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Melbourne Group – Meeting

The Melbourne Group will hold a meeting on 20 April 2024. Manfred Nagel will talk about the fascinating history and collection of telephony.

Melbourne Group

The Melbourne group will be hold an auction on 7 April 2024. Note that this is a Sunday and that Daylight Saving ends the night prior. See above for details.

Sydney Group

The Sydney group will be holding a meeting that includes a swap and buy/sell at the Winston Hills Public School Hall Hillcrest Ave & Junction Rd, Winston Hills. An auction will be held if required.

Melbourne Group

Our next meeting is on Saturday 17 February. Michael Justin will be giving a talk on Oscilloscopes and Ian Batty will present the transistor radio winners with their certificates.

SA Group

There will be a Christmas lunch on 16 December for the South Australian members. It will be held at The “Maid of Auckland” Hotel 926 South Road, Edwardstown. Please ring for times.