (USA)
122Oct-120AWA437PFront Cover – AWA Radiola 437P – 1952
122Oct-120CarusoConsoleFront Cover – Advertisement for Caruso Radio consoles
122Oct-125CollectingProvenanceTurning Artefacts into History Richard Begbie
122Oct-128MilitaryIdentificationThe Military Collector John Mackesy
122Oct-129Scharnburg StraussRadiogramScharnburg Strauss radiogram restoration - postscript Alistair Craill
122Oct-1210AmbassadorViscountThe Ambassador “Viscount” Radiogram David Bond
122Oct-1212MilitaryHistoryMilitary Wireless Experiments, Heathcote 28/3/1910 Brian Kirkby
122Oct-1218AWARadiola 92The Fisk Radiola 92 Les Lutze
122Oct-1221HeathkitHistoryHeathkit Legacy of Communications Equipment Pt 1 Malcolm Haskard
122Oct-1225Book reviewRadiophone“A Radiophone in every home” by Sanders & Clark Richard Begbie
122Oct-1226HRSAPortablesA Portable Picnic Day – various models compared Laurie & Tee Harris
122Oct-1228Other radiosMawsonBuilding a replica of Mawson's 1911 radio – Part 3 John Gillies
122Oct-1234PhilipsTransistorPhilips PS 2, 3, 4 & 5 Transistor Radios Ian Malcolm
122Oct-1236ElectrosoundAmenitiesElectrosound Amenities Receiver Ray Robinson
122Oct-1239PhilipsModel 108AZPhilips Radioplayer Model 108AZ Jim Easson
122Oct-1242MuseumTektronicsLetter: Tektronics Oscilloscope Museum Bob Forbes
122Oct-1242RestorationSpeaker ClothLetter: Speaker Cloth Repair
122Oct-1245ArvinTransistorRear cover inside – Advert: For Arvin Hopalong Cassidy radio (USA)
122Oct-1246LafayetteRadiogramRear Cover – Advert: 1941 Lafayette 20th Anniversary Radiogram (USA)
123Jan-130AWAC54Front Cover – AWA C54 console – 1929
123Jan-130Tasma1002Front Cover – Tasma 1002 - 1947
123Jan-135TransportaModel 6, 7 kitsThe Transporta Portable Series – Australian kitset legend Laurie Harris
123Jan-1310AWAC17020AWA C17020 Amenities Receiver Ray Robinson
123Jan-1314ProfilePhilipsRadio Men and their Sheds – John Philips Tony Maher
123Jan-1315HRSA30th AnniversaryComing together for the big event - 30th anniv – Richard Begbie
123Jan-1320TheorySwitchesIts Switchcraft – Philips/Mullard Switch Circuitry Ian Batty
123Jan-1326History (Australia)CinemaMy Parent's Projection – cinema electronics John Williamson
123Jan-1331Book reviewMilitary"Wireless for the Warrior" – Louis Meulstee Trevor Bell
123Jan-1332MilitaryR-2A/ARR3WWII R-2A/Arr3 Airborne VHF/FM Radio Receiver Michael Kane
123Jan-1336RestorationAWA Empire SteThe Flooded Empire State Graham Donaldson
123Jan-1339MagazinesMagazines received – contents
123Jan-1340HRSAAwards30th Anniversary Awards pictured, co-ordinators remarks Bob Forbes
123Jan-1343AWACentenaryLetter: Centenary Function details Ross Stell
123Jan-1343HRSAAuctionsLetter: Deceased Estate sales format Brian Leckie
123Jan-1343HRSACrystal SetsMelbourne Crystal Set Competition Mike Osborne
123Jan-1344HeathkitHistoryHeathkit Legacy of Communications Equipment Pt 2 Malcolm Haskard
123Jan-1345AstorGPSRear cover inside – Advert: For 1955 Astor Portable Model GPS
123Jan-1346NationalWrist, TwistRear Cover – Advert: For 1972 National Wrist, Twist Radio R72
124Apr-130AWATVFront Cover – AWA TV console
124Apr-130PyeTechnicoFront Cover – Pye Technico 'Consolette' - c1957
124Apr-135Philips14TT 101Philips 17TT 101 Television set Owen Kemp
124Apr-1310RestorationTelevisionTelevision Service in the 1950s Ronald R Thomas
124Apr-1312OperaticAidaThe Restoration of Aida – Alistair Craill
124Apr-1314RestorationToolsSpecial Tools Ray Robinson
124Apr-1316ValvesBase IS-1Capt S R Mullard & the Interservice Valve base IS-1 Fin Stewart
124Apr-1318AstorBPJMy Favourite Radio – Astor BPJ Robert Wasley
124Apr-1320TheoryBiasA matter of Bias Ian Batty
124Apr-1328MuseumLauncestonAn interesting place to visit in Tassie Bob Forbes
124Apr-1329ProjectTelevisionB&W Television after analogue transmission stops Graeme Dennes
124Apr-1333ProfileEassonRadio Men and their Sheds – Jim Easson Tony Maher
124Apr-1334ProjectSignal TracerConstruction Project – Signal Tracer Bob Forbes
124Apr-1336RestorationSignal TracerUsing a Signal Tracer Warwick Woods
124Apr-1337HomebrewTelevisionA Home-made 5 inch TV Receiver John Phillips
124Apr-1338RecordingTelevisionHistory of Television Recording in Australia Andre Switzer
124Apr-1341RestorationTelevisionB&W Television Servicing – my experiences – Pt 1 John Williamson
124Apr-1345ProjectAM RadioA simple AM radio Ron Soutter
124Apr-1348MagazinesMagazines received – contents
124Apr-1349PhilipsKR576Rear cover inside – 1986 Philips Television &VCR Kevin Poulter
124Apr-1350AWATelevisionRear Cover – AWA 1970 space age television Kevin Poulter
125Jul-130AWARadiolaFront Cover – AWA Portable Radiola Super, model C25
125Jul-130AWAVariousFront Cover – Advert for 1954 Radiola domestic models
125Jul-135AWAHistoryAWA's Foundation Tony Griffiths
125Jul-137AWAHistoryErnest Fisk at AWA Jock Given
125Jul-139AWAHistoryThe Sealed Set debacle Colin MacKinnon
125Jul-1313AWAHistoryRadiola enters the Home John McIlwaine
125Jul-1315AWAHistoryDesign of AWA domestic radio receivers Neville Coffill
125Jul-1316AWAHistoryCar radio John McIlwaine
125Jul-1318AWAHistoryThe Marconi School of Wireless John McIlwaine
125Jul-1320AWAHistoryConsumer Product Engineering in AWA (1945-88) Colin Platt
125Jul-1322AWAHistoryAWA Production Post-War on the Ashfield Site Colin Platt
125Jul-1324AWAHistoryThe AWA Building at North Ryde Kevin A Long
125Jul-1326AWAHistoryAWA Valve Manufacture: The Australian Scene John McIlwaine
125Jul-1328AWAHistoryThe History of AWA Broadcasting John McIlwaine
125Jul-1329AWAHistoryReniniscences of living with AWA Equipment Peter Lankshear
125Jul-1332AWAHistoryThe Radiotron Designer's HandbookRoss Stell
125Jul-1335AWAHistorySome 1930s AWA Products (Photos)
125Jul-1336AWAHistoryThe History of AWV Semiconductors Mark Burgess
125Jul-1338AWAHistoryRationale of Design of AWA's first transisitor portable Graham Moore
125Jul-1340AWAHistoryAWA- The Transistor Years Ian Malcolm
125Jul-1342AWAHistoryManufacturers Special products (MSP) Graham Moore
125Jul-1344AWAHistoryAWA's Military Production Ray Robinson
125Jul-1352AWAHistoryAWA's Melbourne Reminiscences John Williamson
125Jul-1354AWAHistoryAWA Today... How it got here Jock Given
125Jul-1357AWAHistoryRear cover inside – Collage of AWA photographs
125Jul-1358AWAHistoryRear Cover – The AWA range in March 1953, celebrating 40 years
126Oct-130HMVVariousFront Cover – HMV Little Nipper advertisement of 1952
126Oct-130AWA879PFront Cover – AWA advertisement for first Australian transistor radio
126Oct-135Filter-Flex1927The Filter-Flex circa 1927 Jim Easson
126Oct-1310RestorationEngravingFilling Engraved Legends Ray Robinson
126Oct-1312MuseumLackieBrian Lackie Museum: Stage 2 official opening Barry Poor
126Oct-1314PhilipsModel MM2Philips Model MM2 Philadelphia Transistor Radio Ron Sharp
126Oct-1317HistoryTransistorsTransistors – People & Processes – Part 1 Ian Batty
126Oct-1330SteanePA amplifiersTwo 5W PA amplifiers by Steane's Sound Systems Graham Scott
126Oct-1334TelevisionA/D ConversionLetter: Analogue to Digital TV conversion John Hunter
126Oct-1335AstorBPJLetter: Circuit errors Astor BPJ & Key AP7681 Rodney Champness
126Oct-1336AWAHistoryLetter: Several commenting on AWA Issue 125
126Oct-1337AWARadarAWA's Military Output – Radar Ray Robinson
126Oct-1338Book reviewMilitary“Wireless at War” by Peter Jensen Malcolm Haskard
126Oct-1340ManufacturingHoffman (US)H Leslie Hoffman founder of Hoffman Radio Corp Ron Wesenberg
126Oct-1343ProfileRobertsonObituary: Bruce Robertson 1937-2012 Richard Begbie
126Oct-1343ProfileSmith-GoodeObituary: Alan Smith-Goode 1931-2013 Philip Renouf
126Oct-1343ProfileIngramObituary: Thomas Lewis Ingram 1932-2013 Keith Beeby
126Oct-1344ProfileYoungObituary: Bob Young 1932-2013 (Vintage Radio Club)
126Oct-1345BroadcastingHistoryBroadcast – The Cinderella of Radio Richard Begbie
126Oct-1348Book reviewBroadcasting“Broadcasting in Australia – 1923-4” by Ron Langhans Richard Begbie
126Oct-1349STCHistoryRear cover inside – STC Stereo-gram advertisement of 1960
126Oct-1350HotpointBandmasterRear Cover – Hotpoint advertisement of 1946
127Jan-140AstorVariousFront Cover – advertisement of February 1959
127Jan-140RadiofestAWA (USA)Front Cover – Dispays at the Antique Wireless Association meeting (US)
127Jan-145MilitaryWS-1 (UK)Wireless Set No 1 Ray Robinson
127Jan-1413GoblinClock radioThe Goblin Time Spot Clock Radio Harold Norrie
127Jan-1415RadiofestAWA (USA)The Antique Wireless Association (USA) Dan Bedford
127Jan-1418HistoryTransistorsTransistors – People & Processes – Part 2 Ian Batty
127Jan-1425ProfileNewsomeObituary: Rex Newsome 1932-2013 Richard Begbie
127Jan-1426ManufacturingEllsworthEllsworth Radio Mfg Co & Eric Anderson – engineer Ron Wesenberg
127Jan-1430AWATest gearAWA's military output: Test equipment Ray Robinson
127Jan-1433AstorHMQ, QNA Tale of two Astors (HMQ & QN) Richard Wood
127Jan-1436RestorationTelevisionB&W Television Servicing – my experiences – Pt 2 John Williamson
127Jan-1439MiscellaneousInterferenceRadio Interference from LED Lights Keith J Stenhouse
127Jan-1440MagazinesMagazines received – contents
127Jan-1442HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistors – People & Processes – errors – Part 1 Ian Batty
127Jan-1444ValvesRe-juvenatingRejuvenating Thoriated Tungsten Tubes Norman Leal
127Jan-1445HRSAMeetingRear Cover: Bill's Garden party, December 2013 – HRSA (VIC)
127Jan-1446HRSAProjectRear Cover: HRSA Construction Project entries 2013
128Apr-140HealingGolden VoiceFront Cover – advertisement of January 1946
128Apr-140HealingVariousFront Cover – advertisements of Apr/Jul 1953
128Apr-145Healing401E1946 Healing 401E kitchen radio Graham Parslow
128Apr-1410RestorationCapacitorsOld for Old capacitors David Oliver
128Apr-1412History (military)AWAAWA's Military Research Ray Robinson
128Apr-1413ProfileElliottRichard Elliott – Memoir of a misspent radio youth Richard Begbie
128Apr-1417ProjectMeterDesigning a simple amp and voltmeter Graeme Dennes
128Apr-1418ProjectFM for AM setFM from your AM radio Bob Forbes
128Apr-1420Book reviewElwell"Cyril Frank Elwell” by Ian L Sanders Richard Begbie
128Apr-1421HRSAPaymentsWrong methods of paying your subscription Jim Easson
128Apr-1422MilitaryWS-128WS-128 Backpack Transceiver Ray Robinson
128Apr-1431TheoryTransistorsTransistors – Characteristics – Part 1 Ian Batty
128Apr-1440Filter-Flex1927The Filter-Flex story 2 Jim Easson
128Apr-1444MiscellaneousLED HashLetter: LED Hash/noise Bob Forbes
128Apr-1444MilitaryWS-1 (UK)Letter: Two corrections Ray Robinson
128Apr-1444HistoryAstorLetter: Material needed to revise Astor book Jim Easson
128Apr-1445KreislerRadiogramRear Cover: – advertisement for radiogram of May 1953
128Apr-1446BrunetPhonesRear Cover: advertisement for Brunet phones of December 1926
129Jul-140AstorGSFront Cover – Astor, 'Widow's peak' GS radio
129Jul-140PhilipsVariousFront Cover – 1949 advertisement for various Philips radios
129Jul-145History (Australia)SSB transceiversAn SSB story – covers Telecom SSB transceivers 1975 Hugh Paton
129Jul-149Crystal SetsVariometerA Variometer Crystal Set Fred Franklin
129Jul-1411Steinite9901927 Steinite 990 Series Restoration Peter Eldridge
129Jul-1416RestorationDecalsHow to make white Decals Ray Robinson
129Jul-1419TheoryDual voltageSelector in Dual Voltage AC/DC power supplies Graeme Dennes
129Jul-1420HRSABattery setsRadio Picnic Day – battery models competition
129Jul-1422ProjectPortablesA Portable Picnic Day – various models compared Bruce Moyle
129Jul-1428ProjectSignal TracerSignal Tracer - project competition winner Peter Caprin
129Jul-1430ProfileEassonJim Easson – He wanted to be an accountant Richard Begbie
129Jul-1434RestorationCapacitorsLetter: Old for Old capacitors Marc Chick
129Jul-1435MarconiCR-100Mystery Radio? (Ron Sharp) – appears to be naval CR-100 (indexer)
129Jul-1436History (military)AWALetter: AWA's Military Research Ross Stell
129Jul-1437AstorHistoryLetter: Early Astor Radios – Help needed Jim Easson
129Jul-1438TheoryTransistorsTransistors – Characteristics – Part 2Ian Batty
129Jul-1447MagazinesMagazines received – contents
129Jul-1449PhilipsWWII radioRear Cover: – advertisement by Philips re- WWII underground radio
129Jul-1450Philips101, 108Rear Cover: 1947 advertisement for Philips Models 101 and 108
130Oct-140MarconiMark III receiverFront Cover – WWI Marconi crystal receiver Mark III
130Oct-140HRSARadiofestFront Cover – Photos from the September 2014 RadioFest
130Oct-145HMVStereogramsFour HMV stereograms and stereo AM in Australia Graham Parslow
130Oct-1411History (Australia)TelevisionColour TV in Australia – Part 1 Graeme Dennes
130Oct-1416AWARadiolette 27AWA Radiolettee Model 27 Receiver Ray Robinson
130Oct-1419ProfileRosengreenObituary: Athol Rosengreen John Carroll
130Oct-1420TheoryDual voltageLetter: Selector in Dual Voltage AC/DC power supplies John Mackie
130Oct-1420MilitaryAWA 101Letter: From Darwin to Adelaide on a 101 John Wagener
130Oct-1421TelevisionServicingLetter: Early TV Servicing Mike Griffiths
130Oct-1421AstorBookLetter: Astor Book one – help still wanted Jim Easson
130Oct-1421HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Temperature Symbols Ross Stell
130Oct-1422MilitaryBC-1206On the gentle art of NDB listening and the BC-1206 David Brown
130Oct-1425RestorationPaintworkHandy Hint on Paintwork – wrinkle finish Manfred Nagel
130Oct-1425MagazinesMagazines received – contents
130Oct-1426ValvesSolid stateSolid-state replacement for early valves Mike Osborne
130Oct-1430AstorDQPThe Astor DQP Bob Forbes
130Oct-1432MilitaryBC-312BC-312 Receiver Ray Robinson
130Oct-1441HRSARadiofestAnother Radio Fest to remember Richard Begbie
130Oct-1442ProfileMaherTony Maher: A well deserved life membership Richard Begbie
130Oct-1443ProfileLackieBrian Lackie: A well deserved life membership Richard Begbie
130Oct-1445HRSARadiofestRear Cover – Photos from the September 2014 RadioFest
130Oct-1446ManufacturingEnglandRear Cover – Radio production in England in 1934
131Jan-150Airzone550Front Cover – Green Airzone model 550
131Jan-150Project1-valveFront Cover – 1-valve project entries
131Jan-155ElectrosoundModel 414-1The Electrosound model 414-1 steel cased mantel Alistair Craill
131Jan-159ProjectSmall partsCasting small parts Ray Robinson
131Jan-1514KingsleyAR7Restoring a Kingsley AR7 receiver David Brown
131Jan-1518History (Australia)TelevisionColour TV in Australia – Part 2 Graeme Dennes
131Jan-1523ProfileOakleyObituary: Ken Oakley Richard Begbie
131Jan-1523ProfileWaltersObituary: John Walters Philip Renouf
131Jan-1524HomebrewMaerstroThe Little Maestro mantel - homebrew or commercial? Tony Smith
131Jan-1526HistorySuperhetThe Superheterodyne – A History– Part 1 Ian Batty
131Jan-1535RadametaSignal GeneratorRadameta Signal Generator Bob Forbes
131Jan-1537Project1-valve1-valve competition prizewinners
131Jan-1538HumourLetter: Email addresses Richard Elliott
131Jan-1538TheoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Characteristics John Crawford
131Jan-1539RestorationCapacitorsLetter: Replacing leaky capacitors Rodney Champness
131Jan-1539HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Temperature Symbols – correction Ross Stell
131Jan-1539History (Australia)TelevisionLetter: British and American TV standards John Hunter
131Jan-1542Project1-valveBuilding the compactron Unicorn – a winning entry Bert Pitt
131Jan-1545Project1-valveRear Cover – 1-valve project entries
131Jan-1546ValvesOsramRear Cover – Osram valve poster – 1920s?
132Apr-151PresidentReportFrom the President
132Apr-152HRSADetailsHRSA Details
132Apr-153HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
132Apr-154HRSANewsSociety News
132Apr-155HistorySuperhetHistory of the Superhet Part 2
132Apr-1510LettersUX201/CX301 substitutes. The Little Maestro. Replacing old Caps
132Apr-1513CompetitionRestorationHRSA Contest for 2015
132Apr-1514MilitaryTelephoneThe DIIl Telephone Ray Robinson
132Apr-1517ObituariesJ De Haas and L Whittle
132Apr-1518Freed EisemannNR7Freed Eisemann Radio Cabinet Restoration Stan Snyders
132Apr-1521HRSAMuseumAustralian Radio Museum Kevin Poulter
132Apr-1522HistoryRolaHistory of Rola Peter O'Neill
132Apr-1525HistoryBroadcastingA Sermon by Radio
132Apr-1526HistoryPOWTwo men and a Secret Wireless Richard Begbie
132Apr-1531RestorationVariousNot quite right Radios Graham Parslow
132Apr-1533CompetitionResultsCrystal set competition results
132Apr-1534Competition1 ValveUnicorn One-Valve Superhet Radio Laurie Harris
132Apr-1536AstorDPMAstor DPM Restoration Bob Forbes
132Apr-1538MilitaryARN7The ARN7 Compass ReceiverDavid Brown
132Apr-1541Book ReviewBook Reviews
132Apr-1542MagazinesMagazines Received
133Jul-151PresidentReportFrom the President
133Jul-152HRSADetailsHRSA Details
133Jul-154HRSANewsSociety News
133Jul-155Stromberg Carlson5A391950 Stromberg Carlson Model 5A39 Graham Parslow
133Jul-1510CompetitionResultsRadio Picnic Results
133Jul-1512RayodyneC15The Rayodyne Model C15 Series A Jim Easson
133Jul-1514CompetitionRadio IndentificationRadio Identification Competition
133Jul-1515RestorationValveAn Experimental Fix for Philips RF Valves Marcus Chick
133Jul-1516HistoryMilitaryW.A.S. Butement: Radio and Radar Pioneer Ray Robinson
133Jul-1521MembersNewsNew Members
133Jul-1522TutorialAutodyneAn Introduction to the Autodyne Superhet Receiver Graeme Dennes
133Jul-1525HistoryTM ValveDevelopment of the TM Type Valve Peter Hadgraft
133Jul-1526BlaupunktWR1/PWR1/P Amenities Radio Ray Robinson
133Jul-1533ProfileBuxtonObituary Simon Buxton
133Jul-1534LettersLetters to the Editor
133Jul-1536Book ReviewSW ReceiversShortwave Receivers Past and Present
133Jul-1537ProfileSydney GeorgeSid's Story Alistair Craill
133Jul-1540ConstructionOne ValveAn Unusual One Valve Radio Rod Humphris
134Oct-151PresidentReportFrom the President
134Oct-152HRSADetailsHRSA Details
134Oct-154HRSANewsSociety News
134Oct-155RepairVariometerVariometer Repair Ray Robinson
134Oct-1510CompetitionWinnerRadio Identification Competition
134Oct-1511Tasma1105Tasma 1947-1950 Model 1105 Graham Parslow
134Oct-1518TutorialPower Supplies and BiasingTransistor Radios: Power Supplies and Biasing Ian Batty
134Oct-1529ConstructionFrequency CounterA Quick and Easy Frequency Counter Bob Forbes
134Oct-1530ProfileGerry WellsGerry Wells 1929-2014 Ray Robinson
134Oct-1532HistoryG Henry's Radio ShopMemories of other Days Keith Carswell
134Oct-1533ProfileIan DuanConfessions of a Sailor Richard Begbie
134Oct-1537RestorationUltrasonic CleaningUltrasonic Cleaning Graham Parslow
134Oct-1538LettersLetters to the Editor
134Oct-1542PyroxCWR-P2The Pyrox Magnetic Wire Recorder Model CWR-P2Paul Gardiner
135Jan-161PresidentReportFrom the President
135Jan-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
135Jan-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
135Jan-164HRSANewsSociety News
135Jan-165FMHistory (Australia)Australia's Early FM ExperimentsWarren Lane
135Jan-1610CrosleyJM-8The Crosley JM-8 Hybrid Book Novelty RadioBruce Wilke
135Jan-1615FessendenHistoryThe Amazing Mr FessendenTony Thompson
135Jan-1624AstorKPAstor 1948 Model KPGraham Parslow
135Jan-1628TheoryTransistor RadiosTransistor radios - The Audio StagesIan Batty
135Jan-1636CompetitionConstructionConstruction Project A Simple two Valve RadioMike Osborne
135Jan-1638Book ReviewConsole RadiosConsole Radios of the Empire 1929-1940Laurie Harris
135Jan-1639Serviceman501Airzone - An Old Radio Repaired
135Jan-1642How ToRerstorationUgly AWA KnobsManfred Nagel
135Jan-1643MembersNewsNew Members
135Jan-1644LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
135Jan-1648CompetitionResultsRadio Restoration
136Apr-161PresidentReportFrom the President
136Apr-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
136Apr-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
136Apr-164HRSANewsSociety News
136Apr-165Car RadioHistoryCar Radio - From the BeginningRichard Begbie
136Apr-1610Serviceman900AWA - A Silent Car Radio
136Apr-16FerrisHistory (Australia)Ferris Car RadioRichard Begbie
136Apr-1613FerrisConverterFerris Car radio FM to AM Converter
136Apr-1614RCARadiola IIIRestoration of the RCA Radiola IIIPeter Caprin
136Apr-1617CrammondSchools RadioRestoration of a Crammond Schools RadioRoland Clark
136Apr-1618HotpointB64MERestoration of a Hotpoint Bandmaster B64MEJohn Mackintosh
136Apr-1620AWA517MRestoration of an AWA 517MGraham Parslow
136Apr-1622TheoryTransistor RadiosTransistor Radios - Converters and IF StagesIan Batty
136Apr-1627RestorationHintCovering Small Rust Spots on ChassisRod Humphris
136Apr-1627MembersNewsNew members
136Apr-1628ProfileOn the CircuitKevin PoulterRichard Begbie
136Apr-1632ProjectSweeperA Simple Low Cost RF Sweep GeneratorGeoff Holland
136Apr-1636TheoryCar RadioNew Car Radio TechnologyMark Schembri
136Apr-1638HitachiTM-816UHitachi Car/Portable AM BC 8 Transistor Radio
136Apr-1639HistoryA New Arrangement of AntennaRadio News 1923
136Apr-1639CompetitionResultsCrystal Set Competition
136Apr-1640CompetitionConstructionA Simple Two Valve Radio Part 2Mike Osborne
136Apr-1643MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
136Apr-1644LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
136Apr-1648ProfileDoweObituary: Doug DoweKevin Poulter
137Jul-161PresidentReportFrom the President
137Jul-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
137Jul-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
137Jul-164HRSANewsSociety News
137Jul-165Stromberg Carlson888Stromberg Carlson Radio Model 188Paul Gardiner
137Jul-1612RCAAR-1264An RCA ThereminEvan Murfett
137Jul-1614ServicemanTransformersServiceman: Those Troublesome Trannies
137Jul-1616DELCO RadioPRC-64AThe PRC-64A HF Transmitter ReceiverRay Robinson
137Jul-1623ProfileBattyRadiomen and their Sheds: Ian BattyTony Maher
137Jul-1624ProfileHallSteve Hall - The Man and his Radio CollectionJohn Murt
137Jul-1626RestorationAsbestosAdios AsbestosManfred Nagel
137Jul-1627RestorationTimberWood in the Days of BakeliteDavid Bond
137Jul-1628Stromberg Carlsen51A12Stromberg Carlsen Radio 51A12 (1951)Graham Parslow
137Jul-1632EkcoBAW 98Ekco BAW98 RadioTony Smith
137Jul-1635ProfileGill and Scott DouglasObituaries: Ted Gill and Alan Scott Douglas
137Jul-1636BrevilleZBA 431My first Multimeter - 73 years onMorris Odell
137Jul-1639MembersNewsNew Members
137Jul-1640HistorySA BranchIn the Beginning (SA Group)Tony Bell
137Jul-1642LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
137Jul-1643MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
137Jul-1643CompetitionIdentificationRadio Identification Competition
137Jul-1644CompetitionResultsFarm Radio Competition Results
137Jul-1646AWAB33AWA B33 Tuning Condenser TroublesJim Greig
137Jul-1648ProfileSheardObituary: John Sheard
138Oct-161PresidentReportFrom the President
138Oct-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
138Oct-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
138Oct-164HRSANewsSociety News
138Oct-165History (Australia)TelevisionA Television SpecialPeter Jensen
138Oct-166ProfileParslowRadio Men and their Sheds: Graham ParslowTony Maher
138Oct-167RestorationUnknown"Digger" RadioAlistair Craill
138Oct-1610AstorECASTOR Mickey Grill Cloth ReplacementPhilip Leahy
138Oct-1613Classic13 CL"Classic" Restoration SagaPaul Cambie
138Oct-1619RepairPCBSoldering on Printed Circuit BoardsRod Humphris
138Oct-1623KingsleyKF/C6Kingsley KF/C6 6 Meter ConverterRay Robinson
138Oct-1626ServicemanHumServiceman: Hum Tracing
138Oct-1628DELCO RadioPRC-64ABattery Replacement for the PRC-64A
138Oct-1631MembersNewsNew Members
138Oct-1631MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
138Oct-1631CompetitionResultsRadio Identification: Winners
138Oct-1632AdvanceE2"Advance" E2 RF Signal GeneratorRon Sharp
138Oct-1637Ferris90Ferris 90 Car Valve PortableOwen Kemp
138Oct-1644LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
138Oct-1647ProfileEllis and LloydObituaries: Doug Ellis; Leo Lloyd
139Jan-171PresidentReportFrom the President
139Jan-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
139Jan-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
139Jan-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
139Jan-174HRSANewsFrom the Treasurer
139Jan-175MuseumSPARCA Canadian Radio MuseumIan Johnston and Greg Whiter
139Jan-178AWAR52GWA Rare AWA RadioJohn McIlwaine
139Jan-1710SterlingSparkTransmitter W/T No. 1Ray Robinson
139Jan-1716Traeger"Baby" TransceiverTraeger Pedal Radio ReplicaIan Johnston
139Jan-1718GecophoneSmoker's CabinetGecophone RadioEvan Murfett
139Jan-1720MembersNewsNew Members
139Jan-1720MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
139Jan-1721ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery RadiosRodney Champness
139Jan-1724LettersEditorLetter to the Editor
139Jan-1725ProfileBarlinObituary: George Barlin
139Jan-1728HistoryAerialsThe Aerial and EarthR.C.V. Humphery
139Jan-1730HistoryProgramsStay TunedPhilip Adams
139Jan-1731CompetitionResultsConstruction Project ResultsMike Osborne
139Jan-1732HistoryVolume ControlThe History of the Volume ControlMike Osborne
139Jan-1737ServicemanKP-200Serviceman: A Kingsley Record Player
139Jan-1738AdvanceE2Improving the Advance Signal GeneratorRoss Stell
139Jan-1740ConstructionCrystal SetA Twenty-first Century Crystal SetTony Maher
140Apr-171PresidentReportFrom the President
140Apr-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
140Apr-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
140Apr-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
140Apr-175Philips132Philips Radio 132Graham Parslow
140Apr-1710TelefunkenE52Telefunken E52 Military RadioRay Koularas
140Apr-1715HistoryAstor MickeyAstor Mickey vs Disney CorporationKevin Poulter
140Apr-1716RestorationMeterRestoring Meter DialsKeith Stenhouse
140Apr-1718AWA712 CAWA 712 Console RadioReg Gauci
140Apr-1722RestorationLeather CaseNew Leather Cases for Transistor RadiosRod Humphris
140Apr-1723HRSADisclaimerDisclaimer and Warning
140Apr-1724ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery Radios Part 2Rodney Champness
140Apr-1732MembersNewsNew Members
140Apr-1733ServicemanTuning FaultServiceman: Tuning Fault
140Apr-1733MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
140Apr-1734HistoryAustralian RadioAustralian Radio TimelinesBruce Carty
140Apr-1736HistoryRadio on TitanicWireless and the RMS TitanicPeter Jensen
140Apr-1744ConstructionCrystal SetTwenty-first Century Crystal Sets part 2Tony Maher
140Apr-1747LettersEditorLetter to the Editor
140Apr-1748Music Masters535Shabby ChicFred Franklin
141Jul-171PresidentReportFrom the President
141Jul-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
141Jul-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
141Jul-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
141Jul-175ConstructionCompetitionA Two Valve RadioRon Barnes
141Jul-177MembersNewsNew Members
141Jul-178Airmec871The Airmec 871 Signal GeneratorRay Robinson
141Jul-1714MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
141Jul-1715HistoryBroadcastingThe ABC Open Day in DarwinFred Franklin
141Jul-1716Scharnberg Strauss71The Jukebox 'StraussAlistair Craill
141Jul-1718PersonalPortablesFour Personal PortablesDavid Bond
141Jul-1720PhilipsTinniesPhilips Portable Valve Radios 1948-57Graham Parslow
141Jul-1726ServicemanHPM and B17The Old and the New
141Jul-1727CompetitionWinRadio Identification Competition
141Jul-1728CompetitionResultsBattery-Powered TRF CompetitionIan Batty
141Jul-1730HotpointM65MEDon't Plug it In!Daniel Flakelar
141Jul-1732ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery Radios Part 3Rodney Champness
141Jul-1738ProfileJohnstonOn the Circuit: Ian JohnstonRichard Begbie
141Jul-1742TransportaAllThe Transporta RadiosLaurie Harris
141Jul-1743DELCO RadioAN/PRC-64ABattery Power for the AN/PRC 64APeter Jensen
141Jul-1747ReportCrystal SetCrystal Set ReportRod Williams
141Jul-1751HistoryHRSA NSWHistory of the HRSA in NSWJohn McIlwaine
142Oct-171PresidentReportFrom the President
142Oct-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
142Oct-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
142Oct-174HRSANewsSociety News
142Oct-175MilitarySCR-522The Restoration of T/R SCR-522Ray Poularas
142Oct-179ComponentsSpeaker TransformerSpeaker Transformer ReplacementRod Humphris
142Oct-1710HistoryRolaRola NightsMaxwell Johnson
142Oct-1711MembersNewsNew Members
142Oct-1712DiasonP58A Rejuvenated Diason PortableJim Easson
142Oct-1715RestorationTipsBakelite PolishingManfred Nagel
142Oct-1716MilitaryBC-342The BC-342 Communications ReceiverJim Greig
142Oct-1721ServicemanCN-396AReviving the Vidor
142Oct-1723ProfileBraidA Radio Man's CollectionRod Williams
142Oct-1725HistoryNational PanasonicNational Radio (Japan)Kevin Poulter
142Oct-1728BookWritingPublish and Nearly PerishPeter Jensen
142Oct-1731LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
142Oct-1732CompetitionResultsRadio Identification Competition Results
142Oct-1733MilitaryBC-611BC-611 InverterRay Robinson
142Oct-1738HistoryBarraBarra Project: My InvolvementPeter Martin
142Oct-1739HomebrewTest GearA Homebuilt Battery TesterBob Forbes
143Jan-181PresidentReportFrom the President
143Jan-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
143Jan-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
143Jan-184HRSANewsSociety News
143Jan-185HomebrewTRFHome Brew PickupJim Easson
143Jan-188CompetitionResults35th Anniversary Award Winners
143Jan-188LetterEditorLetter to the Editor
143Jan-189HistoryPioneersRadio Pioneers of AustraliaBruce Carty
143Jan-1811MilitaryMCR1MCR1 Radio (Type 36/1)Ray Robinson
143Jan-1818Healing401BThe Healing 401B ReceiverGraham Parslow
143Jan-1823AuctionDetailsOn the Circuit: Lou Albert's SaleRichard Begbie
143Jan-1827ServicemanKLServiceman: Astor KL RadioMichael Justin
143Jan-1829Transporta7 RFRTV&H Transporta 7 RFIan Batty
143Jan-1832AVOTest GearThe AVO Test BridgeKen Brooks
143Jan-1836AWA581AWA 581PZ and 581PY RadiosJim Greig
143Jan-1839MembersNewsNew Members
143Jan-1840CollectionPlastic CabinetsPolystyrene Plastic Radio CabinetsBruce Wilkie
143Jan-1845CartoonSocial Isolation by Technology
143Jan-1846HistoryVideo TapeVideo EditingAndre Switzer
144Apr-181PresidentReportFrom the President
144Apr-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
144Apr-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
144Apr-184HRSANewsSociety News
144Apr-185CollectionDisposalWhither your Radio Collection?George Newlands
144Apr-188Scharnberg Strauss52Scharnberg Strauss Model 52Graham Parslow
144Apr-1812HistoryAerialsAntarctic AerialsJohn Gillies
144Apr-1817ProfileColemanRobert ColemanKevin Poulter
144Apr-1818Sachsenwerk383WKSachsenwerk Olympia 383 WRRobert McGregor
144Apr-1823HRSANewsTwo Life Memberships awarded
144Apr-1824CompetitionResults2017 Crystal Set competitionIan Batty
144Apr-1825How to RestorationRestorarion or "Ruination"Philip Leahy
144Apr-1829Military1-1771-177 Valve TesterRay Robinson
144Apr-1838ProfileMurfett"All in the Family": Evan MurfettRichard Begbie
144Apr-1841ProjectTwo ValveHRSA Radio ConstructionWarwick Woods
144Apr-1845LetterEditorLetters to the Editor
144Apr-1847ServicemanVariousThe Serviceman who Tells
144Apr-1848MembersNewsNew Members
145Jul-181PresidentReportFrom the President
145Jul-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
145Jul-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
145Jul-184HRSANewsSociety News
145Jul-185HistoryRadioFirst Official Wireless Message UK to AustraliaColin MacKinnon
145Jul-1812How toRestorationHow to repair HandlesRay Robinson
145Jul-1813Scharnberg Strauss1936Scharnberg Strauss Art Deco Console RestorationPhilip Leahy
145Jul-1820AWA500MYAWA Radiolette 500MYJim Greig
145Jul-1823STC831STC 1941 Model 831Graham Parslow
145Jul-1829AegisSpeakerExtension Speaker Remote ControlBrian Goldsmith
145Jul-1830HomebrewAmplifierStereo Walkman Valve AmplifierStephen Kandilotis
145Jul-1832ProfileJohn MontgomeryRadio Man and his collection John MontgomeryJohn McIlwaine
145Jul-1835HistoryReceiversShips' Wireless ReceiversJohn McIlwaine
145Jul-1837CompetitionResultsHRSA Picnic and competitionLaurie Harris
145Jul-1842HMV660HMV Model 660 (1940)Tony Smith
145Jul-1844MembersNewsNew Members
145Jul-1844MagazinesReceivedMagazines ReceivedSanjay Jain
146Oct-181PresidentReportFrom the President
146Oct-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
146Oct-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
146Oct-184HRSANewsSociety News
146Oct-185HistoryEarly WirelessSpark and Early Wireless CommunicationDr Peter Jensen
146Oct-1810Mystery RadioMystery Radio
146Oct-1811MonarchDKLIdentical Twins in Different ClothingGraham Parslow
146Oct-18Peter PanGKL
146Oct-1816HistoryGecophonePart 1 - 1922-1925Evan Murfett
146Oct-1819RestorationCorrosionRepairing Battery CorrosionRod Humphris
146Oct-1822MilitaryT1154Rotary Power Supplies types 32 and 34Ray Robinson
146Oct-1829ServicemanA Speaker Problem
146Oct-1832How to InterferenceRadio InterferenceRob Gregor
146Oct-1837HistoryCrystalCrystal ManufactureRay Robinson
146Oct-1839HintSpeaker Cable WiringRod Humphris
146Oct-1840LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
146Oct-1843History (Australia)AWAAWA Radiolas in New ZealandJohn McIlwaine
146Oct-1844MagazinesMagazines receivedSanjay Jain
147Jan-191PresidentReportFrom the President
147Jan-192HRSADetailsHRSA Details
147Jan-193HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
147Jan-194HRSANewsSociety News
147Jan-195HistoryEarly WirelessSpark and Early Wireless Communication (Pt 2)Dr Peter Jensen
147Jan-1911MagazinesMagazines ReceivedSanjay Jain
147Jan-1912HistoryAWAAWA Export Models 1946-1958John McIlwaine
147Jan-1913HistoryGecophonePart 2 - One and Two Valve ReceiversEvan Murfett
147Jan-1916MilitaryCRV-52233ATB TransmitterRay Robinson
147Jan-1933ConstructionCompetitionBuild a Radio having at least three valves
147Jan-1936ProfileTony MaherTony MaherRichard Begbie
147Jan-1938General Electric1949 Farm RadioGeneral Electric 1949 Farm RadioGraham Parslow
147Jan-1942HistoryFarm RadiosFarm Radios working from 110 voltsMichael Justin
147Jan-1943ServicemanA Shocking Experience
148Apr-190Inside CoverPicturesque Walhalla
148Apr-191PresidentReportFrom the President
148Apr-192HRSADetailsHRSA Details
148Apr-193HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
148Apr-194HRSANewsSociety News
148Apr-195HistoryAtwater KentAuthur Atwater Kent and his RadiosPeter Lankshear
148Apr-1914HistoryAtwater KentAtwater kent: Ten Short YearsBritish Vintage Wireless Society Bulletin
148Apr-1918PalecVCT-2The Palec VCT-2 Valve TesterJim Greig
148Apr-1926ConstructionConnectorsStandard ConnectorsRay Robinson
148Apr-1930HistoryGecophonePart 3 - Three, Four and Five Valve ReceiversEvan Murfett
148Apr-1934Genalex888Genalex 1946 Portable Medel 888Graham Parslow
148Apr-1939ComponentsDial BulbsRadio Panel Lamps - Dial BulbsFin Stewart
148Apr-1941ConstructionValve TesterA Solid State Valve TesterCraig Harrison
148Apr-1947ServicemanFaulty Mica CapacitorsMichael Justin
148Apr-1949Lesam115Don't Cry for me LesamBob Forbes
148Apr-1950LettersLetters to the editorVarious
148Apr-1952Magazines ReceivedMagazines Received Sanjay Jain, Jim Greig
149Jul-191PresidentReportFrom the President
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149Jul-194HRSANewsSociety News
149Jul-195HistorySouth AustraliaReminiscingGraham Parslow
149Jul-199ConstructionTransformersTransformer Design, Construction and TheoryEd Dinning
149Jul-1912HistoryRadioWho Invented Radio?Ian Batty
149Jul-1919RepairRadioStep by Step Radio RepairGerry O'Hara (Canadian Vintage Radios)
149Jul-1922AstorCenturionA Radiogram from across the TasmanAlistair Craill
149Jul-1928RestorationVibratorRefurbishing a VibratorRoss Stell
149Jul-1930AWAR74-C128A.W.A.'s first Car radioJohn McIlwaine
149Jul-1932ServicemanSolid State VibratorVibrator ReplacementPhilip Leahy
149Jul-1933ConstructionVibrator TestVibrator Test PanelJohn Hunter
149Jul-1937HistoryGecophonePart 4 - AmplifiersEvan Murfett
149Jul-1939BrunswickPanatropeBrunswick Panatrope the First Electric GramophonePeter Phillips
149Jul-1948LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
149Jul-1948MagazinesMagazines ReceivedJim Greig
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150Oct-192HRSADetailsHRSA Details
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150Oct-194HRSANewsSociety News
150Oct-195MilitaryMarconiMarconi Flexible ReceiverRay Robinson
150Oct-1913PealP6641AMy First Radio RestorationJohn Wright
150Oct-1916History (Australia)Television Television and the Demise of the 17 inch ScreenOwen Kemp
150Oct-1922Video Tape RecordingHistoryPart 1 - Two inch QuadruplexIan Batty, Andre Switzer
150Oct-1931ProfileBill ThomasMy Radio CareerBill Thomas
150Oct-1932History (Australia)Overland TelegraphThe Largest Circuit of AllRichard Begbie
150Oct-1936General ElectricMR1General Electric Model MR1Graham Parslow
150Oct-1942HistoryGecophonePart 5 - AccessoriesEven Murfett
150Oct-1947General Radio1562-AReplacing a Thermistor - Not a Trivial ExerciseMorris Odell
151Jan-201PresidentReportFrom the President
151Jan-202HRSADetailsHRSA Details
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151Jan-204HRSANewsSociety News
151Jan-205MilitaryRavenProject RavenRay Robinson
151Jan-209HistoryPanasonicPart 1 - Some Early National (Panasonic) RadiosJim Greig
151Jan-2014ProfileBill VerrallBill Verrall John Crawford
151Jan-2015Book ReviewWireless without WorryLet Who Will Use ValvesRichard Begbie
151Jan-2016History TelevisionA Message from the MoonAndre Switzer
151Jan-2020Weston695The Weston Model 695 Power Level IndicatorBob Forbes
151Jan-2021ConstructionWilliamson AmplifierThe Williamson Amplifier RevisitedWal Watters
151Jan-2025RadioFestGadget Guy visits Radio FestThomas Bartlett
151Jan-2027RCAARC 834Service Bench: Mending a Mobile TurntableBob Forbes
151Jan-2030AWAR74Restoration of an AWA R74 Car Radio Power SupplyJohn Hunter
151Jan-2038HistoryVideo Tape RecordingPart 2 - Helical ScanIan Batty, Andre Switzer
151Jan-2048LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
152Apr-201PresidentReportFrom the President
152Apr-202HRSADetailsHRSA Details
152Apr-203HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
152Apr-205ProfileMike OsborneMike Osborne: A TributeKevin Poulter
152Apr-208RadifestHow We have Grown: Radiofest Canberra 2019Richard Begbie
152Apr-2010LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
152Apr-2011GecophoneBC33001924 Gecophone BC3300 - The Holey GrailEvan Murfett
152Apr-2016HistoryAircraft Radio CorporationTubes, Transistors and TakeoversGordon Eliot White
152Apr-2021TasmaM270Looking Back: Tasma M270 Monster Console 1935John McIlwaine
152Apr-2025ConstructionDim Bulb TesterAn In-series current limiting radio/amplifier testerRod Humphris
152Apr-2026Video Tape RecordingHistoryPart 3 - Cassette SystemsIan Batty, Andre Switzer
152Apr-2034HistoryPanasonicPart 2 - Early National (Panasonic) Transistor RadiosJim Greig
152Apr-2038SpeakerRepairReplacement of Early Speaker ConePhilip Leahy
152Apr-2041HotpointZ55MEHotpoint Model Z55ME and AWA Model 573MAGraham Parslow
152Apr-2047Restoration5 ValveThe Fossil FiveAlistair Craill
152Apr-2052CompetitionResultsConstruction Project 2019
152Apr-2054ConstructionSignal InjectorThe Signal Injector RevisitedBob Forbes
152Apr-2055CompetitionDetailsHRSA Club Project 2020 The Harkness Reflex
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153Jul-204MagazinesMagazines ReceivedJim Greig
153Jul-205HistoryRadiosondesRadiosondesRodney Champness, Ian Batty
153Jul-209HistoryPanasonicPart 3 - Some Early National (Panasonic) RadiosJim Greig
153Jul-2013HistoryVideo Tape RecordingPart 4 - Video Cassette RecordersIan Batty, Andre Switzer
153Jul-2021AWAB29Service Bench: A whisteling AWA B29 Transistor Radio
153Jul-2023ConstructionSteam GeneratorA Steam Powered RadioDavid Brown
153Jul-2025AWAR74-C128Part 2 - A.W.A.'s first Car radioJohn McIlwaine
153Jul-2026LettersLetters to the EditorVarious
153Jul-2027ConstructionAntennaConventional / Non Conventional long Wire AntennasRob Gregor
153Jul-2033ConstructionLeakage TesterSimple Visual Leakage Tester for Non Polarised HV CapsMarc Chick
153Jul-2034Airzone?609?An Interesting Radio from Martins WellRichard Wood
153Jul-2038LoeweOE333The Loewe OE333 3-in-one valve plus its RadioRod Humphris
153Jul-2041EkcoAD75Echoes (Ekcos) from the PastRay Hoskin
153Jul-2044PyeRancheroAustralian Pye Ranchero radiosGraham Parslow
153Jul-2049Mullard651ARestoring a Mullard 651AMorris Odell
153Jul-2052Breville20The Breville 20Philip Leahy
154Oct-201PresidentReportFrom the President
154Oct-202HRSADetailsHRSA Details
154Oct-203HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
154Oct-205HistoryBealeLooking Back: Beale RadiosJohn McIlwaine
154Oct-206ValveRThe British R ValveFin Stewart
154Oct-2010SafetySafety First
154Oct-2011Taylor45CTaylor 45C Valve TesterBob Forbes
154Oct-2014Short Wave CraftA Three Valve RadioWal Peters
154Oct-2015Stromberg Carlson5B15Restoring a Stromberg-Carlson 5B15 Battery Valve MantelRodney Champness
154Oct-2020Stromberg Carlson79TII1959 Stromberg Carlson 7 Transistor Model 79TIIGraham Parslow
154Oct-2024LettersLetters to the Editor
154Oct-2025AstorAPNThe Astor APNJim Greig
154Oct-2029Anthony HordenUniAdventures with the "Uni" Pushbutton Tuning RadioDavid Bond
154Oct-2031TestingReceiver SensitivityFerrite Rod or loop Antenne-equipped Receiver TestingGraeme Dennes
154Oct-2039HistoryRandwick WirelessThe True Story of the Randwick Wireless Works Part 1Brian Kirkby
154Oct-2046ConstructionTest SpeakerA Univeral Test LoudspeakerMervyn Moore
154Oct-2051HistoryBroadcastA Century of BroadcastRichard Begbie
154Oct-2056Stromberg Carlson78T11Service Bench: A Sorry Strommie
155Jan-211PresidentReportFrom the President
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155Jan-215History (Australia)AWALooking Back: Linking Up Empire PossessionsJohn McIlwaine
155Jan-2110ProfileHuckellRemembering Ted Huckell And Huckell RadioFin Stewart
155Jan-2112STC831STC 1941 model 831: Part 2, a story with a happy endingGraham Parslow
155Jan-2116AWARadiola IVAWA Radiola IVRobert McGregor
155Jan-2120HomebrewThermo ElectricA Gas-powered RadioPeter Johnston
155Jan-2122Radiomobile100/4014Service Bench: Radiomobile Pushbutton Car RadioPhilip Leahy
155Jan-2124ProfilePoulterOur Retiring President - A Note of ThanksIan Batty
155Jan-2125DesignAntennaRadio Reception Improvement and Problem SolvingRodney Champness
155Jan-2131ProfilePoulterThank you, Kevin and Jackie PoulterRichard Begbie
155Jan-2132HistoryBroadcastingThe Unsung Contributions of Mr ConradRichard Begbie
155Jan-2138STC236The STC 236 SagaMarcus Chick
155Jan-2141LettersLetters To The Editor
155Jan-2143Kriesler280The story of Kriesler’s model 280 10 valve superhetStephen Simpson
155Jan-2148History (Australia)Randwick Wireless WorksThe True Story of the Randwick Wireless Works Part 2Brian Kirkby
155Jan-2153WestinghouseWestatWestinghouse Westat Power SupplyFred Franklin
155Jan-2154ConsructionMains FilterMains Filtering Made EasyPeter Schwegler
155Jan-2156MagazinesMagazines received
156Apr-211PresidentReportFrom the President
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156Apr-213HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
156Apr-215History (Australia)AWALoking Back: The Great White TrainJohn McIlwaine
156Apr-218AstorKMAstor Mickey KM With and Unusual Speaker FaultJohn Murphy
156Apr-2111RadiosLeft HandedRadio ReflectionsJ.O. Ker
156Apr-2112CossorMelody MakerCossor Melody Maker 1928Allan Case
156Apr-2116General Radio420General Radio Power Amplifier and Plate Supply Type 420Allan Case
156Apr-2119TecsunPL-380AM/FM/SW/LW Software Defined RadioRod Humphris
156Apr-2123ConstructionSDRSoftware Defined RadioRay Thomas, Jim Greig
156Apr-2129AWA541GAAWA 1953 Model 541GA, Or is it?Graham Parslow
156Apr-2134Tech TalkCathode PoisoningCathode Poisoning
156Apr-2135ConstructionMains FilterMore on Mains FiltersMarcus Chick
156Apr-2135HistoryPalec SG-1Twenty Years AgoRadio Waves
156Apr-2136Stromberg-CarlsonPD51Stromberg-Carlson PD51 - 1941Tony Smith
156Apr-2139FerrisHigh Fidelity TunerFerris AM TunerDavid Bond, Ian Batty
156Apr-2142AstorCRAstor CR Car radio 1953 RepairMarcus Chick
156Apr-2144ConstructionHarknessHarkness Reflex Radio Project -1Stan Snyders
156Apr-2147ConstructionHarknessHarkness Reflex Radio Project -2Peter Caprin
156Apr-2149ConstructionHarknessHarkness Reflex Radio Project -3Geoff Clulow
156Apr-2151STC501From the Service BenchMichael Justin
156Apr-2152LettersLetters to the Editor
156Apr-2155MagazinesMagazines Received
157Jul-211PresidentReportFrom the President
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157Jul-215HistorySuperhetWho Did Iinvent the Superhet?Richard Begbie
157Jul-219History (Australia)AWALooking back: AWA and Dickin Cabinet MakerJohn McIlwaine
157Jul-2115HomebrewTest GearA Simple Test OscillatorBob Forbes
157Jul-2116HMVMonacoThe HMV Monaco Record PlayerMorris Odell
157Jul-2119ConstructionChassisHome Made ChassisTony Zuiderwyk
157Jul-2122HistoryRecordingRecording Media, a TimelineRod Humphris
157Jul-2123HistoryTelevisionHow to Build a television Receiver, 1926 StyleFred H, Canfield
157Jul-2126History (Australia)AWARadiola NotesJohn McIlwaine
157Jul-2127TechniquesPhotographyPicture Perfect, Part OneIan Batty
157Jul-2129MilitaryA.E.W.1A.E.W.1 Amenities receiverRay Robinson
157Jul-2133Westinghouse277The Westinghouse 277 - A Grand Console RadioAlistair Craill
157Jul-2139General ElectricHJ624The General Electric Table radio Model HJ624David Bond
157Jul-2141RestorationPotentiometerNoisy Pots RessurectedRod Humphris
157Jul-2142AWAB15An Iconic radio 60 Years On: Radiola's B15Geoff Trengove, Ian Batty
157Jul-2146HistoryDKE 38Thirty Years Ago Radio Waves
157Jul-2147Book ReviewPractical RadioPractical Radio by Henry Smith WilliamsIan Batty
157Jul-2148LettersLetters to the Editor
157Jul-2149HistoryElectrolytic RectifiersAmateur's Apparatus DescribedMelbourne Argus 1924
157Jul-2151NationalAB-110Service Bench: National (Panasonic) AB-110
157Jul-2154Tech Tips WattmeterA Simple WattmeterMartin Clifford
157Jul-2155MagazinesMagazines Received
158Oct-211PresidentReportFrom the President
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158Oct-213HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: October 2021 to January 2022
158Oct-214HRSANewsSociety News
158Oct-215SonochordeJuniorSonochorde Junior 1927/28 Speaker repairJim Easson
158Oct-218AmplionDriverChallenges of an Open Circuit Amplion Horn DriverBob Mansfield
158Oct-2111HRSAGroupsSpecial Interest Groups (SIGs) and Disclaimer
158Oct-2112HistoryVHFRoss A. Hull – VHF PioneerJohn Martin
158Oct-2117ComponentsPot MetalWhat is Pot Metal?Tony Zuiderwyk
158Oct-2119HistoryBroadcast RadioThe Art Deco Ghetto Blaster: Part OnePhilip Fitzherbert
158Oct-2124HistoryTransistor RadiosEarly Australian Transistor Radios: Part OneBrian Wilson-jim Greig
158Oct-2131Essanay5MDEssanay Model 5MD 1935Alan Case
158Oct-2136JMW20JMW Model 20 TRF TombstoneRay Robinson
158Oct-2139HomebrewResonance TesterA Resonance TesterBill Crocker
158Oct-2142ConstructionShorted Turns TesterEHT/Transformer Shorted Turns TesterRod Humphris
158Oct-2144HistoryAustralian BroadcastingLooking Back: Australian Broadcasting HistoryJohn McIlwaine
158Oct-2148EulogyBill BabbEulogy – William (Bill) Raymond BabbAdrian Heinrich
158Oct-2149HistoryKriesler30 Years Ago: The Kriesler StoryFred Lane
158Oct-2150LettersLetters To The EditorVarious
158Oct-2151AWAB17From The Service BenchKeith Hoffman
158Oct-2152Book ReviewBook Review: Behind The Front PanelIan Batty
158Oct-2153Tech TipsNeutralisationjTech Tips: Neutralisation
158Oct-2155MagazinesMagazines Received
159Jan-221PresidentPresident’s Message
159Jan-223HRSANew and Returning Members
159Jan-223HRSASociety News
159Jan-223HRSAHRSA Activities: January 2022 to April 2022
159Jan-225HistoryRadio AustraliaRadio Australia Shepparton – A Short History (Part One)Rodney Champness
159Jan-2210HRSASpecial Interest Groups (SIGs)
159Jan-2211HistoryShort Wave RadioLooking Back: A History of Short Wave Radio in AustraliaJohn McIlwaine
159Jan-2217HistoryBroadcast RadioThe Smell Of Burning Bakelite: Part TwoPhilip Fitzherbert
159Jan-2222HRSAACT and Region Group Activities (Continued)
159Jan-2223HistoryTransistor RadiosEarly Australian Transistor Radios Part TwoBrian Wilson / Jim Greig
159Jan-2230Astor364ARadio Corporation’s 1940 “Accoustinated” Astor 364AAlistair Craill
159Jan-2236Pye9MSWPye 9MSW 1955Graham Parslow
159Jan-2240HMVA13AHMV A13A “Little Nipper” Mantel Radio RepairDavid Bartlett
159Jan-2244AumannCoil WinderThe Aumann Coil WinderRay Robinson
159Jan-2250AWAB15AWA’s B15 Part Two - Servicing and ModificationsGeoff Trengove / Ian Batty
159Jan-2254BatteryAircellThe Aircell Radio Battery: A boon for country listeners.Laurie Harris
159Jan-2256MagazinesMagazines Received
159Jan-2257LettersLetters To The Editor
159Jan-2258Tech TipsTech Tips
160Apr-221President's Message
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160Apr-223HRSA Activities: April to July 2022
160Apr-224Society News
160Apr-225HistoryRadio AustraliaRadio Australia Shepparton – A Short History (Part Two)Rodney Champness
160Apr-2214HistoryBroadcast RadioThe Art Deco Ghetto Blaster: Part Two, Chapter Three: The Three Handed Party Trick Part 1Philip Fitzherbert
160Apr-2222SIGs and Help Wanted
160Apr-2223HistoryHRSAThe HRSA At Forty Years – A CelebrationRichard Begbie and others
160Apr-2238GE255The GE255 ‘Chicken Shed’ RadioPeter Carr
160Apr-2242Tektronix284The Tektronix 284 – A Work Of Electronic ArtMorris Odell
160Apr-2245NationalAKNNational AKN 6 Volt Vibrator-Powered RadioDavid Bartlett
160Apr-2249Happy Birthday to Lou AlbertBarry Poor
160Apr-2250ConstructionAntennaImproving AM receptionRod Humphris
160Apr-2252HistoryILSILS: The Instrument Landing SystemDavid Bond
160Apr-2254Life Membership Arthur Courtney
160Apr-2255ProfileMcPhillipsBill McPhillips – An AppreciationRichard Begbie
160Apr-2256Book Reviews: Golden Age of RadioPhilip Fitzherbert
160Apr-2257AudioHigh PowerOne Kilowatt Per Channel Should Do it!J. O. Ker
160Apr-2258MagazinesMagazines Received
160Apr-2259HistoryHRSA 10thThirty Years Ago
161Jul-221President's Message
161Jul-222HRSADetailsHRSA Details
161Jul-223HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: August to October 2022
161Jul-224HRSAActivitiesSociety News
161Jul-225HistoryABCThe ABC at 90Richard Begbie
161Jul-229HistoryABCABC DarwinFred Franklin
161Jul-2210HistoryABCMy ABC StoryPeter Phillips
161Jul-2211MilitaryWS22The Wireless Set 22 (Aust) Yellow BandFred Franklin
161Jul-2213STCDapper, Pixie, BantamKindred radios from STCGraham Parslow
161Jul-2219HistoryRadio AustraliaRadio Australia Shepparton – Part ThreeRodney Champness VK3UG
161Jul-2228MilitaryIdentifying ComponentsThirty Years Ago
161Jul-2229Tech TipsPCB RepairPrinted Circuit Board (PCB) RepairRod Humphris
161Jul-2234HistoryRadio in the 30sThe Art Deco Ghetto Blaster: Chapter FourPhilip Fitzherbert
161Jul-2240KGH / Titan42An Aristone RadioBob Forbes and Ian Batty
161Jul-2244Philips1941Philips Radioplayer Model 1941 RepairDavid Bartlett
161Jul-2250HMV525HMV Little Nipper (The New Zealand version)Bill Campbell
161Jul-2251ConstructionModular radioA Portable, Modular, Platform RadioChristopher Ratcliff
161Jul-2258Philips172Service Bench: Once you eliminate the impossible,…
161Jul-2259MagazinesMagazines Received
162Oct-221President's Message
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162Oct-223HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: 2022
162Oct-224Society News
162Oct-225PhilipsBF401aPhilips BF401aDavid Bond
162Oct-227Letters to the Editor
162Oct-228A Wrestle with Pot MetalRichard Begbie
162Oct-2211HistoryRadio in the 30sThe Art Deco Ghetto Blaster Chapter FivePhilip Fitzherbert
162Oct-2217HistoryRadio AustraliaRadio Australia Shepparton - Part FourRodney Champness
162Oct-2221HistoryRadio AustraliaRadio Australia Shepparton - Part FiveRodney Champness
162Oct-2227Kriesler29891Restoring a Kriesler 11-81George Karanikolaou
162Oct-2231Kriesler45962A Bluetooth speaker from a Krieslr 11-25 tablegramGraham Parslow
162Oct-2235Stromberg Carlson4A18Stromberg-Carlson 4A18 "Air Hostess" Repair Part 1David Bartlett
162Oct-2239AstorQNNew Life for a Astor QNRichard Wood
162Oct-2242RealisticDX160Realistic DX160 ReceiverRay Robinson
162Oct-2245ConstructionRepair LabA test and repair laboratoryIan Batty
162Oct-2252HistoryRFDSAlfred Herman Traeger and his Flying Doctor transceiversSA Medical Heritage Society
162Oct-2258History30 Years AgoAnode Bend DetectionJim Woodhead
162Oct-2259Book ReviewSignor Marconi's Magic BoxPhilip Fitzherbert
162Oct-2260Book ReviewOutback Radio from Flynn to SatelitesKevin Poulter
163Jan-231President's Message
163Jan-232HRSADetailsHRSA Details
163Jan-233HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: 2023
163Jan-233HRSAActivitiesSociety News
163Jan-235Valve and Transistor Radios sharing a case design Part 1Geoff Trengove and jim Greig
163Jan-2312Stromberg Carlson4A18Stromberg-Carlson 4A18 "Air Hostess" Repair Part 2David Bartlett
163Jan-2319Radio StoreA Country Radio Ltd: A Journey BackLaurie Harris
163Jan-2325MilitaryWavemeterWavemeter Class C (Aust)Ray Robinson
163Jan-2331MilitaryTropicalisation, Moisture and Fungus proofingRay Robinson
163Jan-2333Letters to the Editor
163Jan-2334HistoryCohererThe CohererPhilip Fitzherbert
163Jan-2335AirplayerThe 1936 Airplayer ConsoleAlistair Craill
163Jan-2340AWAAircraft InstrumentsLooking back - AWA Aircraft InstrumentsJohn McIlwaine
163Jan-2346AristoneA Myer RadioFred Franklin
163Jan-2349SilverST-525Silver St-525 - A Fault finding roundabout for and HRSA noviceGeorge Karanikolaou
163Jan-2353ConstructionModular radioA Modular radio…..The ModulesChris Ratcliff
163Jan-2357ProfileRodney ChampnessObituary Rodney Chamness VK3UGGeoffrey Angus
163Jan-2358Book Review"Polar: Radio Sets Basil BinyonEvan Murfett
163Jan-2359Writing for Radio WavesA note from the EditorIan Batty
163Jan-2360Techniques18 Years AgoTricky Faults Training Session 22 May 2004
164Apr-231President's Message
164Apr-232HRSADetailsHRSA Details
164Apr-233HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: 2023
164Apr-233HRSAActivitiesSociety News
164Apr-235ProfileBill SmithBill Smith - An AppreciationRichard Begbie, Jim Easson, Ian Batty
164Apr-238SIGs and Help Wanted
164Apr-239Valve and Transistor Radios sharing a Case Design (Part Two)Geoff Trengove, Jim Greig
164Apr-2317AWAEggcratesThe AWA Eggcrates and their Offspring – Which model is that?David Oliver and John Mcllwaine
164Apr-2323Pot MetalThe Real Wrestle With Pot MetalPhilip Leahy
164Apr-2326Kriesler11-60A Kreisler 11-60 RestorationBob Forbes
164Apr-2329Smoke Reconcentrator for Solid-State RepairsJ. O. Ker
164Apr-2330TechniquesPhotographyPicture PerfectKevin Poulter
164Apr-2335From The DesktopThe Editor
164Apr-2336Malvern Star6252AMalvern Star 1946 model 6252AGraham Parslow
164Apr-2340MilitaryGRC-19/T-195GRC-19/T-195 Transmitter Part OneRay Robinson VK2NO
164Apr-2346Did You Know?
164Apr-2347ProfileMax ReiperMax Rieper, VK2DT, 23/11/1929 to 15/01/2023
164Apr-2347Magazine ReceivedMagazines Received
164Apr-2348HistoryAustralian TVAustralia’s First Licensed Television StationBruce Carty
164Apr-2351STC5103The 1960 STC 5103 Stereophonic Table RadiogramAlistair Craill
164Apr-2357TechniquesVarious Tips and Tricks Evolved Over The YearsPhilip Leahy
164Apr-2358LettersLetters To The Editor
164Apr-2359Book ReviewAustralian Radio – The Technical Story 1923-83Winston Muscio
164Apr-2360HistoryForty Years Ago
165Jul-231President's Message
165Jul-232HRSADetailsHRSA Details
165Jul-233HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: 2023
165Jul-233HRSAActivitiesSociety News
165Jul-235HMV46Model 46 Mantel Radio RepairDavid Bartlett
165Jul-239Bush411Bush Classic 411 AM/FM retro style radio 2020Rod Humphris
165Jul-2313AstorP12LAn Astor P12L repairJim Greig
165Jul-2316AWASealed SetThe AWA Sealed Set (1923)Robert McGregor
165Jul-2319Kriesler11-7The Recalcitrant Kriesler 11-7John Shaw
165Jul-2323MilitaryGRC-19/T-195The GRC-19/T-195 Transmitter part TwoRay Robinson
165Jul-2333HistoryTelecommunicationsWomen in Telecommunications in AustraliaJohn Paskulich
165Jul-2338HistoryWestinghouseIn George's Footsteps - the Westinghouse Aeriola/RadiolaRichard Begbie
165Jul-2341AWAEggcratesThe AWA Eggcrates and their Offspring Part 2David Oliver and John McIlwaine
165Jul-2349AstorAPNA Frankenstein RadioIan Batty
165Jul-2354Eveready482Refurbishing the Everaedy 482 "B: BatteryRichard Blyton
165Jul-2355TechnicalCross ModulationThirty-Five years agoTed Huckell
165Jul-2356BWD216Service Bench the BWD 216 Power SupplyCharlie Pandolfo and Ian batty
165Jul-2358Book ReviewRadio Girl - Violet WallaceIan Batty
165Jul-2359AstorONElectrical Hazard - A shocking ExperienceTony Smith
165Jul-2360ConstructionClub ProjectClub Project 2023
166Oct-231President's Message
166Oct-232HRSADetailsHRSA Details
166Oct-233HRSAActivitiesHRSA Activities: 2023
166Oct-234HRSAActivitiesSociety News
166Oct-235HistoryRadioThe Day our Broadcast beganRichard Begbie
166Oct-2311AstorFiveLady Astor - The Astor FivePhilip Fitzherbert and Jim Easson
166Oct-2315HistoryAWAFisk and his RadiolasJohn McIlwaine
166Oct-2321Fleetwood1003A Tale of two 1955 Fleetwood 4 valve mantelsGraham Parslow
166Oct-2326Valve/Transistor radios sharing a case designGeoff Trengove / Jim Greig
166Oct-2332AWAR86The AWA Eggcrates and their Offspring - the R86David Oliver / John McIlwaine
166Oct-2337AstorCPN - FQZAstor Small PortablesKen Rowlinson / Jim Greig
166Oct-2342Philips172Adventures with Philips 172 RadiosAndrew Renaut
166Oct-2346ConstructionAudioBuilding and Audio Power MeterCraig Harrison
166Oct-2351Aviation Open day at DarwinFred Franklin
166Oct-2356ProfilePeter JensenVale: Dr Peter Rolf Jensen 1941-2023John McIlwaine
166Oct-2357STC620-1Service BenchGeoff Clulow
166Oct-2359TechniquesDecalsDecals (waterslide wet transfers) Radio Waves OCT 2008Ray Robinson
166Oct-2360Book ReviewThe History of television 1880 to 1941 Albert Abramson